Prophetic vision of “Trump and tea”…! – Veronika West

Yesterday Veronika revisited a dream I’d blogged at Paws 4 Thought: ‘God-incidence’ Continues onto Boston, its Tea Party and NATO:


This evening the Holy Spirit quickened to me a strange dream I shared in December 2019…as I re-read the Word I felt impressed by the Lord to repost. I found many aspects of the dream very interesting in light of what is being exposed in this hour..,!

SEE..; PLEASE…Check out this link to (3) Words listed, (1) Trump and Tea’…(2) ‘A Tea Party to shift the MOED’…and (3) ‘Like a Tea Bag in Boiling Water, President Donald Trump will go from strength to strength to strength in the days ahead’;

Today, she provides


A friend just sent this to me.  Again I think it’s interesting in light of the word I re-posted earlier today….”Trump and Tea”.  [RB: previous post Update 31 refers]

Those of you who follow my posts will have read the earlier submission here.

China, Russia and Iran….

And Quote: “But then suddenly my eyes shifted and I caught a glimpse of a Chinese man who was sitting at the table and I heard these words, “China…. shall drink strong brewed tea nine days old!”

And then I saw the nation of Russia at the table and I heard a similar thing, “The nation of Russia shall drink strong brewed tea nine days old!”

And then I saw the nation of Venezuela and I heard the same words, “The nation of Venezuela shall drink strong brewed tea nine days old!” and then the Nation of Iran, and again I heard the same words, “The nation of Iran shall drink strong brewed tea nine days old!”

3 thoughts on “Prophetic vision of “Trump and tea”…! – Veronika West

  1. Excellent stuff. Speaks to me yet another confirmation of the place of Great Britain as being the head of the free world with everyone else following behind, including USA. It reminds me that Brexit came first, followed by the Trump election five months later. The number nine speaks of a Kingdom son being born and everyone’s going to have a taste of the fullness of the Kingdom manifesting through such sons of the Most High. I’m also reminded by God, as a Canadian, to have my tea – which means enter into His rest, put my feet up and have my cup of tea while reigning with Him in His Kingdom. This, versus having coffee which I do when I’m hard at work, which speaks to me of all things related to the number of man, buying and selling, etc. The tea-drinkers are the freedom-defenders, forging the path for everyone else, IMO. Speaking from the perspective of the free woman – the New Jerusalem above who is free and who is our mother.

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  2. The Boston Tea Party took place on the 16th December, counting 9 days old from that day brings us to 25th. Maybe the Lord is bringing us all a huge big Christmas present? Might get Brexit agreed by then too, a tsunami of breakthrough. Hallelujah!!!

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