2001: New Millenium Battle for Britain’s Destiny

Extract from Ruth Ruibal’s Contribution to  the 2001 Birmingham Conference

gathered to  launch the Second Transformations Video

Ruth Ruibal is the widow of Julio C Ruibal who was assassinated in Cali, Colombia, in 1995. She was later invited to become the Pastor of that church.   The story of the remarkable revival in Cali in the late 1990s features on the first Transformation’s Video.

Ruth explained to the Conference that she hadn’t any previous connections with Great Britain because she’s of Scandinavian/South American parentage.

Rough Transcript from latter part of the tape recording – see specific parts on Britain.


God is sovereign and he has a plan for the nations of the world, but he asks us to be part of that.

He looks to his Church to be the salt and the light in the different nations.

Ezekiel 26:23 … the nations shall know that I am the Lord when I am hallowed in their eyes

Isaiah 60 1-3   Arise and shine …..

You see this a time when we know there is deep darkness over the face of the earth, yet at the same time, the Church has to rise up in light.   We have to decide whether we are going to see the dark side or the light side.

You see if we just concentrate on the dark side, that brings us down into gloom.  And we lose our faith and we think ‘are we ever going to get out?’   But if we see what God is doing and he is allowing the darkness so that people will feel their need for the Lord and the light of the Gospel shines brighter to a people that are in darkness……..

And the Church is to rise up with an answer for society  ..

Queen of Sheba…  came to Solomon because he had  wisdom,  not mere human wisdom but a God given wisdom..  in a relationship with the Lord…   When Solomon had answered her many questions, her conclusion was that not half had been told me…

So Solomon would represent the Church of Jesus Christ and she would represent a world that is in darkness that has a lot of hard questions and has no answers.   And that world has to come to the Church and its answers for society.

The carrots of Amalonga in the Transformations Video 1 were exceptionally large [1]  …   we are used to small carrots and we think that they are the norm.   But when the Lord blessed Amalonga with huge carrots – she asked what is normal to God?  Are our small carrots normal to God , or are the of the huge ones grown in Amalonga his norm?

You see we get comfortable with what we are used to and because it is that way we think it is normal.  We find it hard to recognize that God has something bigger in his mind…Isaiah 55: 8,9

We think ‘little carrots’ and God is telling us ‘think big carrots’.

And it is time for the Church to have a vision as it has never had before.   And if your vision is based on what you call ‘normal’ you will never get anywhere.  Our vision has to be in accord with the word of God.  Thank God, he has left examples for us.   …..  God wants to do something so great in the earth that no-one can shut their eyes to it.  ….   …..

Don’t be satisfied with what you have seen so far…

You see if he showed us what he really wants to do – we wouldn’t believe it – so he shows us little bits in different places so that it can whet our appetite and we say yes we can do a little more..  our carrots are a little small…..

In the story of  Hannah and Samuel, she gave away that which would make her own home fruitful instead of barren, so that the whole nation could become  fruitful …   what a beautiful example…

There is something going on here in the England (she means the UK)… I know that God gave me a little bit last night and he keeps adding more –  I hope tonight that you can understand what I am trying to say –  …. 

But I know what God has put in my heart, and that’s what I want to share with you.

 She sensed that the spiritual battle in England [2] was particularly intense.   On arrival, her daughter had been sick and she had been prayed for and recovered – which for Ruth was a sign of the depth of the spiritual warfare in Britain…   Your history is much longer that ours, and the demons have had longer to establish their foothold in this country for too long…

I was thinking,  ‘Lord, what’s going on?’ – and he showed me a map, and if you could picture in your minds a map of the world, and then England [UK]  – England is not a very large country to have it noticed  but look how many nations have been incredibly influenced by this country.  So it wasn’t because your population was so big, it is not because your territory is so enormous, it is not because you are right in the centre of the earth and can reach out easily.

There is a call upon this nation and that is a great call. 

And I think it has to be someone from outside who comes in and can see it because you wouldn’t dare see it – the carrots here are too small and you are satisfied if they are an inch bigger….

I felt when God spoke to me last night that the story has not ended as far as the Commonwealth nations are concerned.  You see when you first went out as the British Empire, part of that story was to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those nations    Now I know there is a lot of reconciliation things going on, but what the Lord showed me is – you need to revive that vision, number one.     Number two, you need to repent for not having fulfilled the vision that God gave you back then.   And then [three] you need to make restoration by finishing the job God gave you to do.

Amos 6: 1-6   Woe to you who sit at ease in Zion ….

To those that are ease, complacent and secure …  you put far off the day of doom ……  And are not grieved for the afflictions of Joseph…

What that really means is, ‘are not torn apart’, the kind of grieving that goes deep within.  The afflictions of Joseph…  are breached promises, broken promises –  you see the whole point is that God gave this nation a vision for the other parts of the world…

And that went forth to a certain extent but it was never completed as God wanted it to be..

To see the gospel really take hold of those other nations    And so there are promises and dreams that have never been fulfilled.   There is a breach and there hasn’t really been any groaning, there hasn’t been any real understanding of what God has for you-

It seems as if it is a different kind of history.  You know that you did what you could back there, and then you had the Commonwealth and friends and everything is doing alright…

The reason the warfare is so strong here, brothers, is because God wants to use you in the nations of the world, starting with the Commonwealth nations.   And as I was going through that, I just said, ‘Lord, open their eyes’, because if you can’t see it and you can understand that, you say the nation is going down the drain, we have this and we have that, suicide, sin here and sin there…  you can get so involved in your own nation …..   the warfare is so great because you have to realise you are not just fighting for your own nation.  You are fighting for many nations.

And then the Lord spoke on top of that to me today, saying, “And not only that, that little nation will affect the USA as well”.   And then you are getting closer to home.  …  In South America we are sending missionaries up to the USA because the United States are in such a mess, and yet the Lord said, “These people will also touch the USA, and the USA will also be able to touch South America”.

And I thought holding all the nations together, I thought, that little nation, this little piece of land – God has called you to touch the nations of the world.  

So when you find it difficult to pray, or you think ‘well, the Commonwealth has changed or whatever…’  No, you still have a responsibility, because it was God that got you that far to those nations.  God hears prayer, whether you feel like he does or you don’t feel like he does, he doesn’t care how you feel he is still going to listen.   When it comes from a pure heart, and with clean hearts and we just come before him – that’s what it says in Psalm 24 …..

This is the generation that seeks the Lord

There are certain characteristics about a generation which seeks the LORD.  And two of those are clean hands, pure heart.  And we allow God to do what he needs to do; and what we need to do is to realise the destiny for your nation. And as you start calling down that destiny, as you say ‘O God, we need to be everything you want us to be.’  Then as you plough in and pray and cry out before God, he starts showing you that this is going to have to go from your life.   But it is not one of those long drawn out fields,  if your heart is for the destiny of God to come upo this nation, those things you will say ‘Yes, get rid of it.  Yes, get rid of that.’   You know its lile a mother that has gone the wrong way, and what happens is that there is something the heart of that mother that is never satisfied…….  She has no peace until that one child comes back – and that’s the way it needs to be with God.   We can’t get distracted by blessings or by problems until we know we are where we need to be.  And God will start showing you, let this go, let that go.    And you just let it go because there is a destiny that God has upon your life and upon your lives as a corporate nation to get into the nations of the world.

Don’t GIVE UP.

And what Steve was saying prophetically tonight – my heart leapt with in me – it is a new day.  It is a new time.  Don’t hold on to the past – if you hold on to the past you will always have such a hard time.  ….   This is where you are today and don’t think of the former things.   Think this is where we are going.   If you keep thinking of the mire and the mud,  you will just stay there spinning your wheels.  But if you get out of there to pray the very destiny of God down for your country, he will start working in your hearts and he will start showing you how to pray, how to intercede.

But believe me, the battle is strong, because there are nations of this world that are waiting for the answer from this particular nation.

Now I don’t come from here, so I don’t have anything to get out of this.  I am just telling you what God has shared with me.    Sometimes it has to be someone from a third world nation,  someone from far off that is not involved, that can get a feel for it.    I feel the strength of these demonic forces, believe me, I do.    And it is a different feeling from what I have in Colombia.  Those are pretty ugly demons, but it is different when they have lodged in for so long.  But, prayer can bring them down.  Calling out to God for the destiny of your nation, can pull those strongholds down.   When you say there is nothing that will satisfy me until we are what we need to be.

Britain….   England  .. there is something here, that God is saying that his church must arise to the occasion.  And it is a new day – I know some of you have probably thought, but we have a little prayer meeting going, or we haven’t seen anything.   Forget about it, God has seen those prayers and it is a new day.    And as the word came forth, it is a time for patience.  Just hang in.

That is one of those things I have found in those Transformation videos – you know, we see it all in one little hour.  But if you start talking to the people from Uganda, your talking about a couple of decades they have been in this.   If you talk to the people in the Arctic, this is a long time that they have been in this.   Hang on!   Don’t let the Devil dissuade you.  Thinking we have already prayed, this group has been going on for two years and we haven’t really seen what we want to see – so what?   Hang in until you do.

You know in Hosea 10:12 it says, “It is a time to seek the Lord until he is found”,  until he reigns his righteousness upon you.  And so it is a time where we will say “Lord, we will seek you until you come and reign down righteousness, until you come, until you visit us.  Because it is not about my life, and it goes beyond even my nation’s life.  We are talking about world history right now.   And it is time for a change in world history.    And God wants to do it through here.

Bretheren, please do not fall asleep.  Please, I beg you in the name of the Lord, don’t fall asleep.  Don’t let it pass by.  Don’t let it be just another conference.  Believe the Lord, just let him give you that patience to hold on.


God is only looking for people who will say ‘I am available and  I will seek you.  And if you don’t come and do what I thinking you are saying you will do, I will dies seeking you for it anyway. This is my life.  This is where you have placed me.  This is what I am going to do..’

You have to have that in the fibre of your nation otherwise you would not have done as much as you have already.  So its there, you just need just to stir it up.  Let the Spirit of God stir it up.  If it’s not stirred up, ask him to stir it up.   Because it is time for him to stir it up.  It is a new day. So it is a new day, and God wants to use you.  God wants to use you a small nation, a small territory.     Its up in the north – it could have been in some more convenient country – but its isn’t.  Its you!   And he has already shown you that it can be done by your past history.

Now it is the time of God – don’t miss out on the timing of God –

….   like Israel in the wilderness afraid to go in and possess the promised land ……..

Big grapes, wonderful vision, but, you know, we just can’t do it.   Yes you can.   If you pass the time of the Lord – it was forty years later before the time appeared again.  Now is the time.  Now is a new day for this nation.  This what the Lord has given to me to share with you.


[1]  Amalonga, Guatemala, is a small town in Central America whose transformation was related in the first Transformations video c 1999.   One of the resulting blessings, that followed their repentance and deliverance from the demonic powers in that locality, was abundant harvests in their fields, that included exceptionally large vegetables.  The Transformation video showed the huge carrots and Ruth Ruibal refers to 4lb beetroots.

[2]   Ruth Ruibal spoke about England, but from what’s said elsewhere on the tape, while she sensed that she should be saying Britain or the UK as a whole – it was easier for her to speak of England.