Prophetic visions of renewal for the Church in Britain

As with all prophetic words and visions this is for prayer and weighing with the Lord. It is brought by Yinka Oyekan, Senior Minister of The Gate church, Reading, courtesy of UK Prophetic Words:


Extraordinary dream and Prophetic vision this morning 5th August:

Last night I had the most amazing dream and it continued in a Prophetic vision this morning. “I love my children”, father said; “My heart breaks and longs for communion with every one of my children”.

I saw the new hunger and a great awakening in the church. And father said to me

“I have made my will clear; I have trumpeted my purposes, and I’m gathering my sons and daughters who will attend to the will of the chief shepherd before they attempt to attend to the needs of the sheep. Many are lost, broken without a shepherd; millions are desperately seeking me and deserving of me, oh that the bride would make herself ready. I have humbled my church and now I will rebuild her, and she will wear white garments, and be clothed with my glory.”

I saw small communities which seemed unimportant to man but were important to God and filled with glory and their pastors who had poured out their lives for the sake of these seemingly unimportant communities, father says,

“Your reward is coming; be patient; you were hidden but now your works will be revealed by God, you might be small but you have always been important to me.

“The prayers of many princes of the church have been received, I have seen their tears and cries for mercy, But some had their ears covered; they would not hear; they would not see; they would not repent”;

heaven reminds you that he is still in the business of removing lampstands; repent so that times of refreshing and healing may come from heaven.

I saw those who are standing in the outpouring receiving new graces of healing, of mercy, graces of deliverance and of the prophetic; so many graces been poured out and father says,

“Align yourself; position yourself; gather all the lame, the sick, the dispossessed, the aliens and I will fill that place with such a sense of liberty the nations will hear about it, for where my spirit is I bring freedom.”

I saw father fitting feet with golden shoes; I saw them running as fast as lightning. I woke up this morning from an extraordinary dream in which father said he’s renewing the church and then laid out before me these extraordinary visions; my mind was racing with images that were so profound; I spent the last two hours in prayer for our church for our leadership teams; I encourage you to do the same for yours; it’s time to seek the face of God afresh.

Yinka Oyekan, 5th August 2017

Yinka is also international Team leader of ‘The Turning’ Evangelistic Outpouring.

4 thoughts on “Prophetic visions of renewal for the Church in Britain

    • So pleased it’s encouraged you Jonathan. Btw, where scripture refers to ‘men in white linen’ many presume it means angels, but don’t always assume so!

      Although only one of many from UK Prophetic Words I sensed its importance, especially as I was reminded of a particular word my wife had been given in 2010 about slippers temporarily replacing her running shoes. I’ve been wondering when she’d get back into trainers and, without my remarking or her reading this, Holy Spirit spoke to her on it on Saturday when the director of nearby Acorn Christian Healing Foundn anointed us at a school of healing!

      (You may like to know the building where Yinka ministers was previously Tilehurst Free Church, and is where I attended before marrying Nina and moving to Hants. So he succeeded my pastor, but we’ve yet to meet.)

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      • That is good news! I’m glad to hear it.

        The white clothing in “my” prophecy I’m pretty sure represented one or other form of revival – either stronger faith amongst us or new members of the church. Or possibly both, of course. That bit was more a vision than a prophecy, or one of those picture prophecies.

        On a totally irrelevant note, I grew up not far from Liphook and did some of my teacher training at the infant school there.


        • Not at all irrelevant note my friend as we attend Bramshott & Liphook parish in the Church Centre, rector Revd Valentine Inglis-Jones whom were were very pleased to discover is also familiar with the Revival Alliance folk: the Arnotts, Johnsons, Bakers, Banovs and Ahns.

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