Rick Davis: Whirlwind of Holy Spirit over the UK

Thank you to Rick Davis at Prophetic Releasers for the UK Revival for this word about the Holy Spirit’s whirlwind, which develops upon recent ones published on this blog, especially the latest from Tony Puccio in Tucson:

“Just now, as I was praying for, and declaring concerning Brexit, I saw in the Spirit a whirlwind, a tornado over the UK. The interesting thing was that, though the top of the tornado remained stationary, the bottom, where it touched the ground, moved in ever-widening circles from the center of the big island outward, eventually, I was made to know, to not only tear down and prepare for the building up of all the Isles, but also of Europe, and even further afield.

“Holy Spirit wind is blowing in the UK, and will bring change and its effects throughout the earth in ever widening patterns of influence and change. Nothing will stand in Holy Spirit’s way of change or be able to withstand its affect on whatever nation, region, tribe or tongue it touches.

“It is time for this”, says the Lord! “The time is NOW! No more delay!”


Rick Davis, 1st August 2019

4 thoughts on “Rick Davis: Whirlwind of Holy Spirit over the UK

  1. Rick’s ‘whirlwind’ word reminded me of what I heard just after the EU Referendum when I was in a tower in Canary Wharf. I was reading a poster which said, “What will happen to the City after Brexit?”, and heard the words (very strongly in my spirit), “This is the storm before the whirlwind”.

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