THE GLORY UNVEILED (GPS #61.2) – Yvonne Coombs

Here’s what stopped me in my tracks whilst posting a Fbk item on Canada’s Police On Guard For Thee. I was one of the first to read Yvonne Coomb’s post, but astonished by the opening words of Jesus repeating Neil’s title of the previous post Are We Ready? Thus, I had no option but to stop what I’m doing… and there’s more. Yvonne writes,


Jesus is hovering as a bird over the UK with his arms gently outstretched. I sense he is ready to move in the nation at any moment in time, yet He is looking around calmly with deep intent searching for landing strips of welcome. As His shadow hangs over the nation, He is covering His children. I sense an imminent Holy Spirit move, so deeply with anticipation and excitement.

“Are you ready daughter? Are enough of My children able to withstand My Glory in and through them? Will the fire scorch the body? Or will the body scorch the earth with trail-blazing power?”

The Lord then revealed the angelic host poised in readiness. ‘He makes his angels winds, and his ministers a flame of fire’ Hebrews 1:7.

The King of Kings is preparing to release power and glory through His army alongside the angels into the UK in this appointed season. The Lord is revealing that many of the body of the church will not withstand the fire and winds.

We are about to witness a separation of religion and spiritual life within the church.

Not all will receive this move of God and those standing must be willing to face intense forms of opposition from inside and outside forces, yet the overflow will be like no other time and we will walk in joy!

We welcome him with raised arms and grateful hearts, for our praise will melt hard hearts, lift unbelief and awaken the sleeping church. Praise destroys darkness!

‘Lift up your heads O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in.’ (Psalm 24:7)

Yvonne Coombs – 8 April 2021
Art by Yvonne Coombs

RB’s Notes:
  • As Jesus’ the opening words startled me I hadn’t read beyond as busy changing schedule for previous post and copy-pasted this. Then whilst editing, I caught up and read “trail-blazing” – WOWEE! I’d heard that word last night and saw a fire blazing along a very long path at beginning of soaking worship with Catch The Fire Farnborough. Later, pastor told me it confirmed a word he’d been given!
  • oohh chills…as I’m editing this word after turning music back on, one of my favorites, “And my heart burns for you”, begins playing over my desk speakers ..mmmm

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