Revival Alert: London area awakening

JustOne with J.John at Emirates Stadium, 8th July 2017 (click 4 video in same screen)

Michael Marcel, who blogs at UK Awakening and maintains a historical listing of revival sites at UK Wells alerted me today to the following revival-related events this weekend:

“This Saturday is a very important event at the Emirates Stadium, London. It is one of the biggest evangelistic events in decades. Please try to support it and take an unsaved person. J John is taking a risk and deserves our support. This meeting’s timing is amazing as our nation has not been in such a bad place since the war – God is on the move and people are ready to receive Him into their hearts.

Just One finishes at 6.00pm, so just in time to nip across to the 7.00pm Capstone Church meeting.

Michael had emailed supporters on 29th June about what’s happening in Ilford, Essex.

“I am sure we are all aware of the desperate situation our nation is in. There is a revival going on in San Diego that has been going on for 18 months – they are on their 390th meeting. The leader of that is Jerame Nelson and he decided last week to come to England and is having meetings at Capstone Church, Ilford, each night at 7.00pm until Saturday.

“I believe that these meetings at Capstone Church over the next few days are going to be very important for our nation. I encourage you to get here if you can. But you can also watch the revival meetings online.”

Update 4th July:

“The meetings last week with Jerame Nelson at Capstone Church, Ilford, were powerful; in fact in my estimation they were the most powerful I have been to in the UK since 1994. “Jerame’s wife, Miranda, will be ministering there from Wednesday to Saturday, this week at 7.00pm.>”I am not saying that it is revival, but undoubtably they are carrying something which one can receive and take back to your churches.

“Please try to come to at least one meeting – the nation needs what they are releasing.”

Footnote: Doug Addison refc on this blog, Why 2016 Could Be the Start of Something New and his New Move of God Starts in Southern California.

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