God Save our Nation – call to pray 28th to 30th October

Call The Nation To Prayer

God save our nation call to prayer Oct 2019

CTNTP recently received an email, via our friends at Christians Together in Chelmsford, for a nationwide call to prayer and fasting for three days, Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th October 2019. We understand this has also been widely circulated to other prayer and Christian unity groups around the nation.

We contacted its originator, a lady by the name of Denise, who told us:

The Lord spoke to me through Psalm 69 and told me that we are in the mire as a nation and as a people. During an intercessors prayer meeting I clearly heard the words GOD SAVE OUR NATION.  Then He led me to Esther 4 and I knew this was a nationwide call to the church to fast and pray at this hour.  I woke up one morning early and heard the words CLARION CALL. I am doing this in obedience to the Lord. Not something…

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13 thoughts on “God Save our Nation – call to pray 28th to 30th October

  1. I agree with Denise’s call about “standing in the gap”.Ive had this message myself but not really knowing the context.
    Now it’s becoming clearer. Denise has been obedient to God’s call.

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  2. Good day I was dwelling on the Dagenham conference & was wondering if you attended as the words from the Lord plus visions of the UK raised by Sandhu were in some parts shocking for some people. If you did then the pathway of confession & healing you are familiar with. However the information raised regarding the 4 year olds curriculum in 2020 via the secretary of education (l believe, l have not researched yet)intend to bring in the teaching of mastibation. I heard of this but thought it was fake news until it was confirmed by Sandhu. May l request a description of what is intended to be allowed to be spread throughout the UK bia your network to awaken the public to this horror? I felt the Lord nudge me to contact your goodself because you have the network to prevent this occurring. What l received as l prayed was ‘an Act’ to block, make null & void this part of the teaching thus action, at this stage, has the chance of implementing God’s laws. Obviously please pray concerning the above as l truly believe the alignment with heavens written scrolls will come to fruition as we unite. Sara Noble


    • I have read the same about 4 year olds. The article I read also referenced the removal of Christian teaching in schools but allowing young brains to be subject to “liberal” indoctrination.


    • Thanks Sarah and I’d heard about this through one of my wife’s friends. This and a great deal of perverted teaching is already poisoning children’s mind and souls. It has only one source – the hater of humanity! This and other issues (eg. judicial anti-Bible rulings) seem to be ignored by church leaders and I’d blog about but for the constraints of other priorities and time. Maybe you’d like to draft a researched and sourced article for me to consider publishing?


  3. Sent from my iPad Dear Richard, I have once again just read David Noakes word from the Lord of November 2015. Prior to the referendum.I wonder why so many Christians, even those having read that word, support a ‘deal’. Leisa has given word of differences whilst herself questioning wether it’s right for the UK to follow the way of Norway!……Sue Garrett



  4. Completely off topic but a client of mine has had to cancel a business trip to Beirut because of anti Government/Hezbollah riots in Lebanon over the last 10 days. I hadn’t heard about these riots and makes me think that this has been kept out of the media to some degree.


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