Veronika West confirmation of ’emerge’ vision (GPS #43.2)

Simultaneously and by serendipity with my post on the 2004 vision of the emerging Rock of Christ and newspaper op-ed echoing the word I heard, and Andrea William’s newsletter’s main highlight on the ‘Rock‘, another confirmation came that very morning in what Veronika West published on her Facebook. NB: my post had been written on Thursday but I decided, or maybe the Lord ‘nudged’ me, to set auto-publication for 6.00am the next day, Friday.

Here’s Veronika, as copied from her Fb and from His Kingdom Prophecy:


As I woke up this morning I saw this Word come up before me, ‘EMERGE and SEE’.

I then heard the word “emerge-n-cy” and I saw this Word being written over many nations of the earth.

Then I heard the Spirit say,
“Watch! As signs, wonders and miracles will begin to ‘emerge and many eyes will see’ My Glory arise as never before.

“So Watch and Pray… As a righteous remnant will emerge and many will see….

“And many will say, ‘from contagious to supernatural catalyst, from outbreak to outpouring and revival, from isolation to greater unity, integration and kingdom advancement, from fear to an unbridled boldness, freedom and victory and from death to resurrection power and new life, for surely the attacks and the assignments of the enemy which sought to rob, kill and destroy have now been reversed and turned for greater kingdom increase, influence and impact in the nations’!”

I Declare: March 2020 will be, ”A gateway month for a greater manifestation and demonstration of his glory in the lives of many.”

I Declare: Sudden and swift supernatural miracles and deliverances as ungodly alliances and even generational curses are bound and broken. The words “freedom and breakthrough” will be on the lips of many.

I Decree and Declare: A divine and supernatural emerge-and-see over the nations. The Glory of The LORD has risen upon the Sons of God and all nations will be drawn to their rising!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

[Image Credit: Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy]

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