Sept 2015, Rosh Hashanah 5776: a word on the Bride and the Lion of Judah

Continuing from the previous post and for what they may be worth, here’s my personal comments upon the extensive prophetic word brought by Johnny Enlow. Read it in full with graphics by clicking the following title’s link to The Elijah List – or, if continuous text is easier, read it here on Facebook.

You may think this post’s title isn’t directly relevant to the material, but it came to mind as I split what was originally one long piece into two posts because this ‘most potent’ word warrants more prominence. Only after its publication did I reflect upon and query the title, but then realised the prophetic promises and Johnny’s thoughts are all part of the Bride’s preparatory training to become like our Lord and Bridegroom. Later, one of the most powerful dreams I’ve ever had brought a personal validation of these words.:


Discerning the times full image

“This September 14, 2015 begins a most remarkable year on the Hebraic Calendar that will exceed the expectations of even the most optimistic kingdom observer. Having finished three 7-year cycles (1994-2001, 2001-2008, 2008-2015 – see Rosh Hashanah 2014 word) we now enter into the fourth and defining 7 year period, that has birthed the age of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21), and that has released a majestic Era of Renaissance (see my brand-new book: ‘7 Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy Through 2050’).

“A pertinent scripture for this year and for the subsequent era is Daniel 12:3.

Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.

Those who are wise enough to understand the brilliance of Papa’s narrative for this day will position themselves to be able to shine as bright as the sky.”

Johnny continues by contrasting the perceptive perspectives of Caleb & Joshua and the 10 others sent to spy out the Promised Land. What he states about Caleb and his better ‘vision’ speaks straight into the personal word I was given last Autumn by Dale Mast, as recounted here.

It is essential for us to grasp, note and apply Johnny’s explanation of this, viz:

“The 10 spies saw through trouble-shooting lenses, Caleb saw through treasure-hunting lenses. We are in a ten-year window where it is imperative we gain Caleb vision. Caleb vision is against our nature. It is counterintuitive. It is even Pollyannish (sic). It is what is required for reformers of society who truly want to enter into their own prophetic promises. You are going to learn to trust your spirit eyes above your natural eyes and to almost automatically doubt your natural eyes. Media reports and projections will often give you clues as to the OPPOSITE of what God is really doing and as to what kingdom is actually ferociously advancing.”

He then provides examples of God’s reality behind perceived threats of radical Islam:

“These are just two examples of where the mainline Media can lead you to believe the opposite of what is actually taking place. We have needed corrective lenses as to true reality and some are ahead in the process and some are behind. We must learn to go on His reports or we will remain confused, anxious and disoriented.”

Next, he reminds readers of having shared for several years a prophetic time sequence of three definitive progressions: 1) Awakening. 2) Arising. 3) Shining.  After reviewing the first two he writes:

“The third season is Shining and it begins this Rosh Hashanah.  Now begins the extended season of “Shining as Bright as the Sky” and it is now where we begin to contend in earnest for the nations as our inheritance.”

Sunburst ID-100214128

Towards the close of this extensive prognostication, Johnny makes an interesting claim that may apply to our poor weather of late – and we should note September’s extreme, unusual weather in Israel, especially over Rosh Hashana! (Breaking Israel News, “It felt like the Apocalypse”). The intense desert storms there and across Saudi Arabia, both centres of their respective faiths, could indicate the Holy Spirit is about to blow strongly throughout the Jewish and Muslim world. This is what Johnny Enlow writes:

“I believe that where the unusual rains come this next year will be a sign where God is at work in an unusual way. Global centers of reformation will arise from places that get inundated by El Nino (The Child in Spanish, named after Jesus, as the phenomenon was first noted by fishermen off the coast of Peru around Christmas time) and so where the natural showcases excess rain there we will also see abundant spiritual rains about to develop….”

There’s such a lot in this forecast, especially on how he believes the economy will move and I particularly note his sound emphasis on October as being the month of surprises,  which fits my understanding of economic cycles outlined in Cycles & The Bible. This will be covered in my proposed review of forecasts for September.  I note Johnny’s remark on the power of making negative decrees.

My quoting extracts simply cannot do justice to such an extensive, profound forecast. Do read the full account, as linked above, asking the Lord to help you weigh with  discernment.

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Visitors notice heavens more open over England – part 1

Who says so? And what do I mean?

This 3-part post will attempt to answer by looking at prophets’ observations made three years ago and prophetic ones from other ministries within the past two months.

Have you ever gone abroad and seen how different upon your arrival the foreign land is from ‘home’?  The nature of a different country, its people and environment are obvious points but a there’s also a more subtle sense of atmosphere. I don’t mean air quality, I mean an intangible ‘feeling’.

The term ‘heavens’ means the sky and everything beyond; outer space with its planets, stars and galaxies. There’s also a definition of ‘heavens’ as ‘invisible, spiritual realms’ wherein dwells Almighty God and His heavenly host, where their direct influence and activity manifest.  Whenever we gather together and are able to hear from the Lord easily or receive obvious blessings, such as healings, and spontaneously  engage in high praise, then the spiritual heavens immediately over a locality are said to be ‘open’.  The glory of the Lord becomes obvious in one way or another, as He deems appropriate.

Several years ago I saw a huge, ugly brown tornado bearing down upon a town. I could tell it was an evil power. Then the clouds parted and so too did the sky far above and a supernal, glorious light broke through. As it seemed to smile down on me I noticed all the power had drained out of the advancing tornado. All that was left of it was a blot on the ground, like a tea-stain upon paper!

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce_credit Diebach-welldiggerThe ordinary sensing of a nation’s atmosphere can be more enhanced for born-again Christians led by the Holy Spirit, especially if endowed with prophetical gifting. It’s even more so for those operating in the clear discernment of a prophet, as happens for Chuck Pierce.

For example, upon landing at here in January 2012 Chuck remarked, “England is on the verge! Being on the verge is like being at a crossroads”. He went on to explain what’s written on the directional finger posts at those crossroads. Continue reading

“The Bridegroom cometh…”

The following video of an highly encouraging prophetic song by Julie Meyer was played at the close of this afternoon’s Life Group in our lounge.  Nina was chatting to someone at the other side of the room and didn’t realise that the leader and I were showing it on the TV, nevertheless, she was struck by a power-surge from the Holy Spirit!

Be mightily blessed as you listen and replay:

On his blog Decree, Andy introduces Julie and the song as follows:

Prophecy over Great Britain and Europe

Julie Meyer is a worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

“She is a prophetic singer who carries the glory and the presence of God as an abandoned worshipper. Her passion is His presence as she trumpets the message of the Bridegroom preparing His Bride!

“Knowing her King and Bridegroom through the lens of the scripture and prophetic experiences has led her to write many spontaneous choruses and worship songs. Her worship leading and prophetic songs have inspired many to lean into their Beloved.

“During Global Awakening’s the Voice of the Apostles conference this weekend in Lancaster, PA, Julie delivered this prophetic word over Europe…(which) can be summarised as:

“The Bridegroom has his eyes on Europe … He’s going to set the captives free and it’s going to start in Britain… We are part of the great, great storyline… it’s going to start like an unstoppable wildfire!” <emphasis mine.RB>

[Click to read transcript by RB]

Confirmation of 2008 Bobby Conner Prophecy

Updated 25 October: On the preceding weekend, 13 October, Johnny Enlow brought a word to Christian International Europe’s Annual Conference in Windsor that harmonised well with Julie’s song. Furthermore, what she released ties in not only with earlier posts on this subject [Get Ready, its Follow up, and my comments upon Tony P’s Watch] but also with a prophetic word for the UK through Bobby Conner given in Lakeland, Florida on 13 May 2008, ie. four years ago:

I’m telling you, there’s going to be a holy, unstoppable fire – a firestorm is going to come to the UK – God says He’s going to send a firestorm to the UK. It won’t be stopped. It won’t be stopped. It’s going to rage, rage, rage!! God’s going to be bringing a firestorm! This is a night we need to be praying for the UK because God said, “I’m going to start a firestorm!”.

I’m tired of smoke. I want to see a fire – don’t you? And the Lord’s going to do it…Malachi 3:1 – the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His temple. He’ll come like a refiner’s fire, a fuller’s soap. He’s going to come…

…I’m so excited…but I’m so tired of people not being excited about this. There’s an awesome, an awesome anointing here…God says, “I will pour water on those who are thirsty, floods upon dry ground”… and when we position ourselves God will pour out His Spirit…

…I hope none of us think, “I’ve seen that, been there, done that”. It’s wrong…to be blasé for this is a new, wonderful thing that God is doing – “See, I am doing a new thing”.

[Click for full message, as transcribed by RB.]

AMEN, and again Amen.