Aliss Cresswell: prophetic word for 2016 – massive spiritual shift

RobnAliss_200_photoAliss and husband Rob lead Morning Star Europe and its relational network from Chester, England.

Several especially interesting points in the detailed word she brings resonate with me, for example: the return of those who’ve been offended or hurt by church or feel disqualified, misunderstood and disillusioned – unexpected ones from other faiths, New Agers and celebrities encountering Jesus – the emergence of radical followers – the prophetic going up a whole new level – the relevance of Daniel and of Cyrus for 2016.

Aliss writes,

“There has been a massive shift spiritually worldwide, which is also affecting the physical realm. Here is what I sense the Lord showing me beginning to happen right now at the start of 2016….” continue reading here.

She covers prophetically:

  • A Grassroots Movement Arising
  • Signs, Wonders and Miracles
  • Many Returning To The Fight
  • True Christianity Going Viral
  • The King Cyrus Anointing
  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation
  • Apostolic & Prophetic Partnership
  • The Warrior Bride
  • Revelation 4:1 Doors Are Open
  • Love and Courage Will Increase

May you be mightily blessed as you weigh and discern with the Lord and His Word.

White Door in Skydoor

[White Door in Sky by Nattavut, courtesy]

6 thoughts on “Aliss Cresswell: prophetic word for 2016 – massive spiritual shift

    • Thanks for the reminder Tony – and HOW appropriate because Sat’s Awakening conference in Windsor covered some aspects of this word AND Jan Hamon briefly referred to Ezek vision. She spoke about a word the Lord had given her: “I am awakening a force in My people” and related this to the ‘dry bones’. (cont’d..)

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