Powerful word calling for prayer as the holy shaking continues


London, my beloved city, my heart aches for you! Do you not know, have you not heard, the Lord, He is the everlasting God! He is the hope of the Nations! How He longs to rise upon you with healing in His wings! He longs to restore the ancient ruins and raise up the former devastations. Oh London – beloved city! Wake up! Hearken unto the voice of the Lord! Return to Him! Return to Him while there is hope. For the shakings are coming, and are already upon you.

My people, who are called by my name, will you humble yourselves, and call out to me at this time? Will you cry out all the more? I long to forgive your sins and heal your land. Keep praying! Do not hold back. For surely I have heard your cries for your nation. Keep believing. Keep praying – for surely I am coming! Do you not perceive it? Even in the midst of chaos, and tragedy, I am humbling hearts. I am causing hearts to unlock. I am causing eyes to look up. I am restoring the fear of the Lord.

London – the City that is so proud of getting on with ‘business as usual’ will be brought to its knees in repentance. There will be no business as usual when I sweep through your streets and dwellings like a flood. For I will bring a Holy Chaos to your Capital. You will know when it comes. Everything will come to a standstill when I come in my Power and turn everything upside down.

All the plans of man will be laid waste. People will rush to the churches looking for the people of God, as they rushed to Joseph in the time of famine. The people will come looking for bread! They will leave their desks and their computers and their board rooms and will come begging for bread. You must make sure there is enough bread in the storehouse! The bread they will need is my word. They will need to hear the wisdom of the people of God. They will come searching for truth.

Even now I am whetting appetites. I am stirring up a hunger and thirst in the lost and the broken. They will grow weary of the world having no answers. They will grow desperate for a light in the darkness. But first the shakings are going to come. Pray for mercy. Pray for a spirit of repentance to come quickly. Pray for the government to be humbled. For I WILL bring beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness. I am the Lord! I alone can do these things.

Angie Jelf 14th June 2017

  1. Angela is known to me through my contacts on this blog and this came via UK Prophetic Words whilst reading about yesterday’s tragic ‘towering inferno’ in London and my preparing to blog about Tim Farron ‘coincidentally’ stepping down as leader of the ‘Liberal’ Democratic party and standing up for his faith in Jesus Christ – well done brother.
  2. Maybe the Lord is teaching me a grim kind of discernment for prayer in view of two ‘God-incidental’ references: 1st – the Great Fire of London (as at foot of this post on the spiritual battle raging over Britain); 2nd – my memory of the brooding murderous menace over Manchester area (at start of this post) a few hours before children and parents were murdered at a concert in the Manchester Arena.
  3. Significantly, the last item was on a “Two-Minute Warning” from the Lord!!!

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