On prophecies not yet fulfilled: God is the Perfect Strategist – Dr Patricia Show

ESSENTIAL TEACHING (10 minutes) about the timing of recent prophecies:

Father knows the End from the Beginning. The Devil Loses!

After posting and tagging with friend on my Fbk yesterday, Chris Moyler comments,

Tky dear Richard,

This long wait for the reversal of the Stolen Election is v hard indeed, and it is especially hard when dates are given and are not fulfilled.
Dr Patricia Show (here) is the real deal, and she speaks in warm support of Timothy Dixon, who is also the real deal.
As a biblical example of the LORD changing his mind, she cites the time when Isaiah was sent to King Hezekiah, to tell him that he will die.
After delivering the message, Isaiah leaves the king, but before he has left the Palace, he is sent back to the king. The reason for the reversal is because the king cried out to the LORD for mercy. And so the LORD granted him 15 more years of life.
We humans see so little of the full picture, and that includes God’s prophets. However, through many prophetic voices, we are able to discern a reasonably clear picture of where the LORD is headed.
He is, most certainly going to reverse this vast election crime. Were he not to do so, it would be the end of free elections- from this time on, ALL of them would be stolen.
So we have before us TWO conflicting prophetic paradigms. The fist says that moral decline will accelerate, leading to the LORD’S soon return.
However, the SECOND paradigm speaks of the exposure and pushback of the Global Cabal and their NWO.
This will be followed by a prolonged period of God’s grace, during which time his people will do the “greater works.”
God’s goodness will thus be displayed to the world, as never before in history. This will mature the Bride and will bring in a great harvest of souls.
As for me, I have firmly burnt my bridges, and I am confidently expecting the second paradigm to emerge.
When will that be? I don’t know, and neither do most of the LORD’S prophets it seems.
But one thing do know: God’s JUSTICE is coming to the earth! And when he does finally break out, EVERYONE will see it.
Until that time, like Habbakuk, we watch and we pray.
PS (RB).  Tight timing for copying this over from YouTube and Fbk after re-blogging previous items before meal-time meant I omitted this intro:
‘This important word confirms my understanding of the Lord’s way of bringing Bible and modern prophecies to pass and dovetailing and weaving them in between human free will and activities.
Further confirmation came whilst watching (at high speed) with number of views 212, which featured in the Lord’s visiting me and rescuing me as I almost died from shock and fell into hell.’

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