In the gateway of Europe

I’m grateful to Kim Grant for drawing my attention to The Spearhead Update. Inside, I found a report by her husband Tim on his autumn visit to Portugal. This reminded me of Julie Meyers’ prophetic song over Europe, The Bridegroom cometh.

Tim’s report opens as follows.:

Europe Gateway_Credit Tim GrantLate October found me at ‘The Gateway to Europe’ Lagos in the Algarve (Algarve meaning ‘gateway’) in Portugal meeting with ministries from around Europe and some from even further afield. We came together to pray and discuss “Europe Ablaze” Fusion Festival of Faith which is planned for June 2013.

In response to a prophetic word we had all been invited to come and pray for the nations of Europe and to seek God as to how together we might host an event that would help equip believers and encourage them to live their lives on fire for God and so ignite the people of Europe to once again live with a passion for Christ.

Europe Gateway-3_Credit Tim Grant

The festival is to be a mixture of worship, praise, teaching, the prophetic and evangelism with all the Ephesians 4 ministries working together to equip the saints to move in the dynamic of the Holy Spirit and any of the gifts they might need for the work God has for them. All this is to take place in the gateway to Europe as a prophetic act in itself. The amphitheatre which is within the old walled town of Lagos which seats two thousand people has already been booked and the local authority has given its use for free.

What a privilege it was to be invited to be a part of this. Individually none of us felt able to fulfil the vision, yet together with God we know nothing was impossible.

My visit coincided with the start of forty days of twenty-four hour prayer for the nation of Portugal and the other nations of Europe and there was a real sense of God’s presence as we interceded.

(continue reading about the presence of God and healing).

Europe Gateway-4_Credit Tim Grant

Let’s listen again to Julie’s remarkable song and turn our eyes upon the Bridegroom .:

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