A selection of 2016-2017 prophetic words – 2

Continuing, courtesy of UK Prophetic Words and prophets, with a few more encouraging words for this New Year’s new season. (Click titles for original.):

Chris Bennett 27 Dec’16: The Wind of His Holy Spirit is Starting to Blow

The wind of His Holy Spirit is blowing over you, over your church, town, and area. Reports are already coming in to this effect. When this wind blows, the Lord asks, what will withstand it? What will prevent it achieving that for which it was sent? It is sent to refresh you, to anoint you, to awaken those around you. To awaken those who need to find the Lord, and to awaken those who need to speak to them.

My church is asleep, says the Lord. My church failed to set its alarm clock! Otherwise what else can account for the church being so unready, so unprepared, so lacking in any urgency? The wind of My Spirit is beginning to blow the sleep away. It is blowing the old, dusty cobwebs off so that the church may realise the lateness of the hour. Even so, it will be too late for many who, despite the wake up call, will simply hit the snooze button and turn over again! Thus the wheat and tares will be separated and the dreadful call of the judgement trumpet will belatedly awaken some to their fate.

Lisa Arnold 28 Dec’16: Word for 2017 to God’s People

Going in to 2017 will be like stepping into a new Summer’s day. Everything will be different, your attitudes, your motives, a new passion for me. I will expand your hearts and your territory. I will get rid of hopelessness and despair, and give you new hope and faith for the future. You will find out your destiny this year and know your true inheritance.

You will cross over into your promised land. Milk and honey will flow into your garden. I am adorning and preparing my bride. Your churches will start to unite this year. I am bringing down the walls of Control, Jezebel and Leviathan that are sucking the life out of my body. It is time to step out and repent and let go of all pride and bitterness.

I will show you what unconditional love is. You will be so secure in my love and who you are in me; you will not need to look to other people for other people for approval. You will find your position in the body of Christ, and not feel like an outcast. It is time to be real; there is a hurting world out there to reach.

I want you to go out of the churches and look for the lost. I will give you a holy boldness to go where angels fear to tread. I will help you grow into the mantles and anointings I have given you. My grace is sufficient for you. This year will be a year of much growth, transformation, creativity and new life and freedom to move in the spirit. I will not leave you as you are.

There will be no more delay; start looking up, thinking eternal. Bring heaven down to earth. Love your brother, make me your first love, delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. Abba.

Patsy Southway 31 Dec’16: ALL CHANGE! ALL CHANGE! ALL CHANGE!

Having spent a couple of days away with the Lord – ‘investing by resting’ as some call it; one of the encouragements he spoke to me about was the preparation that many are/have been going through. In a vision he took me to a railway station that had many tracks. The guard blew his whistle and shouted ‘ALL CHANGE! ALL CHANGE! ALL CHANGE! People were disembarking from the train onto the platform.

I could also see a signalman moving the levers to SHIFT some of the tracks in order for particular trains to go in a different direction.

In another area of the station, NEW TRACKS were being laid.

As I watched this vision unfold I was thinking ‘What’s going on? So much movement and change; people everywhere!’

The Lord said, “I am bringing into ALIGNMENT the many prayers and prophetic words that have been spoken. There has been a ‘holy frustration’ among many of you. You wrote down the vision, you believed, you prayed, you fasted. You believed, you prayed, you fasted wondering WHEN am I going to see the FULFILLMENT of what was promised?!
Well, the ‘SIGNALMAN’ is causing the SHIFT, the people have got off the train as the GUARD told them to and the NEW TRACK is being laid. This is MY TIMELY INTERVENTION, ushering in a HEAVENLY MANDATE upon the Earth.” ‘It’s time…’

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