Leisa Ebere: new PM as a ‘Cyrus’ – The Spirit Call Prophecy

L EbereLeisa writes, ‘As the New Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a true King Cyrus leader has been positioned into office in the UK, I believe it is a sign that we must listen to the call of the Shofar, more closely than ever; as God leads the People of God with unusual and strategic strategies by His Spirit. We are called for such a time as this. Please find the Prophetic Word the Lord gave me today..:’


“There are mysteries I long to share with you, says the Lord. “I say they that have ears let them hear. For surely, I am changing the format,” says God. “The scenery of the room has changed. You shall enter by one way, but I shall show you secret passages to leave that room that you never knew existed,” says the Lord. “These shall be lit by the lanterns of My Glory, for as you walk into places you have not been before, in total faith, I shall reward you with peoples, provisioning and harvest. Why are my ministers remaining in lack?” says God.

“Have they followed My direction, or turned to career provisioning? I am leading them to greater exploits where they must walk in greater faith. Believe for the Impossible and surely My sovereign hand will perform My Will. I am bringing about new patterns of thinking,” says the Lord, “and asking My remnant to conform their minds, as My Servant Paul wrote, to fresh revelation born of My Spirit. I have journeys you are yet to embark upon and assignments you have yet to fulfill,” says the Lord. “Emerge from the flesh and allow your spirits to soar to a higher plane with Me. I am waiting to instruct, I am waiting to impart, and as you choose to elevate your thinking to a new place surely your minds will no longer fill you with burdens and worries. Problems of the day shall be as faint whispers as you commit such things to Me in faith, and My Voice shall become louder and more distinct,” says God. “This My children, is the call of the shofar, a clarion noise that outshines any other. Walk into the New Day and let your spiritual eyes see new things. For nations are being transformed as My Sovereign Hand causes a great saturation of My power to come in measured portions to dig deep caverns, as evil is expelled from My chosen places. Rise up My people and let the declarations of your lips be louder than the dark sayings of the enemy. I have called you to greatness, let not your own inhibitions keep you bound,” says the Living God.

Leisa Ebere, Tuesday 23 July 2019

Torchlighter International Ministry

Footnote: I note this was received the day Neil Mackereth asked “As we await the name of the next Prime Minister, I note that we have blue skies, the temperature is rising and there are no clouds on the horizon! Is it a prophetic sign?”  In that night’s unusual and continual electrical storms Nina sensed the Lord saying,“I’m shining My light into all the darkness!”, and above He refers to expelling evil from ‘His chosen places’ and to ‘dark sayings of the enemy’!

7 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: new PM as a ‘Cyrus’ – The Spirit Call Prophecy

  1. At the risk of getting into trouble, I am going to try a declaration in faith, as per the instruction.


    1) The LORD, through Boris Johnson, will restore the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom.
    2) The UK will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    3) The UK will oppose the Antichrist and his evil works.
    4) The LORD will provide Boris Johnson with a new Party, a new Parliament, and a new Constitution, that His will may prosper in law and deed.
    5) That the UK’s financial system and economy will be reformed and that businesses will be reformed, and through prosperity and blessing, the marginalised shall enter into grace.
    6) That miracles will attend those who preach the Gospel: the deaf shall hear, the blind shall see, the lame shall walk, and demons will be expelled – and YES cancer will be cured.
    7) The UK will leave the EU cleanly – no longer subject to its laws, attitudes, and entanglements.
    8) Abortion shall be made illegal once again.
    9) God’s people will become as one and each denomination will bring something of value to bless the whole Body: miracles, liturgy, prayer, works of charity, sound teaching, sound preaching, and closeness to God.

    This is the declaration, may it be done according to the LORD’s will. Selah.

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    • Amen Nicholas mate, amen. I stand in agreement with this. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. The LORD is our nations God. Read ‘The Trumpet Sounds For Britain’ Volumes 1 to 3 and hear how the LORD made us a nation and delivered us time and time again. Read Lance Lamberts prophecy of 2011, I believe it was. Its a big job to turn our nation around for we have embraced the baals and promoted things the LORD finds offensive but is anything too hard for the LORD? The prayer of one righteous man avails much, referring to Elijah who was a man just like us. How much greater is the prayers of two righteous men, add a righteous woman or two and how much more powerful is that. Add an army of righteous people knocking on the Luke 18 door for God to step in and change the dynamics of our country that GB will stand for Gods Britain when the nations think about us. Revelation says the NWO will rise, I dont want Blighty to be part of that despite the financial power of the City of London. Remember the prayer of Latimer just as he was about to be burned at the stake. Its a prayer I often remind the LORD of …. Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.

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  2. I stand in agreement with you Nicholas in making this declaration and have copied to the blog’s Fb. Before, however, final point may manifest I believe the Lord will apply 1 Peter 4:17 and judge His family within churches and separate out the wheat from the chaff. Things have come to a head in Anglican ‘communion’ with introduction of heretical guidance by The House of Bishops on baptism and non-Godly activities being indulged in many Cathedrals eg mini-golf, yoga with giant model earth (see https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/29/putting-mini-golf-course-cathedral-act-desecration) – even surrendering to satan by flying its stripes, as at Peterborough last year!

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