2017: year of the breakthrough for the UK

The previous post brought internationally applicable prophetical words, so here’s one specifically for the UK, as brought last December by Chris Bennett, courtesy of UK Prophetic Words. (It’s emphasis upon young people coming into the Kingdom was also yesterday’s Holy Spirit empowered message of Blaine Cook; whom God had used to bring an outpouring of Holy Spirit power upon the Baptist church led by Randy Clark in 1984, and was instrumental in Randy’s own baptism in the Spirit.)


Today I heard the Lord say that 2017 is the year of breakthrough for the UK.

Breakthrough for the youth, breakthrough in salvations and numbers, breakthrough in all of our outreach areas. Then while we were praying to call in our own breakthrough, I heard the Lord say, “I have heard your prayers. I see your hearts. Your prayers have turned My heart towards you and I will do what you are asking!”

‘Your prayers have turned My heart towards you’ is not something you hear the Lord say every day and I am believing for real breakthrough in 2017. In the Spirit I am seeing exponential increase in salvations and in all areas needing breakthrough.

My heart leapt when I saw something about a new House of Prayer locally in South Yorkshire the other day. Now I know why!!

Time to really intercede for all that the Lord is showing us. Time to ‘turn His heart’ again and again.

Chris Bennett, 13th Dec ’16

2 thoughts on “2017: year of the breakthrough for the UK

  1. Richard thank you for reminding us, I have clung to this word with all my heart since reading it coming up to the New Year. Our household has been battered with illness and such but I will not let it go and its not just personal like it says its for our Nation our youth all thats been stolen. Praise the Lord He is Good and His Mercy Endures for Ever.

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    • So pleased it’s helpful especially because I hadn’t intended publishing this – it had appeared when I looked UKPW’s site to insert link for the previous post on wider breakthrough – AND on Sunday pastor John Kilpatrick in Alabama brought a similar emphasis from the Lord on our need to seize opportunities (which also relates to my covering note of Matthew 11:12 cum Micah 2:13)


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