Jesus is the radiance of the Father’s glory

This is the song I refer to in my note covering Meet The Real God. It was often used in the worship at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) where the Lord introduced me to His word and Spirit’s giftings in my first 12 years as a believer.

It is based upon the usual translation of Hebrews 1:3, which is different to the Mirror Bible paraphrase of the Greek as quoted in the above post. You may be interested to know the literal Greek of the relevant part of that verse reads as follows:

‘…Who being from-radiance (effulgence) of-the esteem (glory) and carving (emblem) of the understanding (assumption) of-him carrying besides the all…’

This is one of the three hymns or songs featured during last Thursday-Friday’s soaking worship that happened to have been deeply connected with my journey towards, away from and return to Jesus and have thus deeply stirred my spirit. May this one bless you mightily too…

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