Personal invitation to join global prayer, Thursday 26th March

UPDATE 26th March

Thank you to those who have registered for the upcoming GATHERING: ONLINE – KOREA! We are amazed at how the Global Family is coming together at this time. Mantles, ministries, and anointings are marrying one another for the sake of His purposes and glory at this hour. We have exceeded the maximum capacity of 10,000 registrants for the event, and the numbers are growing steadily.

Considering the further increase of participants following promotion by various leaders and ministries, we have decided to broadcast the event on Youtube and Facebook, along with each of the 7 interpretation channels. Live versions of the event will be offered in:

Main Channel: 
  • English
Interpretation Channels:
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

IMPORTANT: We will reserve 10,000 spots on the original Zoom platform for Mainland Chinese participants who do not have access to other streaming channels. We ask that you would accommodate this adjustment, and refrain from logging into the Zoom platform, ignoring the email you received upon registration, if you do not reside in China.

With this adjustment, please note that registration for the event is no longer required, unless you reside in China and require access.

Please click the button below to access all available broadcast links to join the event LIVE this Thursday, March 26th at 5AM PT.

Click here to access all broadcast links

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Hello dear friends!

Join us on Zoom for a global prayer meeting with David Demian, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and others – this Thursday, March 26.

What amazing times we are in! The opportunities for prayer, worship and the gospel to go out via online platforms are truly astounding. I’d like to invite you and your church members to join Carol and I for Gathering Online Korea on Zoom with our friend and international prayer warrior David Demian of  [RB. Click links to read about their Canadian founder Bob Birch and their Story, History and Vision.]

David had planned to use the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea for this mega prayer event which is focused on the unity of believers around the world. But now he has taken the event online and invited the Revival Alliance leaders to take part.

Bill & Beni Johnson, Ché & Sue Ahn, Georgian & Winnie Banov, Randy & DiAnne Clark, Rolland & Heidi Baker along with Carol and myself are all really getting behind this!

So now, it will be totally a Zoom online platform that will reach many thousands. The genius on the tech side of things, Hany Boghossian, told me today that by Thursday, we will have the capability to gather 1 million praying believers online. Amazing!

I’d absolutely love it if as many Catch The Fire people as possible can show their support by joining the call…to pray for unity worldwide and to bless Asia in particular. It will be a wonderful, encouraging time for us all. Simultaneous translation will be offered in 9 languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Here is the link to sign in for this event. It’s free but you do need to register in advance.

Please pass it on and to your church and friends and share with as many as you can.

Gathering: Online – Korea 

Important Update re Local & Video Meeting

2020-03-26 – 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time

9:00 am AT & 5:00am PT & 12:00 noon in UK

For your local time:

There is such hunger in Asia right now, and indeed in the whole world, as people everywhere are wondering what is going on? How long will this Coronavirus last? There is also much fear as people are quarantined, losing their jobs, getting sick and even dying.

BUT – We have the answer – Jesus Christ, and as we contend to bring Heaven to Earth by the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe miracles will happen for unity and deliverance from oppression. God has given us all an amazing opportunity to spread His love, joy and peace in this event. And this is just the beginning, guys. The billion soul harvest is soon to be pouring in.

Thank you all for all you do. It’s for the King and the Kingdom.

Love and blessings,

John & Carol Arnott

Founders, Catch The Fire

RB Footnote: Having used Zoom on a number of occasions it is relatively easy to use. Your registration, as above, gets an on-screen acknowledgement which provides a link for the meeting plus Zoom software for rapid installation. Confirmation email gives link  enabling ‘attendance’ at the meeting (noon this Thursday, in the UK).

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