God is in the House(s)

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comAmen, and Lord may Your Holy Presence come and put the rising spirit of rebellion and anarchy under Your feet…Thank you to Gillan, for I believe this is more timely than we may conceive, and to Richard Parkhouse for your contribution too.

God and Politics in the UK

Last week I had the privilege of being taken round the Houses of Parliament.  I have to admit that this was the first time I had ever visited, which might come as something of a surprise given the subject matter of this blog.  I’ve seen it plenty of times from the outside and even studied its architecture at great length at university.  Like most of us, I’ve become acquainted with it through viewing it endlessly on the television news.  Yet despite this familiarity, actually being there and seeing it in person is a wholly different experience.

Thanks to its High Gothic styling it reminds you of a very large and sumptuously decorated Victorian church.  The Bishops’ robing room in particular brought back memories of various vicar’s vestries I’ve been in.  The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft is one of the most incredible spaces I’ve stood in.  Being in the bowels of the…

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Poignant snippets from The Passion in London

To readers and visitors who are completely unfamiliar with the account of Jesus Christ’s astounding completion of His mission, I’d suggest it will be well worthwhile watching the dramatic reconstruction of events, as available online for a few weeks (details here). In less than 2 hours discover the heart of Christianity. (See also, Do you know Him?)

Last Sunday I spoke at church to a couple of members of the Wintershall Players about Good Friday’s Passion in Trafalgar Square, as in my earlier post.  Having watched it live we felt the power of the holiness of the re-enactment.  Our minister was there and could testify to the strength of God’s presence in the square.  Nearby, one man wept openly and two men who’d been drinking and chuckling to themselves about the play suddenly stopped, became quiet and even reverential.

TCredit Wintershall - Trafalgar Sq 2he trials by Jewish priests and by Roman governor Pilate as well as the crucifixion were performed at the foot of Nelson’s column. Tourists on board open-topped buses must have been amazed on passing by, taking photos. An ambulance was present for the 3 ‘crucified’ to get warmed up after long exposure to near-freezing temperatures in a bitter wind.

Roger told me he’d asked James Burke-Dunsmore, the actor playing Jesus, “How do you manage to keep smiling through so many shivers?”

“I focus upon my role and a peace just comes upon me”,  was James’ reply.

His focus is most intense during the Way of The Cross, his near-naked walk from the judgement seat of Pilate carrying the heavy cross to Golgotha, the site of crucifixion. This was a done through the crowds on Trafalgar Square, just like in packed ancient Jerusalem. The audience was deeply affected and the soldiers have been instructed to steer anyone who’s moved to come to James’ assistance away from him so he can stay undistracted ‘in the zone’ of deep, contemplation through scriptural prayers well-known to Catholics.

My friend recalled his admiration, after the resurrection, when watching James speak so carefully and warmly to the crowd whilst he watched, measured and responded to individuals’ reactions.

The whole drama of jubilant entry into Israel’s ancient capital, confrontations with the high priest and his delegation in the Temple, betrayal by a close disciple, ‘Last Supper’ to celebrate Passover, night-time arrest and secret trial, judgement by Roman governor, severe scourging, ‘way of sorrows’, crucifixion, death and triumphant resurrection were all so profoundly instructive and moving. Click here to watch and be blessed.

For a gallery of photos see Mail Online, its accompanying text by a secular journalist.

Watch the Passion of Christ in London

Yesterday’s remarkable performance in very chilly Trafalgar Square is now available for you to watch on demand on Wintershall Live . We are very grateful to Peter Hutley and his various teams, as well as all supporters and local authorities for enabling this to be staged in the centre of London. May the Lord continue to bless you all more mightily. To watch click on image below, and for more information with links click here.

All images courtesy Wintershall Players

The Mail Online photo gallery splendidly conveys the high drama of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, clash with the priesthood, Roman trial, crucifixion and joyous resurrection. Other online press reviews are at The Guardian, Independent and Daily Telegraph.

The Passion of Jesus in the heart of London

TRAFALGAR SQUARE; from where distances to London in Britain are measured. It will be not only the navigational centre but also the spiritual centre of our nation today, 29th March, Good Friday 2013.  What a fitting juxta-position!  

Credit Wintershall - Trafalgar Sq 1

Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus Christ gave His life for you and me so that our sins can be forgiven. We are thus able to be reconciled to Almighty God and gain access to His holy presence. Only Jesus’ blood shed for our forgiveness enables anyone to come to Our Father. That’s why Jesus Christ is the only way to Him. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Credit Wintershall - Trafalgar Sq 2

After last year’s successful Passion performed by the Wintershall Players to a packed audience of thousands in Trafalgar Square, they have again been given permission  to perform this inspirational play on Good Friday 29th March 2013 at 12 Noon and again at 3.15 p.m.

Read the full details on The Passion of Jesus in Trafalgar Square and learn about the amazing story of the Wintershall Players.

This event has our highest personal recommendation. In June we’re once again going to ‘partake’ in The Life of Christ in open fields on the North Downs, south of Guildford.  Actors mingle amongst the audience and it seems as though we travel back in time to be alongside Jesus and the disciples, watching and listening to all they say and do.  Last time it was rather daunting when a Roman Centurion hastened us with,

“Move along – have you never seen a crucifixion before!”

The annual ‘mystery play’ takes place in the Wintershall estate of the Hutley family and the development of their father Peter’s extraordinary project was told in last year’s Daily Telegraph article, Jesus Christ, the Passion, the play and the public.  Its journalist Peter Stanford describes the organiser as follows:

…perhaps the most extraordinary thing about Hutley is his conviction about broadcasting his beliefs, at a time when many Christians (including church leaders) prefer to hide their lights under a bushel for fear of their faith being attacked in such secular and sceptical times. “But that’s precisely it,” he says, more animated than ever. “I want to illustrate that Christianity is not dying, as we so often hear, that it is alive and active (emphasis RB). And there couldn’t be a better place in the whole country to show that than in Trafalgar Square.”

Well said, sir!

The Lord be with you, with all your players and each member of the audience…

All images courtesy Wintershall Players

All images courtesy Wintershall Players

A tragic yet miraculous event in London shows God’s hand

Hat tip to Mavis for advising that headlines in today’s Daily Mail refer to a miraculous escape during yesterday morning’s rush-hour on the South Bank, London, viz:

Two workmen last night thanked ‘divine intervention’ for their astonishing escape from death as a helicopter crashed  into their crane and turned into a fireball.

The pair should have been in the cabin when disaster struck, sending burning debris cascading 700ft on to the rush-hour streets of London below.

Instead, Richard Moule and his colleague Nicki Biagioni were late for work – both had overslept for the first time in  years – and missed death by minutes.

Regrettably, Peter Barnes and Matthew Wood were the only ones to have lost their lives when Pete’s helicopter inexplicably went out of control and crashed into the crane and  ‘friendly giant’ Matthew was the unfortunate passing pedestrian down below.  [See Daily Mail’s online account and photo library.]

About a dozen people only (!) were injured, as today’s Telegraph reports under 2-page broadsheet headline.:

‘Miracle’ of how so few died when fire rained down on the rush hour The fact that only two people died when a two-ton helicopter crashed on to a busy road during the morning rush hour was nothing short of miraculous, police said.

Telegraph 17jan13

Emergency workers who scrambled to the scene had expected the death toll to be “much, much worse”, but instead they came across a series of astonishingly narrow escapes, including a baby who was inches from death when a piece of  wreckage smashed through his parents’ car roof on to the seat next to him…

Fate contrived an extraordinary set of circumstances to limit the death toll to the helicopter pilot and a pedestrian, including a red traffic light that kept the crash site almost entirely clear of vehicles.

“It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to think what would have happened if that helicopter had crashed onto a bus or a heavily-occupied building,” said Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

[All emphases within quotations by RB]

I’ve commuted through and driven around this area many times when I lived in greater London, including the same areas as both families. Whenever I visit I can find my way around quite easily but am always surprised at so many tall buildings in our capital city. Nina reminded me many people escaped death during the infamous 9/11 Twin Towers attack simply because they’d been divinely warned and stayed away.

Traumatic as any unexpected death is for their family and friends, there has definitely been an amazing protective blessing over this accident – perhaps angels ‘arranged’ the fixed ‘stop’ light?  It indicates the Lord had a hand in this, perhaps to prove His grace to everyone, believer and unbeliever alike?

Be amazed as you read the reports, see the images and consider the details…and then thank the good Lord.

“London’s burning…”

Nathan 2Thus, proclaimed Nathan Morris on Sunday night as he ministered to the congregation gathered in packed Kensington Temple, the renowned Elim Pentecostal church located in Notting Hill Gate, London.

It could be taken as a prophetic declaration in keeping with Julie Meyer’s visionary song and Bobby Conner’s prophetic reference to a UK ‘Firestorm’. We knew of this only through being on opposite sides of the ‘pond’.

And what a way to travel…no planes, queues, passport control – no delays, no jet-lag!!  We were online in Mobile, Alabama and then z o o m e d  to London within a minute!

That’s how we got 1/4 way around the world without going outside our lounge. For three hours we ‘attended’ Church of His Presence, where pastor John Kilpatrick taught on the realisation of believers’ potential (along with 22 prophetic words). He spoke of unseen connections God is bringing about and opening doors -where’d we heard that before? (here) – doors that have been locked for 20 years! Pastor specifically included on-line members but my wife was unable to hear this because she’d been ‘zapped’. What he’d already said had ‘plugged’ her into Holy Spirit’s power socket – thank you Lord.

Rev John KilpatrickJohn’s homily was God Is Planning Something SO BIG, Even The Devil Can’t Stop It!  His excellent exposition on how the Lord will do this complements Sharon Stone’s prophetic words on ‘perspective’ and God’s provision, as well as those she’s just released this week for 2013 from the UK’s Prophetic Council. (See also, summary with introduction to prophecy.)

In announcing that their English evangelist was away on a home visit, and as a guest speaker at Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism, John’s assistant pastor said that Nathan had been invited at the last minute to address the evening service prior to the event. And because of the time difference, that service would be happening at about the same time as their own there in Alabama, USA.

So Nina wondered if there may be a live webcast for that London service. As soon as John had finished, I searched for Christ For All Nations’ site but its UK page just refused to load! (Overloaded?)  A quick ‘google’ soon located the hosting church’s website.

So from a 10.30 morning service to a 19.00 evening service was simple as pie, thanks to technology. With laptop hooked up to TV we took part in both services from our own armchairs. YET, a shock was in store for us…

Along with hundreds of online members we like being with the enthusiastic Americans but, ‘arriving’ at 7.30pm in London just after close of worship we landed with a thud!  Here, we found an ordinary, subdued English service even though it was composed mainly of youngsters and many nationalities!

Or, as Nathan had just started speaking, maybe they were surprised at how passionate he is? Definitely not the usual sort of speaker. Being fire-filled he cannot be anything but excited about his Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Nathan gave a brief outline of his past life of deep sin and how the Lord unexpectedly burst into his life, turned him around and set him ablaze. Then followed a couple of videos outlining his remarkable ministry in Africa and India and showing the revival and miracles at the Bay of The Holy Spirit in Mobile.

AN HOUR LATER, ALL CHANGED!  The congregation packing hall and balconies was  mightily encouraged and keen for more. Nathan always preaches the blood and cross of Jesus without compromise and after which signs and wonders follow. Tonight, therefore, the Holy Spirit’s fire fell.  Everyone was up on their feet on fire for and with Him and wanting more when Nathan ministered to almost everyone. Hence, his declaration in view of what was happening, “London’s burning”, as well as the fact that  people have come from all over London and the home counties.

What’s it like being touched by the Holy Spirit?  He affects us in different personal ways. For me it’s like a warmth and glow upon the face and often makes me feel I’m surfing. For those very sensitive to the Spirit the power may make us twitch and/or cry out. And it can happen ‘remotely’, as above whilst watching a live broadcast, or by the laying on of hands, as when Nina felt as though a thunderbolt had hit her when Nathan touched her as he passed by at Hull (account here).

A sample of the morning worship of Phil Wickham’s ‘Cielo’ with Martin Smith’s chorus My Heart Burns For You will help you to soar and appreciate that afternoon-evening. This clip of the same recorded in July features Lydia Stanley-Morrow, who too was in London .:

Click here for video of this morning’s worship led by Rebecca van Dijk and where Rev. Kilpatrick’s message starts at 1hr35min. (Rebecca starts those two songs at 19 min.)

Finally, an interesting start to the day happened in our morning service here in UK, but that’s for another time…(continued here)

National Day of Prayer & Worship

A night very wet with wild winds belies the morn’s destiny to be the  third consecutive Saturday of warm bright sunshine!  The morning view atop Worldham Hill t’wards far hills of Surrey hints at autumnally tinged trees. (‘Neath the top of far ridge a long hole unblocks a once heaving road over its crest, linking London with ancient, naval Portsmouth.)

A fortnight ago today was my birthday ‘on the town’ in Trafalgar Square, where we went to practise healing on the streets.  And a week ago today we were at Wembley basking under its open-roofed stadium – reminded me of an ‘open heaven’. Arriving as the gates opened at half-past midday, we found our seats only nineteen rows from the lush-green turf and directly across the pitch from the musicians’ stage.

Within minutes the various bands, choirs and well-known worship leaders greeted us with worship songs and a tremendously uplifting day commenced. As may be seen from the programme below, it focussed upon various national and international needs and went by far too quickly.  Some time was spent in repentance in accordance with the out- come of the ‘Listening Hour’ in Parliament on 12th June (click for brief summary).

Click to read this brief report how Wembley was submerged with waves of prayer and praise and flick through this photo gallery to get a glimpse of what was going on. Also,  read about the amazing beginnings to this event in my next post.

Worship was woven so well between all the prayer strands and took us all soaring as we approached the close. The rousing chorus to There’s a Battle Raging Over This Land, sung by Godfrey Birtill, left most folk humming all the way home – so listen/join in to get a feel for the day through this song.:

“Just one touch from the King…changes everything!”

Our deep gratitude goes to Fleet Baptist Church and their secretary’s skills in organising a couple of coaches packed full with those wanting to attend this stirring event.

THEN, next day at church we found the following prophecy from 2010 about Wembley had been submitted and printed onto the new schedule for October: a God-incidence?

AMEN to all the above!

H.O.T.S. now H.I.T.S. – part 2

In Part 1 I started a ‘taster’ of our day with Mark Marx, founder of Healing On The Streets (HOTS),  when he taught on praying for healing in public. Over a hundred delegates then went to Trafalgar Square to pray and were bathed in warm sunshine.  Part 1 asked, what does Mark teach and is it different to prayers in church?

I’ll attempt an answer below with some subsequent insights all of which, I submit, will be of interest and application not only to readers in the UK but also to those overseas.

First, however, have you heard about the Alpha Course? This friendly and very social course is a means of introducing non-believers to the history and beliefs of Christianity.  The course started in Holy Trinity church in Brompton, London, and most branches of the worldwide church now conduct an Alpha course – for more see website.

It is now reported that Healing On The Streets is growing even more quickly than Alpha!

So what does its founder Mark Marx teach?  This very brief overview is my own, not official, but HOTS’ scriptural found-ations and most of the principles are similar to those taught in Christian ministries. HOTS’ especial emphasis is upon expressing God’s compassion and love in the market place, whatever the weather and, thereby, enables the church to connect directly every week with the community it serves.

The secret of HOTS’ success

Mark describes HOTS as ‘a stepping-stone’ in God’s action plan to get the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, outside the church walls.  Therefore, as such it is a model only for it will probably become modified as believers learn to move increasingly in the  fullness of their authority in Jesus Christ; for He promised,

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.(John 14.12)

Thus, we should seek God for a personal revelation of who we are in Him and of what He has given us.  Even so there’s something more and, in view of my previous posts on the Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival and the teaching of John Kilpatrick and evangelist Nathan Morris (here and here respectively), this particularly grabbed our attention.:

HOTS’ ‘secret’ is not truly such, for it is Christianity’s special feature that distinguishes it from every other religion; it is the presence of and our reliance upon God’s Holy Spirit. This is something even those who are not Christians can sense, and which they can therefore physically experience and react to; e.g. “This is weird but I’m feeling…”.

For example, in making a brief mention of HOTS’ work across London at last month’s Revival Alliance Gathering in Birmingham, Gerald Coates referred to that special effect upon a completely uninterested passer-by. This man turned upon the team to accuse them of having pushed him – but they were busy praying for someone!  They told him it was the strength of God’s presence he’d felt. So, even if someone doesn’t receive any prayer it’s likely they’ll be affected. Anyone who misses this could be completely closed off to God; maybe that’s why they’re known as ‘the lost’?

The Muslim passer-by returned with his family and they all knelt and gave their lives to Jesus Christ!  Praise you Lord, keep blessing them and their friends.

In quoting a scriptural principle to back up his statements about the presence of God, Mark used one I’ve never heard any preacher mention in this connection. BUT it is one I became personally aware of in a most dramatic way – AND with being in the very same connection as Marks’ explanation!  So that served to validate his teaching.

[Mark was speaking briefly about the possibility of demonic manifestation during prayer time and referred to the account of the Israelites’ Ark of the Covenant that had been captured by Philistines and placed in their pagan temple. Now the Ark was where the Living Lord would manifest within the holy temple and the Philistines returned twice to their temple only to find its idolatrous statue broken by God’s power!  Read about this in prophet Samuel’s first book at 1Sam 5:1-5.  The Lord had given me those verses to read aloud during ministry time when a lady was prowling around like a panther. She stopped immediately and stared wide-eyed at an open vision of the satanic temple used by her ancestors for child sacrifices – she watched it being well and truly trashed!  “Just like watching a video”, said she, now freed from oppression and praising the Lord.]

One of the other distinguishing marks of HOTS is to convey the ‘compelling love of Christ’ to everyone so they may sense his peace, even in the busiest environment.

Healing in Trafalgar Square

courtesy Supranatural Life FbookTeam members  take this atmosphere they carry wherever they go. It has been found kneeling brings more of this. So they kneel at a place until God’s presence becomes tangible. Thus, as we arrived mid-afternoon by the steps leading up to the National Gallery the group knelt down, as here>(courtesy Facebook/ Supranatural Life -see posts dated 3 -26 September.)

Consequently, everyone who came by would be attracted, affected – or even repelled! – by the spiritual nature of what we were doing.  As the Apostle Paul explains,

But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph [as trophies of Christ’s victory] and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere,

 For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ [which exhales] unto God, [discernible alike] among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing:

 To the latter it is an aroma [wafted] from death to death [a fatal odor, the smell of doom]; to the former it is an aroma from life to life [a vital fragrance, living and fresh]. (2 Cor 2:14-16 Amplified Bible)

The truth of that scripture cannot be denied but it brings sadness to each believer for the lost and their future. Whenever Mark cited cases of medically inexplicable healings arising from HOTS ministry I often recalled the obduracy of atheists I’d encountered on several blogs this year. Their mindsets seem to be encased in ‘concrete’ that prevents them from rational examination of evidence. For example, the lady who complained to the ASA about HOTS in Bath and, in Trafalgar Square, a young man strode past me to get away from the large gathering and remarked to his girlfriend, “It’s a scam!”.  Mark had told us to watch people’s body language and make good eye contact before trying to hand out a leaflet and invite them to receive prayer – so this couple were avoided.

Our group was sandwiched between two other public offerings – ‘free hugs’ and a few men performing dance and acrobatics to pop songs.  Nina reminds me how appropriate it was to hear them singing, “I believe in miracles”!!

With about a dozen chairs, or ‘hot-sits’, quite a number of people received prayer and after an hour or so we returned to base and were pleased to learn of how successful our endeavour had been. (Some may be found on Facebook/Supranatural Life.)

It was a most memorable occasion and I’ve since received a few insights into God’s action plan, which I’d like to share in another post – click here.

H.O.T.S. now H.I.T.S. – part 1

“God set us up!” she chuckled…

This lady’s husband had responded to Mark Marx’s offer of prayer for healing by saying his wife needed some. This was on the National Gallery’s concourse in Trafalgar Square, London. As she sat down, three or four ladies came and knelt around to pray in Jesus’ name.

Within minutes she was feeling much better and ‘hubby’ took his turn. Meanwhile, their son was chatting to Mark and both were amused to learn they were from the same town in Northern Ireland!  His parents were visiting him whilst he’s temporarily working in London. Afterwards, all four were encouraged by yet another amusing way the Living God looks after us personally.

Mark had gone to Coleraine and started Healing On The Streets (HOTS) there at Easter 2005. Since then, churches across the town had met every Saturday to pray for anyone who needed healing – and met with great success!

Nina and I were in Trafalgar Square after attending Marks’ training day for HOTS hosted by Christen Forster’s School of Supranatural Life at Emmanuel Centre in Marsham St.  This became Healing In Trafalgar Square when all 100 or more delegates went out on a mission on the streets of Westminster!  (See Supranatural Life Facebook page here.)

Let me give a flavour of the day… Continue reading

If in you’re London this Good Friday afternoon…

…then perhaps you could go to Trafalgar Square by midday for a couple of open performances which have our highest personal recommendation: The Passion of Jesus.  We’ve booked for a third trip to ‘partake’ in this modern rendition of The Life of Christ, as well as an amazing Nativity, in open fields on the North Downs, south of Guildford. There, the actors mingle among the audience and it seems as though we travel back in time.  It’s as though one’s there alongside Jesus and the disciples, watching and listening to all they say and do.

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