Charlie Shamp in the UK

Well Passover ConfcSee side poster for details of Guildford area meetings. Charles’ gifting is notably warm and personally engaging. The first occasion I heard him was most fascinating because, whenever we locked eyes, what he said was directly relevant to what had been on my mind – AND he gave fresh insights into those things!

Company of Burning Hearts

Charlie Shamp

In an era saturated with hype – these guys are the real deal. Authentic. I have known them for many years. They have massive integrity and they are not building an empire. 

Charlie is moving in incredible faith and power for miracles. In their last USA meeting a totally deaf woman was healed. I am often amazed at their videos on Facebook.

I believe he is a modern day John G Lake. I highly recommend this amazing couple to you. They have been trusted by Papa with a special grace to change lives.

If you need a miracle, or your friend/ or family are sick, try to get to these meetings. 

Here are the dates and locations:

Guilford, England: April 3 – 5

Norwich, England: April 10 – 19

Reading, England: April 24 – 26

Cumbria, England: May 1 – 3

Dumfries, Scotland: May 8 – 10

Belfast, Ireland May 15 – 19

For the full information visit the…

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