News from Canon Andrew White’s team in Jordan

Andrew WhiteA different picture to Joel Rosenberg’s report on Jordan arising from geo-political differences was to follow in my email in-tray from Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle-East. Founded by Canon Andrew White – ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’ – FRRME helps the victims of and refugees from persecution in Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

The persecuted Christians of Iraq – Yasser’s story 

“We met with them (the Christians) in the presence of a representative of the Caliph al-Baghdadi. He offered the chance for them to convert to Islam. If you don’t accept this, you can pay non-Muslim tax (Jizya), according to the Quran. If you don’t accept this, there is nothing left between us but killing and fighting.” Abu Abdula (Islamic State Judge), Raqqa.

‘Below is the testimony of an Iraqi Christian from Baghdad. His story is typical of the many people we are helping – followers of Yesua who have been terrorised and displaced by sectarian violence.

Yasser’s Story

Yasser per FRRME‘Yasser was born and lived in Baghdad. He worked as a welder, a job he did to provide for his two small children. In July 2014 an anonymous note arrived at Yasser’s place of work, followed by a phone call. Both made clear that Yasser and his family were not safe….Continue reading about Yasser’s move to Jordan by clicking here or on his photo  


Political potpourri on USA & Middle East

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunUSA detains renowned UK peacemaker as major terror threat! – Obama eventually meets Jordan’s king – French official anti-Semitism continues to stir hornet’s nest…

[OED: ‘potpourri’ – origin French ‘rotten pot’]

Yesterday – 2nd item

Facebook is weird – well my blog’s page is. It doesn’t work like normal personal profiles and timelines as it got set up as a business page. I comment on some Facebook pages but can’t on others, and although I ‘like’ others’ pages I’ve yet to find a way to get their updates. So I check Facebook occasionally. Yesterday was the first time this week and I was nudged to check what Canon Andrew White may have posted on his page. I was amazed to read his latest:


SC-Pic1 andrew white“Not only did I have problems in Israel the other day the Americans have assured me I am a major terror threat to the USA and they have given me a piece of paper to prove it. They let me in this time but next time I have got to get official approval before I come. So I have not even got to the Nashville meeting yet, missed our flight there and don’t even know how and when we can get there. As I always say “Take Risk’s”. Blessings from Chicago.”

(If you don’t know who the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ is then read his Facebook bio.)

Only a few days before that Andrew had been in Jerusalem and Jordan, where he’d met an archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church. On FRRME he reports what happened in en-route to USA …“I set off for America where I am speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. On my way there I was stopped under terrorism legislation and detained at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. After many hours I was given a temporary visa and allowed to travel inside the US. It just goes to show how suspicious American security agencies are of Iraqis and those of us who still visit that beautiful but divided country.”

What else can we expect of a once-superpower nation? As Potus (President Of The United States) isn’t concerned about worldwide persecution of Christians – effectively genocide! – and appoints not even half-baked sycophantic administrators who kowtow to his gross failure to understand and recognise the roots of terrorism (as I’ve blogged many times, eg: here, herehere, here and dismissal of CIA/FBI intel), then such crass stupidity at O’Hare is par for the course.

And that’s not even touching the way Obama personally treats allies!!!

Yesterday – 1st item

Jordan-KingAbdullah-fatiguesBefore checking Canon White’s Facebook I’d already noted Joel Rosenberg again blasting Potus for insulting the USA’s close ally, Jordan’s King Abdullah II: “In January, Mr Obama snubbed the Hashemite monarch on his visit to Washington. The White House initially said the President was too busy to meet with the King. In the end, the President spent a mere five minutes with His Majesty at Andrews Air Force Base before departing on a political trip…he had refused a serious, substantive meeting with the West’s most important and faithful Sunni Arab ally a priority, and America’s allies and enemies were watching.”

However, after their meeting in The White House later yesterday the official joint press release opens:

“We spent the bulk of our discussion around the situation in Syria, Iraq, and our joint efforts to combat ISIL. Jordan has been an outstanding partner in that process. As I’ve said publicly, we have seen progress in pushing back against ISIL in territory both in Iraq and now in some portions of Syria. But a lot of work remains to be done. And so the coordination between our nations and other coalition partners is absolutely critical. And Jordan has made enormous contribution. Jordan is a country that punches above its weight when it comes to the fight against ISIL…”

In closing President Obama remarked,

“Finally, we discussed the situation in Israel and the West Bank, and the increasing tensions that exist between Israelis and Palestinians there. His Majesty has been a critical component of reducing some of the immediate sources of tension around the Temple Mount and visits there. But we continue to agree that it’s important for us to provide both sides a sense of possibility and hope, and not simply despair. That’s hard to do. And so we have explored ideas in terms of how we can make progress. But His Majesty has continued to be a voice of reason and moderation and tolerance for all the parties concerned in this issue. And we very much appreciate his partnership in the process….”

However, The Hill (Washington-based newspaper covering Congressional affairs) reports an article in West Point’s Combating Terrorism Centre by the former head of US Central Commander as saying the truth is exactly the opposite of what Potus and senior advisors are saying about ISIL. (Read Joel Rosenberg for extracts.)

More on Palestine & France

I also read Debka’s special report about US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jordan, ‘Abu Mazen rebuffs Kerry’s appeal to cool Palestinian terror against Israelis’.:

‘US Secretary of State John Kerry came away empty-handed from his latest meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) in Amman on Sunday, Feb 21 – which shouldn’t have surprised him as it was par for the course. Debkafile’s Middle Eastern sources report Kerry was finally persuaded that Abbas would not give Israel an inch on any political or security-related matters. The Palestinian leader has never swerved from his conviction that it was the duty of the international community to force Israel to present the Palestinians with a state of their own – without direct negotiations.

‘To this end, Kerry found Abu Mazen clinging to the initiative put forward by French President Francois Hollande, for an international conference that will establish a Palestinian state, while letting the Palestinians off the hook of talks with Israel. France in fact warned Israel that without progress towards a two-state solution of the conflict, Paris would go ahead and recognize a Palestinian state on its own.

‘The Palestinian leader is determined to campaign on behalf of the French initiative in the coming month, undeterred by the US Secretary’s repeated warning that Washington will not go along with it, even if France puts it before the UN Security Council…’ (emphases RB)  Read the full informative report here.

Further to my coverage of Caroline Glick’s excellent articles on political anti-semitism in France, I regret to report support for this by Dr. Guy Millière, professor at the University of Paris, author of 27 books on France and Europe. In France’s Relentless Hostility to the Jewish State published by The Gatestone Institute, he opens:

“France today is one of the main enemies of Israel — maybe its main enemy — in the Western world. France’s disregard of the threats faced by Israel is more than simple willful blindness. It is complicity….”

This synopsis doesn’t cover the outrageous Dreyfus Affair that rocked France around the turn of 19th/20th Centuries. It was one of a myriad intriguing aspects of my school studies on modern European history because it centered around a ‘miscarriage of justice arising from faulty espionage and blatant anti-Semitism’.

Also yesterday

As a known supporter of Israel, PM Cameron spoke in Parliament against settlements built around East Jerusalem. His future will be of interest in these changing times…

BUT as the Palestinian leadership has never been serious about peace negotiations an intelligent person would ask, why should Israel hang on for decades getting nowhere? It’s only commonsense to get on with ordinary life and make sure there’s somewhere to live. Had Abbas the brain to abandon the moribund mindset of victim-hood and settle with Israel, these issues could have been resolved years ago and settlements no longer an issue.

Further Reading:

France’s Shaky Proposal for the Middle East by Michael Curtis, Professor Emeritus in political science at Rutgers University and author of Jews, Antisemitism, and the Middle East and about 30 other books. In 2014 he was awarded the French Legion d’Honneur.

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If Palestine becomes a state, will Christians return to Bethlehem? Part 1

“In 1992 Bethlehem was 92% Christian, now it is only 8% Christian.” (Mordechai Ben-Menachem 14 October 2014)

That surprising claim led to the header’s question. I’d put the lid down on blogging about the possibility of Palestinian statehood, but both new points need addressing after they cropped up over the weekend.

And another’s important: what’s the proper Christian perspective? This will cover some essential theology which, with my earlier post on the 1967 war, could give my readers, believer or not, some fresh insights.


The Church of the Nativity at Manger Square, the oldest standing church in the Holy Land ; courtesy

Bethlehem is, after all, the birth-place of Jesus Christ. His yet-again dispersed followers would need a special reason to take the immense trouble of returning home. Perhaps after a period of complete cessation of hostilities? That would need miraculous changes in human nature – not impossible – plus dismantling of extensive demonic strongholds.

Personal visitations of Jesus to individual Jews and Muslims continue and many more are becoming secret believers since this email of November 2010 about them, for God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh in these latter days.

My answer to my question is, “No, I think not; not until Jesus returns!” – as He himself promised He will do. But as He’s already putting in private supra-natural appearances then one could suggest that, after a fashion, He’s already ‘returning’ (eg. the Emmaus road encounter of Jesus in ‘another form’ – Mark 16.12 and Luke 24:13-35).

I offer no apology for temporarily continuing with the Palestinian issue because it’s closely connected with ‘the apple’ of the Lord’s eye – Jerusalem – as revealed in His Word (see Zecharia 2:8)  Also, major events over recent years point inescapably and unequivocally to prophetical scriptures foretelling what’s happening, or soon about to, in this ancient city sacred to three major faiths.

The Christian exodus

The opening quotation is from an in-depth interview with William Koenig, accredited Christian journalist at The White House and published in last week’s ‘Eye-View’ report.

As a scientist technologist, former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University who is professionally engaged in systems/software engineering, and prolific author of books and professional papers in various areas, Mordechai should be a well-informed person.  His reference to Bethlehem was only one point in a wide-ranging conversation covering  such topics as 1,400 years of Arab colonisation, ethnicity, Egypt, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Israel and Islam.

Nevertheless, his claim needs checking.

Wikipedia refers to 1948 and 1967 censuses showing Christian/Muslim demographic ratios as 85%:13% and dropping to 46%:54%. The Palestinian Authority’s 1997 census doesn’t distinguish between the religions but in 2005 and 2009 the Christian percentage falls to 40% and then 15% (sources uncited).

Referring also to Daniel Pipes’ wealth of knowledge, I found he started a report in 2001 with a specific reference to Bethlehem, viz:

“The ‘Middle East Quarterly’ begins its eighth year with its first issue devoted to a single topic—that of disappearing Christians in the Middle East.

“The transfer of power of Bethlehem from Israel to the Palestinian Authority just before Christmas 1995 inspired a spate of articles on Bethlehem’s diminishing Christian presence. They noted that a place not long ago 80 percent Christian is now but one-third Christian. For the first time in nearly two millennia, the most identifiably Christian town on earth has lost its Christian majority. The same changes have taken place in two other famously Christian towns, Nazareth and Jerusalem….”

His article has several updates to 2012, but perhaps the increasingly frequent news of persecution has made it difficult to incorporate subsequent events. Some posts on this blog tagged ‘persecution’ indicate the enormity of this issue.

On the other hand, last month in Christian Arab presence in Bethlehem in Crisis, Arab Daily News reported as follows:

“Today, according to Christian activists who are struggling to survive in Bethlehem, the Christian population there has been eclipsed by a growth of both Muslim refugees who are relocating to avoid the persecution by Israel in Hebron and by the increasing number of Israeli Jews who are taking Christian lands to build exclusively jewish-only settlements.”

After remarking about the hostility of Muslim Arabs and their activists and then quoting a Christian activist’s email, the reporter Ray Hanania writes,

“As both Israeli and Muslim activist groups grow, the Christian voice has remained stagnant and almost insignificant. Christian speakers are invited to speak at Muslim and Jewish organization events more as a political statement. Jews invite Christians to their conferences in order to use the Christians as a criticism against Islam while Muslims also invite Christians to their conferences in order to use the Christians as a criticism against Israel and Zionism.”

Ray’s well-balanced article is worth taking the time to read. He examines the issues in some depth, noting that the Christians are manipulated and muted by both Islamist and Jewish factions against their opponents. Also, the troubles and their significant effect upon tourism have made it very hard to sustain a living.

Consequently, he admires the campaign by George Sleibi to encourage support for the Christian community in the Holy Land, “in response to the growing regional Israeli-Palestinian conflict and decline of the Christian minority”.  He is affiliated with a group of denominations’ informative website, which covers the challenges facing Christians. Ray quotes him as saying,

“The Christian presence in the Holy Land is declining daily. Currently, the Holy Land’s Christians comprise only 2% of the population. The continued emigration of Christians as a result of ongoing instability is having a negative impact on their presence in the land where Jesus was born, crucified and resurrected. Should this trend continue, an important spiritual destination, shared by billions throughout the world, will become nothing more than a museum, as the indigenous Christian community who represent the Christian presence in the Holy Land cease to exist.”

Alarming, yet in the light of a just-published study we appreciate the possibility of Ray being cautiously circumspect (see Study: self-censorship rife among Palestinian reporters).

Here’s one instance of the effect the Israeli-Palestinian troubles had upon the birth-place of Jesus Christ.

Bethlehem hostage crisis

Andrew WhiteCanon Andrew White was called by Yasser Arafat, and later by the Israeli government, to act as intermediary for the 39-day siege of The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, during April-May 2002.  It was the result of homes in the predominantly Christian town of Beit Jala having been forcibly taken by Palestinians for firing rockets and mortars the short distance down and across a valley into the Jewish new town of Gilo.

“As expected”, writes Canon White, “The Israelis responded by sending in helicopters to destroy the homes (the militants’ positions) from which the missiles were fired. Once again Christians were caught in the middle (emphasis RB).

The militants then retreated to Manger Square, took control of the Church of the Nativity and took hostage of clergy and worshippers. PM Ariel Sharon and Arafat refused to climb down and international diplomacy was brought to bear in finding countries which would accept 13 leaders into permanent exile and 26 others for trial. (As they went to Gaza no trial was held.)

Again in that November 2010, I referred to this event and quoted Canon Andrew on the difficulties in the three faiths agreeing on the historic Alexandria Declaration, as coming from

“…the Christians who often feel they have to be even more Palestinian than the Muslims, to show they are committed to the cause.”

This declaration was one of the first initiatives to bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims in pursuit of peace in the region and the first major event of 2002 in which Andrew took a leading and pivotal role.

Andrew had no wish to be ordained because he’d qualified and was practising as an anaesthetist, yet felt God was calling him into the Church of England – and it was later confirmed by a prophetic word, as below!

He became very interested in Judaism and rabbinical studies during his theological education. This gave him the opportunity to take further his interest in international affairs, especially in the Middle-East. So he travelled around those parts and became acquainted with various leaders, as well as in Cambridge.

Although ordination in 1990 involved London parish work, his involvement in Jewish-Christian relations continued along with a new interest in Islam. To the surprise of his vicar, Andrew even had regular audiences with the Pope to brief him on his work and contacts in the political and diplomatic areas soon developed.

An aside: I was going to describe Andrew White as Archbishop of Canterbury Carey’s emissary in the Middle-East. But upon checking his biographical The Vicar of Baghdad, I was surprised to find a mutual connection with one of our church leader’s mentors.:

“On a second visit to Jerusalem, between graduation from Cambridge and my ordination, I was instructed by an ultra-Orthodox rabbi to go and see a woman known as Sister Ruth Heflin, who ran a very charismatic and rather American church called the Mount Zion fellowship. She proved to be the most forceful person I have ever met. Indeed I was scared of her. At the end of the first meeting I attended, at her house in East Jerusalem, she came up to me and started to prophesy over me.

“She had never met me before and knew nothing about me, but she declared that my calling in life was, “to seek the peace of Jerusalem and the Middle East”.

“At that stage, I couldn’t make any sense of this (and I certainly had no idea that ‘the Middle East’ might include Iraq) but what I did understand was that her home was filled with the glory of God as I had never experienced before.” (As our local sister can verify!)  

To be continued in Part 2 with interesting references to several Palestinian Christians.

Canon Andrew White: Here our people have nothing, yet the presence of Jesus is so real

Hearing Canon Andrew speak in Plymouth about Iraq was heart-rending yet heartening when he told how the people’s deep love for Yeshua brings His Glory and intimacy, and how it enables them to live through exceptionally intense suffering. Political blogger Gillan brings his own spiritual insights in trying to grapple with genocide. He expresses surprise over things hotting up during the ‘silly season’ of August – but that’s exactly what many have been prophesying for years, especially in recent months (eg. June This acceleration in biblically related events was noticed in 2011 and watching its increase was the reason for starting this blog.

God and Politics in the UK

Andrew WhiteJust before the end of July I was talking to a friend about my month off from blogging in August. Having mentioned that there is usually little news worth talking about over the summer, he made the comment that I’d probably find that all manner of things would kick off for once. He wasn’t wrong.

The last few weeks have been challenging faith-wise. When you see and hear about such extreme depravities that humans are capable of, it’s hard to work out where God is in all of this. At times it has felt like the world is imploding on itself as the dehumanisation and hatred for others repeatedly leads to the slaughter of innocents and humanitarian crises on an unimaginable scale. The thirst for power and control has been terrifyingly demonstrated, whether it be through blind and twisted religious dogma or nationalistic bitter envy. Even in our own ordered country that is proud of…

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Plymouth Celebration points to prophetic promises

Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James,

To those who are called, sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ:

Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.

Contend for the Faith

Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. [NKJV per – emphases RB]

It’s been too long since the exciting time when Nathan Morris ministered in Hull (report) and our watching the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival nightly. (For brief reports of healing read Video Clips of Testimonies.) The ‘fire in his bones’ makes him a highly charged preacher passionate for Jesus. Whilst the power of the Holy Spirit ministers through him he gets drenched in sweat!

Note my following transcription of his message uses various type founts to try to convey Nathan’s passion and flow whilst speaking.

For those unfamiliar with this British Evangelist and wanting some details, please see ‘Background‘ sub-head in Prophetic word 2012: setting the stage for the End-Times. 


Click above photo for Nathan’s Facebook page with photos and comments on the Summer Celebration in Plymouth.

The first evening he taught about landmarks and boundaries of the Christian faith which churches are unwisely moving, thus giving room for the enemy of our souls to advance. The topic for the third and closing evening was fire and anointing. When speaking of God’s power his iPad lost its power, which he took as an indication for preachers to not use well-prepared notes but rely instead on Holy Spirit’s leading and inspiration – which  Nathan certainly did.

Extracts from the middle evening follow below. In my opinion, what Nathan delivered is in harmony with what the Lord is indicating as now necessary for the awakening giant to stand on his feet, as mused about in the last post.:


“A couple of weeks ago the Lord gave me the title for tonight, it’s just a simple phrase: CONTEND, DON’T PRETEND….Contend; Don’t Pretend!

“I read to you this verse in Jude (above) where there comes this cry from the heart of God, this cry from the Holy Spirit, that says to a generation: in these last days I’m calling a people that will not lay down and accept the norm but they will contend for the Word of God in their lives.

“They will contend for something greater than themselves. We are living in a generation today that is literally watching the final chapters of the Ages come to pass!  How can you watch the news today and NOT SEE that every word that Jesus Christ spoke is coming to pass. This is IT!

“Church, nations – THIS IS IT! Jesus said in the last days there will be wars and rumours of wars – nation will rise against nation – there will be pestilence and famine in nations around the world – and the love of MANY will grow cold…the LOVE of MANY will grow cold.

“And yet in the darkest of hours – in an hour when many will run with fear, or tremble – the superpowers of this world are ALREADY trembling because they HAVE NO ANSWER.

“Jesus said that the world, the nations, it will be like a woman in labour, there literally will be times when they will CRAVE, they will desire the Coming of the Lord – THIS IS IT!

“What you’re seeing in Israel…what you’re seeing in Russia and in the Ukraine…across Europe. Something is beginning to rise that NO NATION, NO GOVERNMENT, CAN STOP!


“I spoke to you last night, Jesus died and rose again. He shed His blood that you might have a hope…you are CHOSEN.

“I CAN’T SAY THAT ENOUGH TO THIS GENERATION, to those who are watching me now that YOU’RE SEARCHING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES FOR YOUR IDENTITY. Your identity is found in Jesus! He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He purposed you, He destined you – He spoke LIFE into your being.

“When you know that you’re Chosen, when you know that God has purpose for your life you realise there’s something that God is doing in your life that is greater than you are – something that’s greater than your own dreams – something that’s greater than a promotion. You know what, I thank God for blessing these people, but I’m TIRED of preachers telling the Body of Christ that a measure of their faith is whether they have a mansion or a Ferrari.

“What really matters is this: Is the life that you’re living COUNTING FOR ETERNITY? Is what you live for, breathe for and you’re willing to die for, going to count for eternity?

“You see what’s happening in this nation and in America right now – I preached to you last night…the hedge, the line of separation (between righteousness and the world) is being removed. MORALITY IS BEING BLURRED. I see across the Body of Christ as I travel around the world THERE’S A CONFUSION because SUDDENLY THERE ARE THINGS HAPPENING – even in the Church – that people say,“I DON’T KNOW…I THOUGHT THAT WAS AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD!”

“But there’s this generation that arises and says, “No, that’s ok..You don’t have to give your all…you go to church, you sing songs but you can have your own sinful life-style. Live how you want to live…Jesus loves you!


“He said, “If you give ME your LIFE I’ll come and live INSIDE YOU. ALL THAT I AM, I will be IN YOU!”

“There’s a generation today – we need the FIRE OF GOD TO FALL UPON THE UNITED KINGDOM AGAIN – we need THE FEAR OF THE LORD TO RISE IN US AGAIN..!  (Loud cheers across packed auditorium!)

“I talk to young people, I start talking to them about the fire of God – I say to young guys, ‘Listen, when the fire of God fell on me it RADICALLY CHANGED ME!’ – You see we want a notebook with 8 steps of ‘how to’…but I’m not that kind of preacher…I just had AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS…the power of God took a hold of my life!

“I talk to them about the power and the glory of God. Oh, I’ve seen the glory of God come down like a mist. I’ve watched people paralyzed get out of wheelchairs – the blind see, the deaf hear…I’ve watched as thousands are touched by the fire of the holy Ghost and I SEE A GENERATION LOOKING AT ME AS THOUGH I JUST FELL OFF MARS!! Staring at me as ‘THIS GUY’S CRAZY!’


“But we don’t want to contend any more…

“I want to speak to the United Kingdom for a moment. I was born here, I was raised here and I want to say that I love the Church. I love the people of God…but I’m an evangelist. I want to see the lost saved…and the thing is this – you CAN’T PERSUADE people into the Kingdom..THEY MUST HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS.


“But it’s like we don’t want to FIGHT for the things of the Spirit of God ANY MORE – we’d rather have a nice service with nice presentation, but just NO FIRE.  Well I’m telling you right now there’s something the Holy Spirit’s placing in my heart,

“It’s time to contend. Time to contend for the Glory of God to FILL our churches, to fill our lives that we might know Him in Whom we have believed!”

Nathan goes on to teach from 2 Kings 4 on the Shunammite woman providing a room for the itinerant prophet Elisha and her faith in the supernatural provision of God being vindicated. She knew despite having been barren and then her boy unexpectedly dying, that ‘all was well’! – indomitable faith had developed because she made room for a man of God and her prayers had been answered.

Nathan tells how, despite having been into drugs, he was saved and filled with holy fire. Then going to church and having read the Bible and about miracles, he realised there was something inside him that made him passionately want to see it happen today. He realised he had to contend for this – not like 1/2 hour ‘fast-food’ Christianity.

“But I learnt I had to abide,. If you want an encounter with God you can’t quit too soon. You’ve got to know what it is to CONTEND, to cry out to God…”I’m here, I’m waiting for You.” He then gives a reminder and word for a viewer who had a prophecy over his life.


“That’s why I like what Canon Andrew White said. He spoke about suffering and fighting – contending for the faith. YOU CAN’T CONTEND IF YOU WANT TO PRETEND!

“The days of pretending are coming to an end. The days are going to become SO DARK that if you DON’T HAVE THE LIGHT OF HIS GLORY in your life YOU’RE IN TROUBLE!”

On Repentance

“You know why people are against me so much on repentance? It’s because repentance MAKES ROOM FOR GRACE! The devil hates it because the devil knows that if a man responds and says, “Jesus, you have my life, I’ll make room for you. Come and dwell inside”, then he’s in trouble.

“AND I WANT TO SAY THE SAME TO THE CHURCH. People think my ministry’s just about miracles. NO, there’s a message that goes with the miracle – the message is: ‘JESUS DEMANDS YOUR ALL! YOUR LIFE, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE’. And when you make room for Him HE WILL BREAK EVERY CHAIN, every bondage, He’ll wash you, cleanse you – HE WILL SET YOU FREE!

The Problem

“The problem is, when you’ve never encountered the glory of God you don’t even know what I’m talking about ‘cos if you try to understand God in a natural place of your own understanding…one thing God’s got to get His Church to – to get you to – is to a place where you understand that what He wants to do in you is SO GREATER THAN WHAT YOU THINK and who you think you are.


“You’ve got to look at something that the world says is impossible, that the CHURCH EVEN SAYS IT’S IMPOSSIBLE, and (say) “NO, in Jesus’ name – it IS well”.”

The United Kingdom

“We’re believing God that something will be sparked in these 3 days…I believe God has something for the United Kingdom that is SO AWESOME that the nations will take notice.”

During the Celebration’s final evening one of the many receiving ministry was a severely deaf boy who was then able to hear. Thank you Lord for this and all the healing you are doing. Later, Nathan closed in farewell,

“We’re believing for God to move in our generation in what you’ve seen these last three nights…Can you imagine if the Body of Christ let the Spirit of God move? Not wanting the fake or the strange, but wanting JESUS to be GLORIFIED.

And when you glorify Jesus, young boys who are deaf leave this place hearing, because THAT is the message of the Gospel in the United Kingdom to the nations of the world…”

Hallelujah!  More happened than shown on the videos, as reported on Facebook.

Prophetic words on Plymouth and its spiritual significance

If you ‘beamed up’ into cyber-space and visited the Summer Celebration in Plymouth you may have heard mention of prophecies for the city and south-west England? If you didn’t the evening events are now available on video here.

Several days of summer slotted between wet weather enabled me to repaint the house entrance and integral garage, as well as catch up on garden tasks. So what was in mind to blog about got put in the pending tray (the connection between the Father’s name in Hebrew and the crucifixion; photo of an invisible hand protecting the skies over Israel during rocket attacks).

Nina, however, reminded me of God TV’s coverage of Nathan Morris’ visit to Plymouth. Had to admit this was ‘off my radar’!  SO I posted an alert about the event and then got ‘up to speed’ on what was going on and how Rory and Wendy Alec were directed into a new work in Plymouth as part of their global broadcasting mission.

Therefore, it may be useful to share what little I know and have found, for you to discern and weigh with the Lord. Am intrigued that, by my coming ‘cold’ to this, it seems He may be in all this – but judge for yourself.


In 1620 devout Christians sailed in the Mayflower from Plymouth seeking religious freedom and tolerance far away in our American colonies. That event could possibly be the birth of a strong Christian bond between the UK and USA, despite differences in the effects of church-state relationships and some theological emphases.

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevYou will recall I call this connection ‘Bridge over the Pond’ because I’ve noticed how often the Holy Spirit inspires something, or a similar topic is being stressed, on either side of the Atlantic. In fact, I’ve previously noticed specific teaching has often been delivered on the same Sunday in our local UK church and in a US church!

Previous Prophecies

I was reminded about an outcome of having met a couple at a conference in Torquay in early 2012. We became friends and last year Lyn allowed me to publish her note of a vision she had in 2001 about revival in the UK, namely:

“When in Cornwall I had a very strong  impression…as if I was positioned at the south-west of Cornwall looking at the land mass of England, Scotland and Wales from the air.  In a moment I saw rising up from Scotland first, like the lid of a container with the hinge being at the extreme end of Cornwall, the ‘Body of Christ’. (Emphasis added)

“Impressed that the ‘Body’ is everywhere and there are people ‘hidden’ who are so much part of it, I was then taken aback by the thought that it appeared to be like a sleeping giant rising up powerfully and suddenly.  The experience left me with hope and anticipation for what God would do in spite of how things appeared.”  (Also see Tommy Hicks’ Vision in 1961.)

Lyn’s vision is confirmed by details of the Clarion Call for 2014-16 to UK nations,  as delivered by Dr Sharon Stone, and which may be being fulfilled with an awakening in Scotland and Wales.

If we consider the image of a sleeping giant arising, and the map of Great Britain does have a sort of human shape (per old British School of Motoring adverts!), then the parts that first get noticed and come into view are its head, shoulders and arms. The trunk, legs and feet wouldn’t move much at all until the giant starts to get up. Thus, as far as England is concerned, the ‘awakening’ would proceed down through the North (eg. as in Sunderland and Hull areas) and eventually get to the south coast.

[ OH my! As I check a hardcopy of this draft and read those words I’m reminded of an open vision I had in 2004 of a new Rock – Jesus Christ – arising to replace the Pennine chain, known as ‘the backbone of England!  Details in Comments upon the Collapse of Society.]

When this giant stands it will be ‘seen’ from Europe and even across ‘The Pond’ and elsewhere, as well as being ‘heard’! That is, his voice would be as media broadcasts of a Godly nature around the world. So, maybe God TV’s project is part of that vision?

And when we recall the purpose of a hinge and how it acts as a fulcrum we may gain an insight into the holy power to be released from that area. That is, if we consider the land to be a lever fixed at one end, then not as much effort is required to move it if we do so from its other end as in attempting to do so from the middle. And were we to try from close to its fulcrum, the hinge, then a great deal more strength is needed. So it may be easier to stir and awaken people in the North than in the South – and maybe it indicates how much power the Lord would be using along the ‘land lever’? The ‘turning couple’ by the hinge would be huge and may indicate a commensurate release of the Holy Spirit in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon, where Plymouth is located.

What do you think?

Local Prophecies

According to City Church Plymouth Newsletter dated 24 March 2013, under ‘One City, One Church, One Father’,

A number of prophecies have been made over Plymouth in recent years, carrying a consistent message of a fresh move of God in the city.  

These prophecies have come from different Godly people, from the UK and overseas – from Sweden to Uganda – and have come to the attention of a number of church leaders across the city. In particular two compelling prophetic words brought in 2012 emphasised the immanency of this move. A group of church leaders have weighed these words and feel it right to respond and call for corporate prayer and seeking God for Plymouth.

Apparently, the Ugandan didn’t know what the prophetic word related to because, being unfamiliar with English geography, she mistook ‘ply’ for a piece of timber and ‘mouth’ as a facial feature!!

The Alec’s Prophetic Direction

Rory and Wendy Alec believe the Lord specifically told them to focus upon Plymouth and were able to obtain and consecrate a building as a Revival Prayer Centre for the UK last January. There, they declared that God is not finished with Great Britain and will once again use this nation to send missionaries to the four corners of the earth.

SC-Pic6 HoeTheir studio guest in the Centre for two broadcasts was Steve Munsey, pastor of Family Christian Centre in Munster, a town in Indiana. Steve shared how God had touched his heart on this, his first visit to Plymouth. (It was here that Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls on the cliff-top Hoe when he was told about that the Spanish Armada of massive galleons had entered the English Channel to destroy our navy.) Steve observed.

“There is an historic anointing on Plymouth. Men and women who were going to change the world gathered in Plymouth nearly 400 years ago. What happened all those centuries ago is going to be rebirthed in the UK.”

He then spoke prophetically about Plymouth’s spiritual significance,

“Plymouth could be one of the Holy Spirit capitals of the World. Great things are going to happen in this building once it is complete. Viewers are going to be able to watch television that releases the power of God in their lives. The Lord says that the same anointing that was on those who sailed from this city to the New World has not left Plymouth and He is going to take those who gather here into a new place in the Spirit realm that will touch the nations.”

Full details with prophetic words for the UK at: Rory & Wendy and Steve Munsey speak prophetically over Plymouth and the UK.

Only the previous week Steve had released on his Facebook page a prophetic word the Holy Spirit had given him:

 “Have I not told you not to remove the ancient landmarks? I do not want this ancient landmark to be removed.  I have heard my children (Rory & Wendy) and they have responded. (GOD TV is building a Revival Centre in Plymouth)

“I want the ancient landmark of Plymouth to be recognized for I give honour to whom honour is due,” and the Holy Spirit speaks strongly at this moment and says,

“They have obeyed Me.

“There would not be an America, there would not be such a superpower and such influence (without Plymouth)… For when there are Tsunamis, when there are earthquakes, when there are crises in the world, the people who came from Plymouth to go to a land called the United States of America are the first ones to come to the aid of the world. The landmark must be rebuilt and be remembered.”

Listen to how deeply the story of the Pilgrim Fathers has affected the God TV team as their UK Regional Director, Fergus Scarfe appeals for support in this video recorded on the beach where the Fathers landed in Massachusetts. He speaks about the prophetic history of Plymouth and its powerful link to America.

These historical facts are similar to Dutch Sheets’ account of a dream of generations of America’s saints interceding for the States (see 4th July Aspect of Praying for USA).

A Criticism?

For another perspective on this project Grant van Schalkwyk, a leader of the Waterfront City Church, writes a frank but fairly balanced report from a New Frontiers viewpoint on his attendance at the Revival Centre’s consecration service.  [We spent several years with a newly planted NF church in Surrey and respect the fact that many young men are in active service across NF and gain a solid Biblical foundation but, in my opinion, their  ‘replacement’ theology doesn’t grasp the importance of Israel in God’s plans.]

Wanting to be open to the leading of the Spirit and the works of God, in another item he considers even-handedly how God TV’s project may or may not fit in with what the city churches were expecting, “…where there has been a growing sense that perhaps God is indeed going pour out His Spirit upon Plymouth and we are believing that this will be in a powerful and very noticeable way”. But he may be surprised, for all disciples know that God is a God of surprises, liking to do things in new, different ways not according to our human concepts.

Readers wanting to learn more about Revivals, along with their history, may wish to read Waterfront City Church’s series of short blogs Marks of Revival just because,

“Whatever you think about this, it is important to learn from what we read in scripture and from what we have seen throughout history at times like this, in order to inform us and help us as we look to God for what he may be about to do amongst us”.

I’m sure all will be revealed in due course because, at its heart, Rory and Wendy’s mission meets the Lord’s desire to save millions around the globe.

Even so, I’d be interested in the city’s church leaders’ reaction to Canon White’s short speech on God’s glory, especially of what happened when he advised a grieving Muslim father to pray ‘Yeshua’ continually en-route to the mortuary to see his daughter’s body. She’d died of cystic fibrosis but as he lifted the shroud, she sat up and came back to life!!!  Andrew says they’ve had many resurrections in Baghdad…Praise you Lord.

Blessing Prayer for Plymouth

During the 2012 Olympic Games, intercessors prayed for towns visited during the 70 days’ Torch Relay and it’s appropriate to republish the parts specifically declared over Plymouth, which was on the first day of the relay from Lands End:

Decree: “I AM THE GATE” (Psalm 24:7) – We decree that the gates of the Church, Government, Education, Commerce, Family and Media be opened; that Jesus Christ be enthroned to take His rightful place of rule and authority in every sphere of life.

Blessing: We bless and welcome the King of Glory to rule and reign over the British Isles and Ireland. Amen. (Courtesy: Keep Praying and Bless)

PS: continued at:

[Credits: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, & Visit Plymouth]


Join Summer Celebration tonight ’til Saturday

Founder-director of God TV, Rory Alec, invites you online to,

“Join healing Evangelist Nathan Morris and Canon Andrew White for three days of powerful teaching and open heaven as part of the ‘Battle for 1 Billion Souls’ campaign!”

For full details click as required: trailer schedule  video archive

SC-Pic1 andrew whiteVicar of St. George’s Church in Baghdad and president of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Canon Andrew White works to provide spiritual home, medical care and humanitarian relief to the region while promoting reconciliation amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the most dangerous areas of the world.

Before his 15 years in Baghdad, Andrew served as a mediator between Israel and the Palestinians. If you are unfamiliar with this exceptional servant of God take a moment to read Cranmer’s Canon White deserves a Knighthood, which opens as follows:

“He doesn’t care about temporal honours, of course. You only have to hear the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ preach, or take a few minutes to watch the above short film (parts 2 and 3 to follow), to appreciate that the race he runs is for the crown of Christ’s glory, and the reward he awaits is in heaven. He doesn’t want a knighthood or a CBE: he wants our prayers, our awareness of the plight of his flock, and our generous donations to aid his ministry in this time of appalling suffering and tribulation.

“He has lost a thousand of his parishioners over the past year alone – murdered by Muslim militants; many of them summarily shot or beheaded. He has recently been speaking to numerous fellowships in the UK to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq, and he received death threats last week from ISIS/ISIL (or IS [Islamic State], as they now wish to be called)…”

[Cranmer concludes by saying he deserves a gallantry medal.]

SC-Pic3 nathan morrisFounder and President of Shake The Nations Ministries, Evangelist Nathan Morris has led Gospel crusades and witnessed the salvation of over 100,000 Muslims and Hindus, as well as, documented healings of the blind, deaf and crippled. Leading meetings for the Bay Revival in the United States, he saw thousand of salvations and hundreds of notable healings.

Lydia and NathanWorship will be led by the wife of Nathan’s ministry associate Nathan – Lydia Stanley-Marrow – who became internationally well-known during the Bay Revival as its worship leader and has released two albums as well as appearing on YouTube clips. My personal favourite..:

Genocidal religious tyranny gives Iraqi Christians two choices


The Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, this morning emailed this Crisis Report about the latest situation in Iraq – NB: the barbaric Islamist hatred:

“WE ARE IN THE MOST DESPERATE SITUATION WE HAVE BEEN IN SINCE THE WAR IN 2003. The total infrastructure of the country has fallen to pieces even basic communication facilities like Facebook have all been closed down.

“We have no government very little food and for the first time huge opposition against Christianity. Churches have been attacked, Christian homes destroyed and thousands of Christians have fled there homes to seek safety and refuge.

“ISIS have told the Christians they have a choice:

They convert to Islam and pay the jazzier tax or have their heads chopped off. Today in Church the people said that they will never leave their Yesua (Aramaic for Jesus), they said when you have lost everything Jesus is all you have left and he is every thing. So this is the situation we are in we have no idea what will happen tomorrow but we know that our Lord will be with us.”

Andrew is highly regarded internationally for his humanitarian work which is supported by the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.

UK Minister and other Muslims alarmed over persecution of Christians

Could the wide tide of atrocities committed by Islamists wanting to return the world to the Dark Ages be on the turn?  Maybe many moderates are so appalled by what’s being done in the name of their god that they will be encouraged to make changes, perhaps even a long overdue ‘reformation’ of Islam? [See footnotes 1 and 2.]

Last weekend, I was given hope that change may be on its way by three instances of  Muslims being outraged at their co-religionists’ hatred of Christians. One came from the UK’s first Minister for Faith and senior minister in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Baroness Warsi [3]. I will consider this further and with a possible prophetic connection in another post.

Another came through contacts of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of the Barnabas Fund, which supports Christians suffering discrimination and persecution in Muslim nations. Born of a Muslim family, his expertise in racial issues and pioneering approach within British churches and extensive knowledge on terrorism led him into advising the police and army on security issues (see biography).  He’s also worked in Iraq with Canon Andrew White, renowned across the Middle East for his reconciliation work with Muslim and Jewish leaders in Israel, Egypt and Iraq (website and books).

The third was found within an article by Dr Sadek Raouf Ebeid, an Egyptian Air Force Officer, about the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Egypt. In a roundabout way let’s consider this first:


It’s important to recall that Muslim protesters in Cairo were shielded during their prayers by Christians, mainly Copts. Apparently, the favour was returned on another occasion. (I became aware of the first claim through a local contact but some evidence for the second may be conflicting, as in this account.)

In view of the intense suffering of the Coptic Church at the hands of Islamists, and my reference to a leading source of its extremism at Al Azhar University (here), Dr Ebeid is very instructive about later changes [full details at 4].

He filed a complaint with Egypt’s Attorney General against Malik Obama (older half-brother of Barack Obama), accusing him of supporting terrorism in Egypt and for his involvement in managing a Sudanese terrorist connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. The official response to his application was very prompt which, he writes,

“Did not surprise me (because it) indicated that this case resonated well with the feelings of the majority of moderate Muslims in the Arab world. One has to admit that there are two distinct understandings of Islam.

A moderate, peaceful understanding of Islam that is lead (sic) by the Egyptian Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb, an Egyptian Sheikh, who has studied philosophy in Paris and is currently the head of Al Azhar Mosque. I am proud to be the first to nominate el-Tayeb for the Nobel peace prize, for his role in spreading the moderate understanding of Islam, referred to in Arabic as “Al Islam Al Wasati”.

“The majority of the thirty-three million Egyptians who flooded the streets of Egypt in June 2013 were predominantly moderate Muslims.”

He continues,

“…any objective historian will admit (the event) was a human earthquake…that shook the ground of the Middle East, taking the Arab world out of the dark ages and into the Arab renaissance.

More than ever, Egyptians adhered to the moderate version of Islam, (Al Islam Al Wasati)…symbolized by the Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb. He was the man whom the military Generals in Egypt consulted with and whose blessings were obtained,  while etching into stone, the post-revolution road map.

“In contrast to the earlier teachings of Egypt’s deposed president Morsi, who was recorded in 2010, saying that Arabs need to nurse their children on hatred of the Jews, Egypt’s pending constitution has a third amendment guaranteeing the right of Jews to practice their faith in Egypt.”

That implies the same should be accorded to the Copts and which may be expected as official policy, as in Mubarak’s days.

Kenya, Pakistan & Iraq

Dr Sookhdeo opens his latest blog [5] as follows:

As shocking acts of Islamic terrorism continue to fill our news bulletins, it is extremely heart-warming for me to see that Muslim leaders throughout the world are now speaking out against those who are using violence in the name of Islam. (Emphasis added)

In citing atrocities in Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq and London he recounts the brave work of many moderates in unequivocally condemning maniacs who use Islam as an excuse for anti-human barbarity (my words). He writes,

On Kenya,

“Adan Wachu, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, said that the wanton and indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children goes against all Islamic teachings and tenets. He said that the county’s religious leaders were working together to counter violent extremism…”

On Somalia,

“In an unprecedented step, Somali Islamic scholars issued in September a fatwa denouncing (al-Shabaab). At a conference in Mogadishu convened by the Somali government, which is itself strongly Islamic, around 160 Somali religious scholars condemned al-Shabaab’s use of violence and concluded that it was not a legitimate Islamic organisation…”

On Pakistan,

“Allama Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, leader of (Pakistan’s) Ulema Council, a body of leading Muslim scholars, said that killing innocent people violates the tenets of Islam…Ordinary Pakistani Muslims have also demonstrated solidarity with their Christian compatriots by joining human chains around churches in a movement organised by Pakistan for All, a group that campaigns against attacks on minorities…”

On Iraq, ,

“Marking the third anniversary of the deadliest attack on Iraqi Christians since the 2003 US-led invasion, both Sunni and Shia Muslims gathered on 31 October outside the church in Baghdad that was besieged by an al-Qaeda front group in 2010. They lit candles and held up banners appealing for Christians to stay in the country…

On the UK,

“It is no small matter for moderate Muslims to take a stand over Islamist violence. They are putting their own safety at risk, as being Muslim does not protect them from becoming targets. In fact, the threat to a number of prominent British Muslims who condemned the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby is so great that they are now under police protection…” 

He names and admires four individuals in writing, “Despite the threats against them, the Muslim targets have remained resolute in speaking out against violent extremism.

In concluding, Dr Sookhdeo makes a Call for change.:

“…actions speak louder than words and it is time for moderate Muslims everywhere to heed the call of Aijaz Zaka Syed, a Muslim commentator on Middle East and South Asia affairs….whom he cites,

We may go on righteously protesting that this has nothing to do with faith. But like it or not, such reasoning does not cut it. The world judges us by who we are, not by what we claim to be. If we stand for peace and salvation, our lives must attest to it and our actions must show it. It is as simple as that. [6]

I cannot but concur with that commentator’s full article and Dr Sookhdeo’s exhortation,

One thing that Christians can do is support these brave Muslim leaders who are taking a stance against the violence that is claiming the lives of so many Muslims and non-Muslims. We can support them with our prayers and our friendship and by lending our voices to their courageous campaign.

Perhaps the vast majority of Muslims are now finding their co-religionists’ actions utterly repugnant. Perhaps they may realise the root issue is a spiritual one and be blessed by  personal revelations of Jesus Christ? I pray they find, as many thousands have already done, He is eager to show Himself and that He’s far more than a prophet…

To be continued…

Further Reading:

  1. Daniel Pipes: Can Islam Be Reformed?
  2. Item 1 subsequently debated here and here.
  3. Sayeeda Warsi: Extremists are driving Christians out of their homelands. We must act. Also see God and Politics in the UK
  4. Sadek Ebeid MD: Moderate Muslims vs. Obama Brothers
  5. Patrick Sookhdeo: Muslims take a stand against Islamist violence
  6. Aijaz Syed: With friends like these, Islam needs no enemies

Pray for persecuted Christians

This SundayBarnabas Fund is calling Christians around the world to pray, act and donate in a special show of support for our suffering brothers and sisters. The threat to the vulnerable Christian minorities in Syria and in Egypt is now at cataclysmic proportions.  

For details read Marked for Destruction: Christian targets daubed with a black X, which provides suggested course of action to contact national leaders.

Why the black X? The linked announcement explains that Barnabas Fund,

is using a black X for this campaign as a symbol of solidarity with Christians who are being targeted because of their faith. Islamists have daubed this sign on the walls of Christian homes and businesses in Egypt to identify them for attack, while Muslim properties have been painted with a red X for protection. 

The Fund’s latest email on global persecution by Islamic nations may be read here.

Please also note.:

The ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, Canon Andrew White, features in Edward Malnick’s article of last Sunday about The ‘almost unremarked’ persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Joel Rosenberg reports in The Muslim Brotherhood’s War On Egypt’s Christians that over 200 churches and Christian-owned buildings have been attacked.


Christians in Nigeria have endured murderous persecution for years at the hands of the Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group which the Obama Administration is on record as failing to censure or condemn but, instead, as urging the Nigerian government to respect its human rights!! 

Raymond Ibrahim reports upon this nonsense here and includes it in his latest update on Muslim Persecution of Christians.  This news confirms many suspicions that the US Administration is a lackey of the Muslim Brotherhood, does it not?

The US rebuke contrasts sharply with Open Doors’ report (here) that Boko Haram is under investigation by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. The Court’s preliminary investigation blames the Islamic sect for 1,200 deaths. Need I say more? [Latest attack is reported in Christian World, hat-tip Robert Spencer.]

So, persecution isn’t confined to only Syria and Egypt but is endemic across Islamic nations. Let us pray, therefore…

Visitation of Jesus to the Arab nations

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,

Have received God TV’s letter for June which announces their focus upon events in the Middle East and which will especially focus upon the extraordinary work of Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’.  Transmission is scheduled for 9-12 June, should you want to watch these programmes.

Furthermore, I’d draw your special attention to the attached prophetic word about the Arab nations. It was first published in Journal of the Unknown Prophet, which bears the following wholehearted recommendation of Colin Dye, pastor of Kensington Temple:

‘The Journal carries the distinctive ring of a genuine prophetic word of our times’.

This word, and many more, was received during a 10-day visitation in Nov 1999 and of which one particularly spoke of the future betrayal of Israel by nations which had previously been her allies:

“…For even the governments of the West and the Western powers shall shift and sway and even those you thought were solid allies to you, shall in the coming days shift allegiance…”

Over the past two years – climaxing last week in Washington! – we’ve seen this genuine prophecy come to pass.  But praise the Lord there’s one God-fearing leader in this world: Canada’s PM Stephen Harper – would that ours were of his spiritual calibre.

During the last few weeks I’ve been discovering more about the Lord’s wonderful work within the Muslim nations, and would like to share it another time.

To close, could Jesus’ words at John 5.23 about honouring Him be aimed at not only Jews but also Muslims?  After all they regard Jesus as a prophet and thereby give him honour – and look what happened to the Samaritan woman when she recognised Jesus as a prophet (John 4.19), He then blessed her with the revelation of Him as Messiah! 




Is Egyptians’ attitude better than British one?

COPY of pre-blog email, with my emphases .:

At a ladies’ regular house gathering in a village near Guildford, guest speaker ‘H’ was eloquently forthright about the situation here in comparison with her homeland of Egypt.  There ordinary Muslims would expect Christians to be as fervent as they are in their faith.

 [I’m only too aware of the current persecution of our Coptic brethren, possibly because that’s where the Muslim Brotherhood took root and which is pressing for political power in the event of President Mubarak’s demise. One of its martyred leaders is regarded as the founding father of modern jihad and its deeply doctrinaire targeting on all fronts of America and Europe.

[Update: see Robert Spencer; Egyptian Copts overwhelmed by “anxiety and fear”, see Muslim Brotherhood government as “worst in memory” – 14 Oct 2012] 

You may recall my having quoted Miracles Among Muslims by Christine Darg. So, it was good to hear ‘H’ say over a million Egyptian Muslims secretly believe in Jesus and that Middle Eastern believers are migrating to the relatively more tolerant Egypt. [NB: 2 years ago!]

‘H’ mentioned the Lord had advised her not to regard outward events as being of His will but to look for His redemptive plan for nations.  Thus, she gained insight into the Isaiah 19 prophecy regarding Egypt, Israel and Assyria (ie Iraq) – which is also a  pillar for Canon Andrew White’s reconciliation work in Baghdad, Jerusalem and Cairo!!  [See previous post.]

Perhaps the serendipitous references to this scripture came in answer to my thoughts upon Acts 1:6-7?  When answering the disciples’ query on restoring the kingdom to Israel, could Jesus have had in mind Father’s strategy to fulfil that prophecy??  What do you think, my friend?  Some teach that Jesus rebuked them because they were mistaken about God’s purposes. But surely Jesus would have explicitly said so? 

Let’s remember when He upset them by saying He was going away to prepare a place for them in Father’s house, He explained: “Were it not so I would have told you” (John 14.2).  Surely, Jesus would have applied that same teaching principle when answering their question about Israel’s future, wouldn’t He?  

Jesus’ answer was not an emphatic “No” but rather a “Not yet and it’s not for me to say – I have a something else for you”.

Meanwhile, let’s take our stand…


Encouraging news from Iraq

COPY of pre-blog email (see About):


News just in from Canon Andrew White will interest those concerned over the murderous persecution of believers in Iraq. Please see his email below (unable to copy to blog) and my introductory notes if you’re unfamiliar with his mission. 

Although having MS, he’s one of a tiny handful of people trusted by virtually every side of the complex Middle East, Andrew’s been deeply involved in the rebuilding of Iraq. 

His first-hand experience with Al-Qua’ida, however, shows they’re

“…impossible to engage with at any level…because they are set only on killing and maiming in the name of god”!


After having watched Andrew’s interview on dvd Finger of God, Nina and I read his most absorbing The Vicar of Baghdad. Reading his involvement with the 39-day siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ‘coincidentally’ fitted well with the start of our home fellowship’s study of the Book of Ruth, as it’s based in that famous town. 

About 10 yrs ago Andrew White his personal contacts with Yasser Arafat and Israeli PM Ariel Sharon bore fruit in their joint approval to the wording of a draft declaration against violence in the name of religion.  This was then put to religious leaders of all three Holy Land faiths and through exhausting discussions agrement was reached, with difficulties coming from Christians(!!), who “often feel they have to be even more Palestinian that the Muslims, to show how committed they are to the cause” (RB’s emphasis) on top of “rivalries and tensions between different denominations”!!

The outcome in Jan 2002 was The Alexandria Declaration, out of which a large number of other initiatives have arisen despite continual violence.  He writes, “The sticking points were not theological but political”. 

Elsewhere, on Iraq he writes,

“…but then unexpectedly the hope of Resurrection breaks though…  The Spirit and the glory of God are here…and are filling the atmosphere with the presence of the Lord. He is working in our world and I believe that the Middle East is the centre of his purposes. The more I have worked in this region, the more I have come to see that it is God who is in control (my emphasis)…I have come to realize that what is happening in the physical realm is often just a manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual realm.”

A marvellous story, so you may wish to join in praying for our persecuted brethren…