Exposures per Luke 8 – Trojan Horse Exposed, Wanda Alger

During quiet-time yesterday I opened my Bible and noticed the verse beside my right thumb: “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”…this afternoon I’m mulling over how to blog that material but first opened up Telegram and espied what had been published by Wanda Alger and find (once again) it is absolutely appropriate!! Continue reading

‘Shockwave exposure’ – Archbishop and columnist cite ‘Deep-State’ activists’ own evidence!

Further to the most surprising word dear Veronika West brought last night, and which I’m so pleased strongly reinforces my musing upon and monitoring of exposure of rot and corruption within politics, let me draw attention to the Lord’s first sentences… Continue reading

Mark 4:22 Exposures: prophecies on current events – Robin Bullock

 22 For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. 23 If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Mark 4)

Continuing from previous post on New World Order with these very important prophetic words brought by Robin Bullock and told on 7th March: Continue reading

Prophesied exposure of corruption now focuses upon USA-Ukraine

However, the Lord may well be using both matters to not only expose and shake the globalist control over nations but also to bring all its evil boil to a  head and lance it, especially as the deep issues within the Ukraine are not entirely separate from the Biden family’s deeply dubious involvement in that nation during the Obama administration. Then yesterday along comes the latest most fascinating of Patel Patriot’s papers giving deeper insight into the situation. … Continue reading

Another media headline mirrors prophecy on exposure of evil

Rapidly increasing prophecies and related events and news has prevented my updating their listing in Media-mirrored Prophecies. Now we have yet another in the dozens that indicate my musing Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – next EU? is being fulfilled: Continue reading

As prophesied, exposures of America’s deep rot just keep on rolling out!

[Tim Shey] The big question is why did the FBI raid Project Veritas now and not a year ago? Probably because NOW some powerful people are getting very nervous about the Durham Report. When God’s timing is involved, exposing the wicked reaches critical mass and then things really fall apart for the wicked. Continue reading

Monday Newsmix 2: President Trump’s statement on exposure of ‘The Big Lie’

The exposures of political rot and corruption just keep on coming – thank you Lord: Just in case you’re unfamiliar with post-audit events: Continue reading Debra Haines’ ace summary on the demolition of ‘The BIG Lie’. For full details of … Continue reading

Exposures continue: ‘president’ Biden’s falsehoods as ‘commander-in-chief’

My five years-old prophetical musing about the Lord exposing political rot in UK, USA & EU just keeps on manifesting in the media – but now it’s at the very top and includes top brass prevarication… Continue reading

UPDATES: GET READY – exposures of injustice in US elections expected this weekend

3 Counties’ service focused upon ‘Injustice’ and our leader read Isaiah 58 (headed ‘True Fasting’) with his wife telling about her work publicising the appalling live-in conditions of shop-floor workers employed by large computer companies overseas. Her focus was on verse 6 – and I realised how it applies to my blogging on the gross injustice engineered by the ‘Deep-State’ at federal and state levels in America Continue reading

Prophecy keeps rolling on…exposures of greater corruption – even treason?

If you studied Part 10 of Patel Patriot’s meticulous Devolution papers, in As Prophesied re Two-Presidents: Reveal of Biden’s Can-of-worms Expected Soon – part 2  you will be aware of Biden being beholden to China through personal financial ties. Now, Howell Woltz really goes into greater depth on that family’s financial activity’s there… Continue reading

As prophesied, exposure of US political rot and lies just keeps on coming…

We already have a couple of dozen examples of my musing five years ago about the Lord exposing corruption…the pile just keeps on growing… [Rand Paul] “So you got to know who! We can’t sort of have an investigation AFTER we kill people. We have an investigation BEFORE WE KILL PEOPLE!!!” Continue reading

Kim Clement 2015 prophecy on the Return of Christ, Israel, ISIS, Anti-Christ, China and exposure of deceipt in the White House!

This is heartening in view of my extensive series of blogs on the exposure of lies and political corruption that started after my musing upon the topic in May 2016, long before I was aware of this South African prophet of God’s great anointing. Continue reading

As prophesied, more exposure of rot and lies at very top. ‘Reveal’ of Biden’s can of worms expected soon! Part 1

Now, let’s see the latest media manifestation of my 5 years-old prophetical musing of increasing exposures of corruption and political rot in USA, UK and EU. Upon opening my browser window of Koenig’s World Watch Daily I couldn’t miss these headlines – note the truth of this incriminating thread against ‘China Joe’: Continue reading

Another exposure of lies prophecy coming to pass in UK – con’td

The British “government’s continued inability to give proper consideration to the spectrum of scientific opinion… must be a cause for major concern. It is clear that those tasked with devising policy – ministers and civil servants – need to adopt a more critical attitude to the scientific advice they are offered, even when that advice comes from one of their advisory bodies.” That warning was ignored. Continue reading

Another exposure of lies prophecy coming to pass in UK

As well as Leo Hohmann’s Behind the. Vaccine Veil.. published on 21 June there’s another item of that date that I have about the so-called ‘scientist’ who often makes misleading assumptions which fool ignorant politicians. I intended blogging on this on Thursday but necessary gardening didn’t give me the usual full day. BUT it’s as well because there’s more news..

Moreover, it’s another fulfillment of prophecy. This time from Amanda Grace on 22 June, as noted in Exposing Plans of the Wicked: Given Ultimatum wherein I note she says, The Lord will “will dig into England secret ties and a shocking discovery shall shake up and shift the country again” (Health Secretary’s hypocrisy emerged 25th June, he resigned 26th) Continue reading