Leisa Ebere: Seek Change Prophecy

On Wednesday Leisa emails , ‘Thank you for your wonderful website, as many are being blessed by it. Keep up the good work! I have been strongly sensing in recent days, that God’s Sovereign Hand is sweeping across the Body of Christ with a global energising anointing to prepare His People for the next seasons ahead, which is very exciting indeed! Here is what the Lord gave me today:


given to Leisa Ebere on 28/08/19

“I am moving in new dimensions of My Spirit to cause a transforming of the mindsets of My Elect, for a brokenness and tiredness of the minds and bodies of My People has caused a blockage of My Purposes,”  says God. “And know this, that I will rain down an energising anointing to remove closed doors and delayed blessings,” says the Lord.

“Will you not receive the fresh renewal of My Spirit Winds? New Horizons are just before you, My Children, come out of the dark places and receive the healing balm of Gilead for your souls and your bodies. For I declare to you this day, that you need wholeness and order in your lives before you can enter into the next seasons that I have prepared for you,” says the Lord. “Be resolute within your hearts to seek change, for this is your day of New Beginnings.”

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

As with all prophetic words and visions, the above is offered for weighing and testing with the Lord and holy writ.

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