NOW Prayer Alert: today’s US Supreme Court session re. Pennsylvania

Thank you to Jonathan Stuart-Brown for informing me of this afternoon’s essential period of intercession for the United States. He writes,

Supreme Court Justice Alito has a hearing today to DELAY certification of their Electoral College votes in Pennsylvania.

THREE hour hearing from 2pm to 5pm (GMT)

If one domino falls, they all fall.

Revelation 3 verse 7 – King Jesus can shut a door no-one can open and shut a door no-one can open.

People are expressly praying that King Jesus with the Key of the House of David authority SHUTS THE DOOR (that no man and no woman and no demon can open) on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris getting 270 CERTIFIED Electoral College votes on December 14th (midnight 13th December).

At this point  the Constitution sets aside the election and there will be (in soccer terms) a penalty shoot out to settle it with 50 people (one from each state) in Washington in January. At least it is a fresh start to pray and the media must report the score goes back to Nil – NIL with all to play for from December 15th.

In the UK’s General election on December 12th last year I thought God was saying the UK Church has 12 months (probably to repent over sins against Israel and Jerusalem and the Jews).

Luke 13 verse 6 to 9. The fig tree got a one year reprieve.

In the Name of Jesus Christ please bless President Trump’s lawyers and Supreme Court Justice Alito and give them a decisive victory in Pennsylvania.

Give us the extra prayer muscle to clean this window and polish the mirror so people can see the situation clearly and pray resolutely for Your Perfect Will to be done.

Veronika West 7.12.2020

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