Dream of Biden seeing ‘Writing on the Wall’, and days are now numbered – Timothy Dixon

It just so happens I watched his video 30 days after the Lord told Timothy Dixon about “30 days” (see previous post). After briefly worshiping and full of Holy Spirit anointing in his powerful exhortations and preaching, brother Timothy shares a dream about the Daniel 5 destiny of puppet-president Biden.  At 15:10 minute mark he describes what he watched (rough transcription):

“In this dream I saw God…I saw a big room like a banquet hall and see Joe Biden standing in the middle of the hall and gazing at a big, big wall – and a hand comes out of the heavens with a finger that starts scribbling on the wall  ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN’ , meaning God has numbered thy kingdom and He’s finished it…He’s numbered your days, your days are numbered. You’d better be ready to go with the Lord.

“God is telling him his days are numbered. God’s going to come and knock on your heart’s door….I’ve seen the writing on the wall and God has numbered the days…You’ll either go to heaven or to hell…You’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting!”

Visibly affected by the Holy Spirit, Timothy tells more what he saw of the effects of God having taken him and its dividing people, as well as about ‘seeing’ a man with an axe and wielding it into roots of the trees. Pelosi and Harris get running run so fast, trying hard to get away from the Hand of God and realise it’s Him, not crazy preachers…the White House are running…you WILL care about what God thinks!!

Intriguing to have ‘co-incidentally’ relevant news of last Friday in The Epoch Times..: 

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