Heaven’s perspective on the Covid-19 pandemic – exposure of evil and corruption

I believe a remark made upon Veronika’s Ignite Ireland Ministries Facebook and her reply will be of particular interest to my readers. Also, her answer relates directly to a prophetical musing four years ago on the exposure of evil and corruption, as here.

Upon reading Veronika’s previous post a sister in Brazil asks: “Can I have your thoughts on this subject please. Many prophets have said coronavirus would go away in May. Why are we having this rising cases again? I feel so discouraged right now after seen same states will probably take steps back.” Continue reading

Prophecy coming to pass: ‘man-made virus’ (F/P #162.10 cont’d)

Further to my asking does security intel validate a word on the origin of the covid-19 pandemic, as indicated by US Secretary of State Pompeo, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove has discussed further details in an exclusive interview, as below.

In that post I covered some ideas on the virus’ origin and possibility of it having been engineered, and reported,‘This generated an interesting flow of information in parallel with dealing with true and false prophets, questions over whether or not the situation is directly from the Lord and how it relates to scripture and End-times – even believers’ confusion over it all…

‘And so I mulled all those matters over in my mind last Monday night…Upon waking Tuesday morning, 24th March, I thus asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ and then got the immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!”

Further validation appears in an article published in last week’s Telegraph: Exclusive: Coronavirus began ‘as an accident’ in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss and, in view of the depth of discussion it is important to read the full article. Alternatively, read the overview in its former editor Charles Moore’s op-ed Was Covid-19 created in a lab?

Here are some extracts: Continue reading

Prophecy Check: 1 – Lisa Tierney, Dec 2019 on global pandemic (GPS #46.1)

In being aware of doubts expressed some time ago about claims made of Chuck Pierce having prophesied last September about a coming plague before mid-April, I’ve been watching the situation whenever possible through an exceptionally busy period, which has now gone into overdrive!

After reading Lisa Tierney’s Facebook reference last Monday that God “warned us of the virus on 13 Dec before it hit our shores”, I ask her: “In view of various disputes over prophets not knowing in advance of this pandemic, it would be most helpful if you can provide full source details for the warning you cite as given on 13 Dec, please.”

Lisa quickly replies she’d been thinking of doing that and so gives me a link to a graphic dream she had in December: “…this time I saw this snake and it was black with Bright green stripe. It lunged forward, as if it was thrown forward and came from the TROPICS or jungle-type area. When the Father showed me this. He quickened in the dream that this principality is SICKNESSES and infirmities. Having spoken to others they confirm The Spirit of Death.”

This hadn’t been published as an outright prophecy but an intercessory action, so Lisa was clearly not claiming any credit for it. Therefore, I published both accounts from her Facebook as Fulfilled Prophecy #162.8, one of several relating to the pandemic.

Even so and in view of my above opening reservations, I next ask if she was aware of similar events already happening in China and she replies, “Not aware of anything.. I didnt know anything about it it until it hit the Newspapers I think in January…”

Meanwhile, I find this informative timeline covering that period in WikiPedia: Timeline of 2019-2020 Pandemic from November to December 2019 (drag to expand). Constructed from data compiled after events, it is highly unlikely Lisa was aware of the details:

Moreover, the World Economic Forum provides Key Milestones in Spread of Coronavirus Pandemic:


Note the serendipity of numerical mirroring between the dates: Lisa published her dream on 13 December; on 31 December China alerted the World Health Organisation to its serious situation in Wuhan. The very next day it closed the market where exotic animals from Asiatic sub-tropical and jungle regions were traded. Scientific evidence and discussions about the virus’ source remains inconclusive.

Therefore, Lisa’s prophetic dream is validated not only by the nature of the plague, but also and especially by the date of each public announcement mirroring the other.

13 Dec 2019 dream of foreign ‘spirit of sicknesses & infirmities’ – Lisa Tierney (F/P #162.8)

Last April (2019), Lisa Tierney delivered a prophecy in which Geoffrey Pick, founder of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, subsequently drew parallels with the pandemic and which were posted on this blog at Another Prophecy of 2019 Revisited re Coronavirus – the Lord Reveals Its Origin (F/P #162.1). (It includes a footnote of what I believe is the Lord’s answer to my question as to His involvement.)

Today, Lisa posted the following on her Fb:

I asked her for details of the warning at the close of her comments shown above. Lisa kindly provided a link to her Facebook entry of 13th December 2019, which I’d not seen in view of its coinciding with the General Election. It’s therefore noteworthy that today’s posting refers to the Prime Minister!

Here’s the essential introduction to Lisa’s entry of that date (click title to read in full):


‘After a dream I had last night and speaking with others it was thought be good to do some decrees…

‘The Lord shared briefly a spirit that is attempting to lunge forward at this time.

‘The last time I saw this SNAKE with these particular colours it represented FAMINE.
Except this time I saw this snake and it was black with Bright green stripe. It lunged forward, as if it was thrown forward and came from the TROPICS or jungle-type area.

‘When the Father showed me this. He quickened in the dream that this principality is SICKNESSES and infirmities.

‘Having spoken to others they confirm The Spirit of Death.

‘I heard the scripture “We trample upon snakes and upon scorpions and upon all the power of the enemy and it shall be in no means harm us” as this snake was shown.

‘With that I see the Lord is sharing what is attempting to assault the land and its people at this time, and He shared the area in which it is coming from. I also see that we are his gatekeepers and that BY HIS WORD we shut the gates to this SPIRIT and not allow it entry. Like I shared it came from the jungle-area, tropics. It’s NOT from our SHORES!

‘Let us DECREE…(etc, etc, etc)’

6 Feb 2019 vision of “100s of dead bodies” in plague – Veronika West (F/P #162.7)

Further to my previous postings on prophecies relating to the ‘Chinese flu’ pandemic, as listed below, this by Veronika may possibly be the earliest, explicit prophecy.:

First, however, a little background:  In my occasional monitoring of events and politics in the USA I’d noted the intensifying demonic antagonism against the Pro-life anti-abortion group. In last quarter 2018 it had come a vicious climax over the Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court. With the encouragement of Hillary Clinton, women in the Democratic Party were making strong demands and demonstrations for women’s ‘rights’ to kill their unborn children – this is nothing less that full-blown worship of the demon-god Molech; thus an utter abomination to the living Lord God.

Therefore, when I read the following word brought by Veronika West I considered the promised plague maybe the consequence of those women’s actions:

On 31st December China notified the Would Health Authority of an outbreak of virulent ‘corona-virus’ worse than influenza, now known as Covid-19. Four weeks later Veronika posted this reminder of her prophetic vision of 14 months ago:

The women shown in Veronika’s photo were attending President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address to Congress, Washington. The New York Times opens its report:

‘There was a striking island of white in the audience for President Trump’s State of the Union address, with House Democratic women — many of them dressed in the color in a nod to the American suffragist movement — sitting together in the packed chamber, in a celebration of their historic numbers in Congress and also as a protest to Mr. Trump’s policies.

‘Midway through the president’s speech, they did something completely unexpected: They stood up and cheered for something Mr. Trump had said….‘ (report/video link).

Previous publication on this blog wasn’t considered appropriate for two reasons. I’m wary of doom-and-gloom prophecies and this seemed to relate to consequences in America itself of wanting extensive legislation for rampant abortion. Also, later timing coincided with Brexit postings.

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Numbered for cataloguing purposes in Prophecies – Fulfilled hub.

Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 cont’d – Trump vs. corrupt WHO (‘God-smacked’ about ‘God-incidence’)

Only after sharing the posting shown below on my personal Facebook with a covering remark, ‘Noteworthy follow-up on yesterday’s posts on Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10′, did I get well and truly ‘God-smacked’ by the ‘coincidence’ between that numbering (of these updates on a prophecy) and the ‘double-ten’ (1010) number Veronika West saw when encountering  an angelic presence at 10 Downing Street – and both being published the same day!!

SO it hit me between the eyes – and confirms what Veronika brought; ie. ‘By the word of two or three witnesses every word shall be established’ (2 Cor 13:1).

This article was published the same date as and providing written support for my blog of on Tomi Araryomi’s video The Biggest Lie You Never Heard and associated material – click the image to read the Daily Signal article:

PS (9/4) Trump is right: rotten WHO should be reformed or abolished, Christopher Snowdon, Institute for Economic Affairs article

Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 – further reading on CCP’s cover-up

Re my coverage of Tomi Arayomi’s video ‘The Biggest Lie You Never Heard’, any readers wanting further reading on the Chinese Communist Party’s historic cover-up may like to consider carefully an item I read a few weeks ago from Technocracy News & Trends, and one just in from the Gatestone Institute, both replete with links to source material:

Prophesied exposure of lies and corruption includes China, Iran etc (F/P #10.10)

This 10th installment of monitoring fulfillments of my prophetical musing four years ago on the Lord exposing political corruption, covers prophet Tomi Arayomi reporting upon the MSM’s (mainstream media) global misinformation. He begins by reviewing what he and Chuck Pierce prophesied last year about China and needs to cite Australian reports and a single news network in USA for facts on The Biggest Lie You Never Heard

Streamed live last Thursday 2nd April I watched whilst sunbathing on Sunday afternoon and then the next day read this headline in the Telegraph’s broadsheet:

China’s Orchestrated Disinformation Campaign is Costing Lives, MPs Warn

Political correspondent Amy Jones writes, ‘An orchestrated disinformation campaign by China and other countries is “costing British lives” in the fight against coronavirus, the Chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has warned. 

In a new report MPs claim that China – where the virus originated in an animal ’wet market’ – sought to “obfuscate” over what was really happening when the outbreak began when it should have played a key role in collecting data on its spread.

‘The committee’s Chair Tom Tugendhat told the Telegraph: “The Government has modelled their response to the coronavirus based on information from across the world. That is impossible to do if a country is misleading you.

“China’s lies are costing British lives. Now, more than ever, Britain needs to think about resetting its relationship with China.”

‘The committee’s Viral Immunity report also singled out Iran and Russia as being responsible for disseminating false information about the pandemic.

‘The committee called on the UK Government to work alongside its international allies, to actively “confront and rebut” disinformation being pumped out by foreign powers…continue reading here (emphases mine).

On this theme of lying world leaders, I note China claims Trump caused the outbreak!

I trust inclusion of news on a Parliamentary committee’s action will enable this to pass scrutiny by the Government’s Covid-19 fake news unit!

PS (later posts):
PPS (15 April):

Dr Jon Hemmings, assoc fellow with the Henry Jackson Society Asia Studies Centre writes in  World Health Organisation has come under China’s growing – and malign – influence,

‘…Criticism of the WHO has particularly targeted its Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is said to owe his appointment to China, for following Chinese preferences over internationally agreed guidelines – such as the International Health Regulations (IHR) – even going so far as to delay announcing it as a pandemic to avoid hurting China’s international standing. As Beijing’s was detaining its own doctors – early heroes against the disease – and suppressing geonomic research on the disease, Tedros was praising China for its “transparency” and “leadership”. 

Perhaps more damningly, Taiwanese diplomats have claimed the WHO ignored early warnings in December about Covid-19 transmission from its own experts – in order to please Beijing – indicating that we might have been saved this pandemic if the WHO had merely listened.

‘This corruption of the WHO’s function is symptomatic of a wider trend, which has seen Beijing take over one-third of the UN’s 15 specialized agencies, appointing its officials to important posts where they immediately beginning implementing “Sino-centric” policies, using a combination of arm-twisting and lobbying…’ 

First Brexit and now pandemic, deepens cracks and splits the EU (FP #13.19)

Further to the 18th report upon progress of the David Noakes’ prophecy on the EU’s fall (per Fulfilled Prophecy #13), EU’s Foreign Policy at the Heart of its Eventual Fall, it’s now time to update readers on recent developments with some opening or pertinent paragraphs. The links tell the full story…

Our watcher in South Africa, Roger Jervois, emailed me back in February, “Hi Richard,  Have you seen this? Very candid…‘Fighting like ferrets in a bag’ as EU tries to plug Brexit cash hole,” –

‘The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has left a huge €75bn (£62bn) hole in the bloc’s budget for the next seven years, 2021 to 2027. “And now we are fighting like ferrets in a sack,” said one EU diplomat with a sigh…Budget discussions in Brussels are always rancorous affairs. But this one is of a different order: everyone will have to pay more. No one wants to. EU capitals are bristling for a fight when they come to Brussels on Thursday for day one. Ominously for the diplomatic corps, an end date for the summit has not been fixed, but four days of talking are on the cards…’

A fortnight ago Telegraph columnist Con Coughlin reports The Continent’s response to coronavirus proves that European ‘solidarity’ has always been a sham:,

‘True to form, the (EU’s) unconvincing response to the coronavirus  pandemic has demonstrated that, when it comes to dealing with a crisis of truly global proportions, Brussels is little more than a liability, especially when it comes to protecting the interests of its member states.

‘As the first country to feel the full force of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, Italy had every right to expect its EU partners to do everything in their power to ease the crisis. It was to this end that Rome made the relatively modest request for other member states to provide it with vital medical supplies, from face masks to breathing equipment…’

On Sunday international business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard flagged up that EU project is in ‘mortal danger’ if Italy and Spain are abandoned and today James Crisp, their Brussels correspondent, asks Will the coronavirus crisis tear the EU apart? (emphases added):

‘The coronavirus pandemic has ripped away the EU’s mask of unity and now poses an existential threat to the European Project. Faced with the crisis, the EU’s member states have turned on each other and reopened the crudely sutured wounds of the financial crisis.

‘Then, as now, northern eurozone countries are being asked to bail out poorer, southern countries, who bridle against the north’s lectures on financial housekeeping. 

The infighting was brutal enough to convince Jacques Delors, the former European Commission president and architect of the euro, to intervene. The 94-year-old made a rare public warning that the lack of solidarity in the face of the virus posed a “mortal danger” to the EU

The EU’s initial reaction to the crisis, which has proved more divisive than Brexit, was poor. 

Italy used the EU’s civil protection mechanism to put out an urgent call for face masks. No EU country volunteered to help before China stepped in with aid

Germany banned the export of medical equipment, even to fellow EU countries. Border controls were reintroduced in the bloc’s passport-free Schengen Zone. 

But it is the issue of “coronabonds” that has laid bare the mutual distrust between EU countries…’

2018 vision of demonic laboratories – Charlie Shamp (FP #162.5)

Before delving into what the Lord told Charlie two years ago about the likely origin of the current ‘distraction’ (as Tomi and Dr Sharon refer to it), in view of expressed concerns on this contentious topic it’s necessary to explain and note a few ‘God-incidents’…


On Wednesday last, the Lord brought a double-blessing through long-standing reader and contributor to this blog Lynne Holder (yet as in scripture the first shall be last, and the last first):

  1. That evening she emailed about BBC News and the NEC, Birmingham becoming a Covid-19 field hospital, as in the previous post (re. Fulfilled Prophecy #162.4).
  2. Earlier that day she’d responded to my comments on Yinka Oyekan’s Facebook of Monday about dreaming of a ‘minister in a ‘dog-collar’ proclaiming the pandemic is judgement in Jesus’ name upon the nation. Having only just seen that on Tuesday, I told him it confirmed what I’d heard from the Lord that morning. On the Monday night I’d mulled over various scriptures, prophetic ‘opinions’ as well as rumours on the issue, especially that, as El Shaddai, the Lord is ‘The God of utter ruin and devastation’ according to rabbinic doctrine. So on awakening the next day I asked, “Is the pandemic from You Lord?” and His answer came immediately: “No, it’s man-made!!” Later that day Lynne replied, “Exactly thank you Richard, isn’t that in line with 2018 Charles Shamp, is it?” So I asked about what he’d said and she posted the item from his Facebook for me on Wednesday.

Upon revisiting that long thread of dozens of comment I now notice Veronika West had remarked upon the amusing ‘coincidence’ of what she’d published that same day: “Think this is funny…(DOG COLLAR)…! God seems to be speaking loud and clear… As Grain Silos Become Harvest Stadiums” [RB strap-line reads; “Who let the dogs out? Demonic rats must be driven out — for the harvest is ripe and ready!”]

Yinka’s reply, “Great Word”, to which Veronika expands, “I believe God is counteracting the lies of the enemy that echo like the howls of wolves with the loud sound of the little dogs barking that are running in to drive out the demonic rats that come to contaminate and destroy the harvest.”

I recalled having read the original around the time I was blogging on the words he’d brought on earthquakes, but deemed it wiser not to re-publish another on what can engender fear. Now, however, we can appreciate the vision being of direct relevance to possibilities of the origin of ‘Chinese Flu’:

THE MANTLE OF ABUNDANT LIFE (released 29th May, 2018)

I recently had a troubling vision that I believe will require intercessors to take very seriously and pray into during this time. In this vision I was carried to a place that seemed to be a makeshift laboratory. As I looked around I witnessed someone creating a sinister plan to harm humanity. I could see a laptop filled with thousands of files containing schemes, bomb-making instructions, and research on building home-brewed biological and radiological weapons.

While I stood and looked God brought me into a microscopic dimension where I could see past the view of the naked eye and into a much deeper realm. I could see microscopic organisms that were being created with the intention of spreading bacterial infection to wreak havoc on many; a bio terror attack. The Lord spoke to me and said,

“There are terror cells hidden in America and the nations of the earth. Satan has managed to infect men’s minds with demonic plans involving the intentional release of biological and radiological agents to harm many, they are planning it even now. Those that would commit such demonic acts are filled with the most deep spirit of darkness. The devil used disease from the beginning to destroy humanity, but my Son was manifested that he might destroy the works of Satan in the earth. My church must rise in this hour and pray against these terror attacks that the enemy wants to bring. If they will pray the attack will be uncovered! For there are multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision who have yet to receive me as Lord, but to those that fear My name will the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings. I will cover the people with My feathers and under My wings will they find protection. They will have no fear of this terror, nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that seeks to lay waste in cities. I the Lord will be their habitation there will be no evil befall them, neither will any plague come nigh their dwelling.”

Suddenly I saw a mantle, that looked as though someone of royalty would have worn it, fall to the ground. I heard the Lord say, “I’m offering this mantle to many in this hour, but who will carry it to the ends of the earth for My glory?” I asked the Lord, “What mantle is it?” I heard the Lord say,

“It’s the mantle of abundant life! For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made you free from the law of sin and death. There was one who carried this mantle many generations ago; My servant John G. Lake. He carried it throughout the earth and displaced disease, darkness and death. Through his hands the most deadly diseases were brought to nothing and cities came under My hand of protection and prosperity. This mantle is coming again in the earth to combat what the enemy has set in place to come, but who will carry this mantle for My glory? If My people, which are called by my name will humble themselves, pray and seek my face they will receive it. I will come to work with them, healing and protection will be in their land. I will send My word and heal those around them, deliver them from destruction. I will deliver their soul from death, their eyes from tears and their feet from falling. Behold, I will bring them health and a cure. I will reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth found only in My Kingdom. A true Apostolic authority is about to be revealed that has not been seen in many generations. One that will be known not by title, but by Acts! One that carries authentic power to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the masses. Where the enemy would use some to kill, steal and destroy this anointing will come to bring life and life more abundantly. And there will be a sign that follow those that receive, if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them.”

I could see the protection of God’s hand come over regions and bio terror could not penetrate past the vail of the mantle. I saw churches that became distribution centers that released peace upon cities and regions. They had the ability to expose darkness by prayer and secret terror cells were uncovered. I know what I was shown and we must not be slothful in prayer at this time. We must be diligently seeking God for the protection of the nations. We must earnestly desire this mantle of abundant life to come upon the leaders of the body of Christ. I’m calling upon all believers and intercessors to begin to pray this word through and cover your cities with Psalms 91. I believe it is a mandate from the Lord as I can still hear his voice saying, “but who will carry this mantle for my glory?”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp, Destiny Encounters International

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Another prophecy of 2019 revisited re. coronavirus – the Lord reveals its origin (FP #162.1)

I’m grateful to Geoffrey Pick for permission to publish his review posted last Sunday on Prophetic Releasers – Community (private group on Facebook):


Just under a year ago a prophecy from Lisa Tierney mentioned a multi-coloured crown (the meaning of the Corona virus’ name being ‘crown’ virus). There is much more and I quote from the prophecy, sharing the significance in italics, as below:

‘MY LIGHT SHINES THE WAY BELOVED! It dispels the Darkness, which flees before it! (Covid-19 is killed by light exposure).

‘Father says that he will hold back the Weapons of Destruction that the Enemy wants to use against us. (COVID-19 began too close for comfort to China’s Military Virus Research and could have potential to be harnessed for use as a weapon).

‘…it calls to die to our flesh, our own agendas and plans.(Normal work social and pleasure life have had to be cancelled as nations lock-down society and national boarders … holiday travel blocked)

‘…prophets and intercessors, working closely together, (Prayer and prophecy goes up as never before)

‘Lisa’s Word was published nationally on April 19th 2019 in UK Prophetic Words Blog – which was Good Friday [hint] –

(Many prophecies point to Passover as the point when Coronavirus will be defeated by “the blood on the doorposts”)’

Read the word in full at > A Word for the UK – HIS MULTI-COLOURED CROWN

RB’s Footnote:

An interesting discussion within this group of prophetical brethren developed on the origins of the global pandemic. I raised a question about the virus’ origin that generated an interesting flow of information in parallel with dealing with true and false prophets, questions over whether or not the situation is direct from the Lord and how it relates to scripture and End-times – even believers’ confusion over it all. Even so, I’m blessed in knowing two decisive scriptures on this issue for sharing as soon as am able to do so in this inordinately hectic time!!

And so I mulled all those matters over in my mind last Monday night. 

Upon waking Tuesday morning I asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ Then got an immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!”

Later that day I came across Revd Yinka Oyekan’s Facebook posting of the previous day about a dream of his that brought me confirmation, especially on the End-times (Dogmatic Dog-collar’s False Teaching re Covid-19 refers). He replied to me, “The signs of the end times being upon us are not yet fulfilled, this formed part of my weighing the dream.”

Update: Chuck Pierce continues on his previous re ‘pandemic’

Further to recent postings, here’s Chuck’s article of 13th March on The Elijah List:

The Nations in Turmoil: Declare, “The Fear will be Overcome by Laughter!”