Urgent prayers continue against quakes and attacks on 5 nations

A week ago today, at the start of the working day, Veronika West issued a PRIORITY UGENT call for intercession for the Cape Cod area of California because she’d had a vision of the catastrophic consequence of an earthquake in southern California. The next day, Thursday 8th December, came news of an oceanic 6.5 quake off northern California but without any accompanying tsunami or damage. Thank you Lord.

Therefore, she urges a continual watchful prayer for that extremely sensitive region – and today to pray for Hollywood because “The Hand of God is about to shake Hollywood” for she understands that place is on His heart.

Thus, we have an example of this seer’s accuracy of hearing the Lord God Almighty.

ALSO, on Thursday she writes,

‘This evening as I was praying and speaking with the Father He impressed upon me these specific words that I posted on the 28th of November. Holy Spirit revealed to me that the next 10 days, (10 submarines) are crucial days and dangerous days for the Nations of AMERICA, GERMANY, ISRAEL, FRANCE and the UNITED KINGDOM, I was shown these FIVE specific Nations, and I saw that the enemy has his eyes fixed upon these 5 Nations. I submit that if we do not pray there will be an attempt by the enemy to destroy LIFE and strike FEAR AND TERROR in the hearts of MANY PEOPLE within the next 10 days. WE MUST BE PRAYING FOR DIVINE PROTECTION OVER THE WATERS OF THE SEA, OVER THE LAND AND OVER THE AIR.

‘Please Watch AND PRAY!!  [read earlier post The Submarines Are Coming!]

Veronika follows that with words of wisdom about fear :

‘Apologies for bombarding you all with info but it is for the purpose of serious prayer and intercession in this hour. On the 27th of November I posted this word and yesterday when I shared the dream concerning California the Spirit of God reminded of this Word. I did not share it yesterday because I know that Satan can bring fear of the unknown and we can quickly take our eyes off God and begin to pray full of fear rather than praying full of faith. HOWEVER, today as I read over this powerful word again the Spirit of God spoke PEACE to my heart and emphasised the importance to continue to be WATCHING AND PRAYING!!



[Click to read Facebook entry as earlier and UK Prophetic Words versions not available.]

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