Leisa Ebere: the Year of Jubilee Prophecy – 20:20 Revelatory Vision

In view of my previous postings referring to numbers 12 and 22 I’m amused at the dates Leisa quotes in her email received Monday, but scheduled for the lead-in to New Year  and in which she writes,

‘This seems to be the season of declarations and heavenly visions and dreams for God’s People.  And I am very excited about what the Lord has shown me about the Year 2020, being the Year of Jubilee for the People of God.  This is especially significant if you compare what this term meant to the Hebrew people, as it meant that this was the time that ‘the ownership and management of the Land of Israel would be heavily impacted by the Sovereign Hand of God,’ and I believe that this is what the Lord is now declaring over the UK and many nations of the Earth for 2020, Hallelujah! 

‘Here is the vision and word the Lord gave me:

given to Leisa Ebere on 22.12.2019

‘The Lord showed me a vision of a black blanket over the nation of the UK, and said:

“A blanket feels comfortable and warm, but for far too long My People have lain in a bed of compromise allowing darkness and light to mix together, but I shall remove this blanket and all hidden iniquities, and expose and deal with such things, as hidden treasures are then dispensed amongst my people.  For 2020, shall be a year of the distributing of an anointing of realignment, equipping and establishing across the UK and the nations of the earth, as Kingdom revelation, truth and authority is allocated to My People in greater measure.  It is time to stop standing on the outer boundaries and to move into My inner chambers,” says the Lord, “as My People walk in the Light of My Presence and trust Me in every area of their lives. Come out from the dark places and Arise My People, for this is your Year of Jubilee,” declares the Lord Almighty.’

Blessings, Leisa Ebere.

RB’s NoteYes, this is exciting after what the Lord has been leading me to in the scriptures relating to ‘The Kingdom Remnant’ which, as Leisa replied to a reader, is not her terminology but ‘God’s idea’. According to the ‘principle of first mention’ we – His Remnant – are situated in a special place, covering the holy-of-holies (Exod 26:12 KJV), and relates to Levitical provisions for the priests (Lev 2:3, 14:18) and the 7,000 whom the Lord reserved for Himself who hadn’t worshiped the false gods, as He told Elijah (1 Kings 19:18, Rom 11:2-5).

8 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: the Year of Jubilee Prophecy – 20:20 Revelatory Vision

  1. I am puzzled by this as the Jubilee year was in 2017 and the next will be in 2067. Past one were 1867,1917, 1967, and so on. Every time there was further restoration of the land of Israel. Recently of course it was the recognition of Jerusalem as the Jewish capitol.


  2. Tena Koe Richard,
    I know I am going off piste a bit here, but prior to Christmas the Lord gave me the word CASCADIA.
    I knew vaguely that the area was in the US, where they have seismic activity.
    I tried to ignor the WORD.
    But was jolted just now of a report from prophecynewswatch.com
    A rupture of the Cascadia subduction Zone would affect cities like Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and other coastal cities.
    Vancouver was rattled by a 6.3 earthquake on Christmas Eve.
    This was preceded by five others which hit the region on the Monday.
    Seattle experienced its darkest day in recorded history.
    Is this a harbinger.?
    Praise the IAM who reveals to the remnant.

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    • Thankyou Jose, I read what Yvonne Coombs had to say about the floodgates. Very interesting.!
      I’ve been shocked about Mogidishu.
      But a prophet here on this site warned us of demonic activity in that very city, singled it out. And so it came to pass.
      Praise the I AM who warns before it happens.


      • Yes Alex, God does warn people well in advance. God’s got big plans for his kids this year, and I do know there’s going to be a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in this nation. It’s going to upset those who are playing religious games, time for playing games is over. God has callings on his kids lives and this year, they’re going to start taking steps towards what God has planted in their hearts. Some have been held back for a long time because their faces didn’t fit, or they weren’t in the various clicks in the churches, this time it’s God who is going to promote them, not man. Those who have promoted themselves need to repent, because a time is coming that if it is not of God, it will be pulled down.

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  3. Tena Koe Richard,
    I bet you will be adding Leisa Ebere’s ‘Golden Rods “prophecy to your list of fulfilled ones after what has happened in Mogadishu (this time I will spell it correctly)
    I barely knew where the place was.
    She also mentions Sydney, which is one I will look out for as I live down under.
    Unstoppable fires going on there at the moment, perhaps her prophecies are being fulfilled there as well.
    Praise the I AM who reveals before it happens.

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  4. Kia Ora Richard,
    Floodgates opened. They sure have.
    Who would have seen Covid 19 coming, affecting every part of the world.
    Even celebs like Tom Hanks who is in Queensland OZ at moment.


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