End-Times Briefing 10 cont’d: key signs and prophecies

Some prophecies in the Bible seem particularly significant, in light of current world events, especially in the Middle-East. The following prophecies are worth bearing in mind, especially by those who are intentional about marrying historic prophecies with contemporary occurrences. Continue reading

End-Times Briefing 10: the centre line – where are we now?

We are not told the “day or the hour” (of Jesus’ return) and it seems clear that we should not speculate on these matters. However, we do have some indication of the events leading up to the end of the age, and that things will be as they were “in the days of Noah”… Continue reading

End-Times Briefing 9: Hourglass of End-time harvest – Veronica West

The author of Signs: The Significance of Bible Prophecy reacts, “That is very powerful indeed…I also had clear direction that the time of allowing the wheat and the tares to grow together is about to end  – the harvest of separation is about to begin.” Continue reading

Timing of Brexit & tipping point for UK and EU nations – Veronika West (FP #163 & GPS #44)

“Richard, I felt to share this word with you, I think you have shared it once on your Website but I could be mistaken. As I re-read it yesterday I felt it was significant in light of the unfolding situation…! Furthermore I believe that it’s no coincidence with the timing of our LEAVING THE EU and the timing of this virus which is sweeping through Europe…” Continue reading

Is God using the EU to fulfill His prophetic words?

This makes the very recent prophetic words brought ‘in-tandem’ by Neil Mackereth and then by Veronika West even more noteworthy, including that of Tomi Arayomi on 9th July in his 2020 video (from 5:45 mark).

It definitely shows the Lord is in charge when we  hear similar words from Him, as indicated in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (1Cor14:29-31). Then we see they’re pieces of a much bigger picture or ‘invisble jigsaw’. Continue reading

GPS #36.2: Day for Prayer for Britain – Christ on our crisis – read the question!

[Neil Mackereth] …”The crisis that fast approaches is not what you think! Do you believe that I am all powerful and that I am working out My purposes? Or do you believe man is in control? Many say with their lips that I am ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Lord of Lords’ and that all power and authority is Mine, but their hearts are troubled…” So, which view of democracy takes precedence? Continue reading

Leisa Ebere: new PM as a ‘Cyrus’ – The Spirit Call Prophecy

‘As the New Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a true King Cyrus leader has been positioned into office in the UK, I believe it is a sign that we must listen to the call of the Shofar, more closely than ever; as God leads the People of God with unusual and strategic strategies by His Spirit…’ Continue reading

2017: CoE sex-Synod sided with satan > 2019: CoE papers used in court against Christian doctor

[Andrea Williams] “For the first time, what the Church of England says was used as evidence against a Christian in court. For me it was another stark reminder of the damage caused by the Church of England’s abandonment of truth.” Continue reading

UK Situation Summary #4: post-Brexit trade with the United States + ‘remaining deception’

I’m publishing this copy of Sir William Jaffray’s letter to Woody Johnson, the United States’ Ambassador to the UK, for my readers’ information…Further to my earlier references to May-Merkel discussions as ‘the one remaining deception to be revealed’, Democracy17.4 calls upon MPs and Peers to demand a copy of ‘secret’ transcripts pertaining to them for urgent debate in both Houses of Parliament….NOW WATCH !! LATEST NEWS, 16;38pm ‘Angela Merkel has thrown Theresa May a lifeline after telling German MPs any Brexit extension should be “as short as possible” ahead of this evening’s crunch Brussels summit…’ Continue reading

Truth of EU’s trap revealed

This week’s momentous, historic political events prior to Parliament’s voting upon PM May’s personal deal with Brussels are evidence of a great shaking, thereby proving Christian prognostications of such to be true prophecies…the longer and more twisted became the EU’s negotiations over Brexit, the more has Brussels true, tyrannical heart become evident to all, confirming what a Ukrainian pastor told David Hathaway, “The EU is a hundred times worse than communism”! Continue reading

‘Divine Designs’ re. Britain and the European Union

In updating me on his thoughts about Britain and the EU, Neil Mackereth enables our further consideration of the prophetic word on the Lord being in control of Brexit. Neil writes, “I have amended the last section ‘Spiritual Significance’ somewhat, mainly to emphasise that understanding comes with hindsight. The reasons for the present political confusion and turmoil will become clear…” Continue reading

GPS #19: new strategies and unprecedented acceleration

Whilst learning about Father’s call to seek Him for strategies by which to pray and make declarations, one of many responses brings a fresh prophetical perspective from Neil Mackereth in Winchester, Hants – which itself gets ‘fleshed out’ by Kevin Zadai in a video recorded in Phoenix – and then in comes a message from t’other side of our planetary ‘Big Ball’ sent by Lana Vawser living in Queensland, Australia! Continue reading

Prophetic strategy cont’d – a heavenly perspective

Kevin Zadai claims to have died at the age of 31 during a dental procedure but was returned to life 45 minutes later. Yet to him it seemed 6 days had elapsed whilst he was in the company of Jesus Christ and receiving His profound instruction. Having watched a number of half-hour ‘celebrity chats’ plus some lengthier conference sessions, I’m most impressed with his character and way of integrating scripture into a number of his experiences, as well as not being extreme in his views, which line up with my own understanding. Continue reading