Leisa Ebere: wet and dry reeds and the Holy Spirit

Leisa writes, ‘I believe the Lord is calling us to immerse ourselves in His Spirit in these troubled times, in order for us to overcome the evil one…’


given to Leisa Ebere on 18/09/19

I sat on the side of a body of water and I saw that there were different sized reeds on the shore, some partially in the water and some not.  And I was aware that there was a boat coming into the shore and that the reeds would be crushed by the boat, if it came there.  Yet, the wet reeds I knew would be less displaced then the dry reeds.  And then I heard the Lord say:

“The time of the total Immersion into My Spirit is now upon My people. For damaging intrusions shall cause havoc if the immersion doesn’t occur. For the immersion of yourselves into My Spirit causes protection,  strength to endure and deep revelation from Me, which will be much needed in the days ahead. Why do you walk in the old and dry ways without breakthrough or favour, when you could have power, healing and provision as you align your paths with My Spirit? For most assuredly, I shall not pattern My Ways unto man. But you must learn to pattern your ways after Me; and then you shall have victory in your cities, in your nations and in your families. Declare that this is a new day,” says God, “and light your dark caves with the lanterns of My Spirit, as I cause light to come into your troubled bodies and souls. I am Jehovah Sabaoth, and I shall command My Armies to assist you in this hour.”

2 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: wet and dry reeds and the Holy Spirit

  1. Our friend V emails Sat 21 Sept:

    Hi Richard
    ‘Just read the Lisa Ebere email and the sentence that jumped out at me was: ‘For damaging intrusions shall cause havoc, if the immersion doesn’t occur.’ I know I’m going back in time a bit but on 2nd April this year as I was driving over to St Albans [Beacon Hill church] for the Acorn [Healing Ministry] service I thought the words, ‘I/we need wisdom and discernment over incursions of the Kingdom.’

    ‘Now incursion is not a word I readily use and I even checked it’s meaning to be sure what it meant! So I definitely know for sure that that particular thought didn’t come from me. I shared it with the team and it seemed relevant to one member with something that was going on within their church at that moment in time. But I guess these ‘intrusions’ ‘incursions’ are going to get more and more intense in the times such as these and beyond. So Spirit immersion and the help from Heavens Armies is a definite requirement. Anyway just thought I’d share it with you.’


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