A single domino will fall – Garris Elkins

Further to John Barber’s ‘Trumpwatch’ reference to When the Dominos fall, here’s a couple of apposite prophetic words publsihed by Garris Elkins on 7th December, and which I’d read on this Saturday. (Emphases mine – click titles to read originals and comments thereto AND note number 22 pops up yet again!):


Last night [Thursday 3rd December] was one of those nights. Just before 2:00 am, I awakened and realized I wasn’t going back to sleep, no matter how hard I tried. A few things came to mind from the day before that was of concern to me, so I lay in bed praying. As I prayed, I saw an image. 

I saw a single domino standing alone. As I lingered over the image, I waited for other dominos to be added, but they did not come. It was all about the single domino.

The backdrop for the image resembled a prepared photo session a photographer might have with a client. A gray cloth was draped across the floor and ran up a wall. The simplicity of the setting drew my attention to the solitary domino placed in the middle of the cloth.

As I continued to view the image, a hand entered the frame and, with a flick of an index finger, knocked over the lone domino. At first, I thought, “What a waste!” referring to my desire to have other dominos present that would also be toppled. What the Lord wanted to accomplish did not yet require other dominos. This action was a single, stand-alone event.

The Courts of Heaven have made a decision. That decision is about to enter our world and affect an outcome in our earthly courts. A single domino will fall at the direction of Heaven’s court, a domino that has not taken center-stage and would not appear at first glance to be significant. This decision will be a critical and unexpected move by Heaven to bring justice to Earth

As we wait for that single domino to fall, our assignment is to continue praying, believing, and trusting. We have been called to live a life of faith, no matter what our eyes see or our ears hear to the contrary.


Early this morning, I shared a word on my social media platforms and my website under the title “A Single Domino Will Fall.” A couple of hours later, I felt impressed to research the etymology of two words – domino and dominion. What I discovered was very interesting.

The root meaning of the two words comes from the same Latin word, “dominus,” which means “lord, master.” I felt the single falling domino I saw in the image could refer to the credibility of the Dominion voting machines used to tabulate the results of our recent election. If the machines are challenged, a justice gate will be opened that will have a significant effect on our nation in the coming days. A few minutes ago, a friend emailed me to share that a judge had just granted permission to forensically audit 22 of the Dominion voting machines used in Michigan.

Garris Elkins, 7th December 2020

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