1996: On Jerusalem

David Hood of Durham writes as follows in October 2015:

This first word, was given me in 1996, but when things seem to escalate over the years within Israel borders, he always brings this word to mind for the particular time of trouble

Below is a prophecy, given in 1996, we sort of know these things. But in difficult times it encourages us through, especially seeing as how the troubles are now escalating.

I was given a picture of a slightly raised hillock on a low horizon. This picture took place in day time. I saw on this bare horizon a single tree, not heavy with foliage as it was not a very tall or big tree. It was a growing sapling. The wind was blowing forcibly from the west to the east. All the ground around it and upon the horizon was bare and desolate. This wind caused the tree to bend towards the east and be bowed down. But because the tree was slight in build and still green with sap, it did not break but bent with the wind. Then as I looked I heard these words.

“Jerusalem is like a tree bending in the wind. I have made her and her inhabitants resilient. I have made them pliable. I have made them who are made in my image and likeness, who I have called out of the nations to be a banner for me. to which and in which I will once again beautify my name.

The love I show them I also show you.

I will make Jerusalem forever bendable, I will make her a city that may never be fallen. I will make her battlements as of sapphire, garnets and gold. I will make her a safe haven, a place for the drawing of the nations. A new home and a renewed hope. A past history not forgotten, nor a future deferred, but a cup, not of trembling*, but of hope, a cup of new wine, when I will once again take her unto my own and gather her unto myself.

No longer will armies besiege her and be stronger, no more will they bully and barter
with my people as slaves or as goods in a market place, as if they were to be reckoned on a bill of sale. She is not for purchase for she is mine. I will once again build my home in her and raise the banner as a new standard of hope for my people.

I will come home to my people and come home to my house. I will sit with them at their hearths, by their fire and here in this place I will make my home. My mat and my heart will be there, I will sleep and eat and make merry and live with her, my blessed child, making her dance as my blessed bride. For I will come for her, for I will save her, I will woo her and I will love her.

She is my hind, my gazelle, my Dorcas and I will fly with her and bound with her, our own hooves will clatter upward upon the stones as I lift and raise and climb with my own beloved up above the clouds, up to the heights, the summit, the pinnacle of my hope, love and desire. And we will look and hope together, as the desire of the nations will come to her, Jerusalem my light. In and within her is my heart fixed, living and joined as one in nature**, with and within her is my life’s blood, giving her strength, renewed vigour to her limbs. I, once again will belong and I will live inside my people, inside their lives, inside their hearts.

I will show my posture of defence as I align my heart with all the strength of my love. In me there is hope, in me there is and here is my peace. I will once again make her branches sprout. I will once again heal and feed many nations. I will once again gather all nations to her tent whose pennant, banner and flag is me, as I sit once again proudly atop the tents of my people.

My lion’s mane and great strength will be with her, mighty, mighty are my claws, great, great is my rule, as I lay atop, watching over and guarding the tents of my people. Dwell not in the tents of Kedar. I will patrol Israel lands and guard her borders. I will determine who enters. I will forsake them not, nor will I let any marauder in, for mine is my might and with Me is my excellence of command.

I look down and I love my child, my city and my holy place. At night I kneel beside her, my arms outstretched to and over her, the folds of my garments of my arms hang over her, cloaking the stars as I cloak her in the night. I look and long to give her peace and rest but she will for now not yield to me. She will not come and put her hope in me. Oh my heart pains, hardly bearing the cost, but I will do for her what I will do for her, for I will always long for her. For my home is where my heart is and I long and yearn for her as a she cow bemoans the loss and separation of her calf.

But I will bear her pain and I will bear her loss for I have determined to pay her cost, I
have settled within my heart the price and the issue. Only what I determine to be done will be.

*this relates to a future state of Israel where she will once again rule with God and God rule with her.
**here I have a picture of the physical heart of God living, pumping as it were inside and as the heart of a gazelle, who is leaping and bounding in green pastures.
the heart, the life of God within his gazelle. The two together within as one.

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