Edie Bayer: A ‘double river’ season…(GPS #27.2)

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

Further to what Steve Hepden received on the Smith-Wigglesworth ‘Word and Spirit’ of its being like an intertwining and confluence of two mighty rivers, I’m grateful to Roger Jervois for alerting me to the word brought by Edie Bayer in yesterday’s Elijah List.  It’s original date, however, is almost concurrent with Steve’s hearing similarly from the Lord. Hence my registering both words as examples of His GPS (Global Prophecy Signalling) system. (Note Apostle Paul’s teaching: ‘Two or three prophets should speak and others weigh carefully what is said.’  1Cor 14:29 NIV)

Here, Edie brings further insights upon this important joint-revelation (click title for link):


I have been hearing “RIVER” in my spirit a lot lately! In fact, to make sure I didn’t miss it, God had someone recently prophesy over me that I would soon have an Ezekiel 47 moment. Looking up Ezekiel 47, I found out that it is about a river – the one that Ezekiel walked through!

Since I’d been hearing it so many times in my spirit, while driving recently, I decided to ask the Lord, “What is it about the river, Lord?”

He responded immediately, saying, “The River is a most holy place.”

Sometimes God speaks to me and I don’t get it right away because it’s a riddle! When He said this to me, I actually thought I heard Him wrong. How could A RIVER, which is not just one place, but a multitude of places that could stretch for miles, be A MOST HOLY PLACE? I could not understand it.

“What?” I asked Him.  Again, he gently repeated it to me, “A most holy place.”

Pondering this phrase, it reverberated in my spirit, rolling around inside of me. I knew this phrase was a scripture, or part of one; however, since I had just read Leviticus, I also thought I remembered it had to do with the burnt offering sacrifice. I felt in my spirit that what He was saying is that somehow the river is related to Aaron and the Priests’ portion of the sacrifices. These were designated as “most holy” by God, to be partaken of in a “sacred place”.

“And the bread shall be for Aaron and his sons, and they shall eat it in a sacred place, for it is for [Aaron] a most holy portion of the offerings to the Lord made by fire, a perpetual due [to the high priest],” (Leviticus 24:9 AMPC).

Thinking that, as kings and priests, The River must be OUR “sacred place” in this season, “a most holy portion”, I left it at that. Yet, still hungry and desiring more revelation, I asked the Lord again, “Tell me about The River, Lord!” Again, immediately, He responded, but this time visually. As I drove, He took me high above the highway, showing me a vision of rivers from the air… many rivers, tributaries and convergences.  He reminded me that rivers have banks, and that the river flows in between those banks.

When I got home, I started to study out the river of Ezekiel 47 in Hebrew. I found that the word for “banks” (Strong’s 8193) means “LIPS”! Suddenly, I understood! Remember, the Lord had reminded me while I was driving that every river has banks. Since the banks of the river are our lips, then the Lord was saying that our words are the river, and our lips are its banks!

The River is a most holy place, He said, so the banks – our lips – must also be holy, as are the words that flow from them – a holy portion from a sacred place! This makes them, and us, holy, because He is holy!

But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, ‘Be ye holy; for I am Holy.’  (1 Peter 1:15-16 KJV).

His words have creative power, so our words must be HIS WORDS. Incredibly, this is something we already know; however, the Lord is emphasizing how super-important it is in this hour.

The River in Ezekiel 47 becomes a DOUBLE RIVER, so the river of our words has a “double river” power in this season! Watch this:

“And wherever the double river shall go, every living creature which swarms shall live. And there shall be a very great number of fish, because these waters go there that [the waters of the sea] may be healed and made fresh; and everything shall live wherever the river goes.” (Ezekiel 47:9).

WOW! Most of us already know that we frame our world with our words – that we speak and create our circumstances!  But in a double river season our words produce results so much greater than our thoughts or intentions.

Our mouths are superbly creative forces in the earth realm, but much, much more so in this season! In this DOUBLE RIVER SEASON, our words have even more creative power! This means that when we speak in agreement with the word of God, which is holy, we will create more of what He says, because everything that we say will LIVE! When we speak in agreement with the word of God in this Double River Season, our words will release more from heaven’s banks – more life! More health! More abundance! More joy! More peace! More of everything.

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,” (Proverbs 18:20-21 KJV).

Going back to while I was driving, I asked Him again one last time, “Tell me about The River, Lord!”  He responded immediately with, “You’re IN IT!”

You see, since God’s voice is the voice of many waters (see Revelation 14:2), He says many things at the same time using the same words. The “Double River” is not just what we are creating according to the word of God. We are creating Revival simply by speaking it into existence! The River flows from the temple into the Dead Sea – into the lifeless water, healing it (see Ezekiel 47:8).  The River comes, bringing life, forcing it to overflow its banks, becoming a double portion! This is the water that brings life to everything in it.

This sounds like REVIVAL to me – and we’re IN IT, says the Lord! “And there shall be a very great number of fish, because these waters go there that [the waters of the sea] may be healed and made fresh; and everything shall live wherever the river goes.”

I cannot over-emphasize the power of what the Lord has released through this word! We MUST pray the word, speak the word, sing the word, prophesy the word and use the word in all that we do in this hour. We have an opportunity unlike any other moment in history to create what it is that God is speaking. We are already IN Revival, in a DOUBLE RIVER SEASON, bringing life to all!

Speak Life! Hallelujah!

Be blessed as you swim in the life-giving waters of this new season in Revival!

Edie Bayer, 15th December 2018 www.KingdomPromoters.org

[Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

2 thoughts on “Edie Bayer: A ‘double river’ season…(GPS #27.2)

  1. Richard do you recall this vision from February of 2010?

    Eze 47:3 He walked to the east with a measuring tape and measured off fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was ankle-deep.

    Eze 47:4 He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water waist-deep.

    Eze 47:5 He measured off another fifteen hundred feet. By now it was a river over my head, water to swim in, water no one could possibly walk through.

    The Lord showed me a vision today based on these verses from Ezekiel. In the vision I saw a stream that was ankle-deep and people were crossing over the stream to get to the other side. The stream to them was an obstacle to be crossed that stood in the way of them and the other side(their ministry). Others walked in the stream for a bit and then got out because the water was only ankle – deep and it was easy to get in and out of the stream, Still others walked in the stream following the path of the stream faithfully wherever it went.

    As this last group followed the stream the water began to rise and it became knee-deep, yet still easy enough for anyone who wanted to,  to get out of the stream and onto dry land.  Those who remained faithful and followed the path of the stream found that the water was now waist deep, and although a lot more difficult, there still exists a way out of the water for those who chose to get out. Finally, the faithful ones who followed the stream from the time it was ankle-deep water until it was waist deep find themselves in a river that was over their head and in water that no one could possibly walk through.

    The explanation of the vision is this: The water is the Holy Spirit. There are those involved in ministry that see the stream as an obstacle to get to the bank on the other side(their ministry) rather than a path to follow. Then there were those who wanted to get their feet wet in the ankle-deep water and then quickly get out because their level of commitment was as shallow as the stream that they walked/crossed. They liked the idea of going along with the current of the stream (the Holy Spirit) at first but lost interest because the water was only ankle-deep( the miracles & signs and wonders weren’t enough to keep their attention)  Then there were those who pursued the water until it was knee-deep, a deeper commitment by those who pursued the stream when it was just a small stream and they are representative of those who have surrendered a greater amount of their will than those in the ankle-deep water. And, the anointing on that is on their lives shows it Then we have those who have followed the stream from ankle-deep to waist-deep. The deeper you go in the stream is in direct proportion to how much of your will is surrendered to God’s will. The deeper you go the harder it is to get out, although it is still possible to do so. The deeper the water, the greater the anointing, the presence, the power and ministry. Finally we see the faithful ones who have faithfully followed the stream from the time it was ankle-deep to where we see the that the water has become a river and  is over the heads of those in it  and no one could possibly walk through it. These 4 stages of water depth represent the ever-increasing presence and power and anointing that the Holy Spirit is , and will be poured  out. Those who are among those  who are in water over their head are those who have completely surrendered their will to the will of God and it is these who will walk in signs and wonders ministry such as not even the Apostles saw.

    There is no short that can be taken here. In order for one to have the Spirit’s anointing, presence, and power, they must follow the path of the stream from within the stream and not on the banks. And, it must be followed from ankle-deep to the river that no one could possibly cross.

    Also realize that it looks from a common sense perspective to follow a stream’s path from within the stream, very stupid and foolish. It makes much more sense to follow the streams path from the safety of the bank and on dry ground. Those who pursue the course of the stream from within the stream will be looked at as foolish and stupid.

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