2 visions: the Cross and America’s foundation

Clearly a warning Tony, but there are prophetic promises of renewal yet to be fulfilled in line with Isaiah 60’s immense encouragement despite deep darkness covering the earth and enmeshing the masses.

My Dreams and Visions

I have seen 2 visions So I  am putting both here.

In the first one, I saw the cross of Jesus. I saw a group of people and starting from the west coast of the United states they were pushing it out, state by state, across America. As the cross was pushed out of a state I saw the state go dark.  This continued until the cross had been pushed across the entire United states .  The days are definitely getting darker so we need to be vigilant to make sure our lamps are burning brightly so that we do not stumble in the darkness. Remember the parable of the 10 virgins.

The second vision was of a foundation stone. In this vision I again saw a group of people with sledge hammers and they were trying to destroy  the foundation stone. America was founded on Judeo- Christian  beliefs that…

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