Narnia and Boris Johnson – Tony Puccio, Tucson, Arizona

As I was praying for England’s Boris Johnson the scene from the movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came to me. The scene of which I speak is where the witch killed the lion, or so she thought, and afterwards the lion came roaring back to life stronger than ever and vanquished the […]

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AMEN to this Tony.

4 thoughts on “Narnia and Boris Johnson – Tony Puccio, Tucson, Arizona

  1. Richard And Tony,
    Thanks for putting up the vision of Sundar.
    I had a word from the Lord GERM, but did not feel it was the present one.
    Sundar has confirmed another one related to Corona but not the same only worse.
    This is not so far out as bible mentions hornet’s sting.
    Praise the I AM.who reveals.


  2. I want to share something the Lord showed me regarding Boris Johnson about a year before he became Prime Minister.
    Interestingly I live in Belfast within walking distance of the childhood home of CS Lewis. Growing up, he was my favourite author, so this picture of the lion and the wicked witch means a lot to me personally.
    I have a great burden to pray for our nation and government and I believe there is a great transformation coming. As I pray the Lord gives me mental images to help me pray more effectively.
    Only once had he shown me an “external” vision which happened as I’m about to describe. I guess this happened because the Lord really wanted to emphasize what He was showing me. It totally ties in with what Toni was shown.
    I was doing a prayer walk with a friend and began to pray for our government.
    I was lead to pray for Boris Johnson. As I began to pray the Lord gave me an external vision of his head. I was looking to my right. I could see his head and his hair was parted to one side. From my position I could see the longer side of his hair. His hair began to move in an unusual way and it felt like his hair was taking in the characteristics of a lion’s mane. It was still recognisably his hair though, it didn’t look like a lion’s mane. The Lord then began to impress in me very strongly that he was going to give Boris Johnson the heart and characteristics of a lion in the days to come. Just to emphasise again, I was shown this about a

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