2011: Nathan Morris – an “epic generation”


On Sunday afternoon 13th January 2013 (US style: 01.13.2013 ) I grabbed the nearly new jotter I’d found the week before to once again make notes whilst watching a live webcast from Church of His Presence.  During worship I recollected an old prophetic word given about an ‘epic year’ and made a mental tab to dig out any notes on it. This ‘almost new’ pad wouldn’t have them, but I flipped over the scribbled pages anyway >> last week’s notes >> (next) Easter 2011 >> (next) John Kilpatrick Mar ’11 >> (last and oldest) headed “I’m a big God!”.

What I wanted was there on the very first pages!!  Had my thought been ‘engineered’?

The Notes

These are now augmented by the content of Nathan Morris’ preaching on Thursday 6 January 2011 (Epiphany) at a Bay of The Holy Spirit revival meeting, as follows.:

After having reported about the miraculous recovery of Delia Knox appearing in an English newspaper, and then reading from Hebrews 11 about the faith of Biblical heroes, Nathan repeatedly stressed that its closing verse means us too.:

39 And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, 40 God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us. [Hebrews 11 NKJV]

Nathan 1“I want to preach to you tonight about an epic generation. I want to start this year by preaching about what I believe God is about to do in 2011, and at the Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival…over the time of the holiday God has been speaking to me…(on seeing headlines in UK’s Daily Mail about miracles) I felt the Lord put this in my heart; ‘an epic generation’.

“What God has in mind for His people this year is beyond anything we can even imagine. We serve an Epic God…’epic’ means ‘surpassing the ordinary in size or scale, imposing and impressive, heroic, larger than life’.

“I serve an Epic God. You can’t put my God in a box! My God is larger than life – He IS the life – He is the Resurrection and the Life…I believe what He was doing in 2010 was just applying the eye salve and saying “I’m a BIG God!”…

“You thought Delia coming out of a wheelchair was impressive? Wait ’til you see what God calls ‘impressive’. I believe what God started in 2010 He was looking for a reaction from His people. If God showed you tonight what is in HIS mind…in His heart…it would blow your mind! He’s an Epic God…

“As I read about those of mighty faith I thank God for these epic men and epic women of God, but I ask in my heart “God, where are the epic men and epic women of today?”

“Where is the place, Lord, that You are going to move in such power that men look in wonder and awe at the workings of our God?

“For many years there’s been the Gideons out on the threshing floor saying , “Where are the miracles of our yester year? God, when are we going to see all the miracles of Jesus’ day?”

“I’m talking about a reformation, I’m talking about a move of God that shakes everything that can be shaken…

“You see, epic times will always produce epic men and women. (Repeats that)

“If you don’t know we’re living in epic times then you really need to ask God to open your eyes. We’re living in epic times economically, politically, environmentally, socially and, I want to say, prophetically we’re living in epic times

“I know there are some that are of the persuasion that somehow God’s people are going to go out on a whimper! But I’m not of that camp! I refuse to stand with those people – I’m not going out with a whimper. I believe God WILL pour out His Spirit upon all flesh…ALL flesh!

“Epic times call for epic encounters with God. There are people in here tonight that have been living off an encounter from God twenty years ago, thank God!  But today’s a new day! We need a fresh encounter with the Holy Ghost and with fire!

“God spoke to me over Christmas and He said this to me :

“In 2011 I want to multiply an army of epic men and women full of the fire of God that have already decided there’s no going back – it’s either God or nothing at all!”

“You watch what God does in 2011. There’s going to be multiple Bay of the Holy Spirit revivals around the world. You’ll see them begin to pop up around the world, fires that will be ignited!…

“What God has in mind for the nations of the world is epic in every sense of the world.”

My notes close ‘[PLUS lots more]’, and you may watch all this at 1 hr 24 mins here.:

The Bay Revival media archive of video testimonies and meetings attests to what epic years 2011 and 2012 have been for healings and the miraculous.

For information on Delia Knox read Notable Miracles in God Heals Today – video clips.

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