2003: Jerusalem – Wars / Peace


A Prophecy Given in Jerusalem, 2003

Reproduced with the kind permission of Prophecy Today UK.

A prophecy given by David Noakes at the Intercessors for Israel Conference, Jerusalem, January 2003. It was specifically addressed to the nation of Israel and was accepted by the ministers and leaders to whom it was given in 2003. We are publishing it having tested it ourselves. However, we also encourage you to weigh it thoroughly yourself too. (David gave a profound weekend’s teaching on Israel which my wife and I attended in 2002- RB) 

“Strengthen my people in the knowledge of their God and of his Word. Bring to them the whole Counsel of God that they may not be taken by surprise or deceived in the days to come.

“Do not fear Islam for this principality shall not prevail. It has thrown down the gauntlet of challenge to the God of Israel and I have accepted the challenge.

“This power will be put to shame and destroyed for I have taken the battlefield. Stand with me and fight for I am with you to overcome. Islam will fall, but not at once for the cup of iniquity is not yet full to the brim. There will be a lengthy struggle and it will involve many nations.

“Do not fear the conflict or the hardships. There will be shaking and upheaval and turmoil but I have warned you in advance in my Word that this will be so. In the battle set your eyes on Me and remember that this is not your lasting home. Your destination and your inheritance is in the Kingdom cut out of the Rock without human hands and in the Eternal City that has unshakeable foundations whose Builder and Maker is God.

“Comfort yourselves with the knowledge of this truth and let your encouragement come from Me alone. Do not fear the wars that must yet come but rather fear the peace that will finally result. It will not be My peace but a counterfeit peace inspired by the spirit of Babylon.

“Prepare my people for these days with the knowledge of my revealed truth. Teach them the whole Counsel of God and pray that they and many others will not be deceived in the time before the ‘lamb of peace’ is revealed in its true colours as the ‘dragon of destruction’.

“The strategy of the adversary is to wear down by continual attrition to the point where in the weariness of conflict that desire for rest will make your people willing to accept a false peace which will prove in its working to be the deadliest weapon of all. Your nation will desire this peace and the world will desire to impose it upon you but do not be deceived. Prepare my people to watch and pray and keep alert: strong in the knowledge of the whole revelation of my Word until I come, for only then will your nation receive true security.

Notes by RB:

  • Nina and I attended David’s excellent, highly informative weekend course on Israel at Ellel Glyndley Manor in 2002 and other occasional days locally.
  • “(Islam) has thrown down the gauntlet of challenge to the God of Israel and I have accepted the challenge”. I referred elsewhere that my immediate personal reaction to the crane falling on the Grand Mosque in Mecca (as here) on 9th Sept 2015 was of the Lord having thrown down HIS gauntlet against the spirit behind Islam, which means His fighting and eventually overcoming its evil power.
  • “Islam will fall” lines up with the decree I heard announced in heaven on 7th January 1992 (as here), which was prophetically reiterated independently later that year by Lance Lambert and Marc Dupont. See also, Fulfilled Prophecies 2.

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