Personal time-points and pre-2017 candidate Trump cont’d – Veronika West poker game vision

…in view of our consideration on specific years of 2012 and 2016, when Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2017 presidential election, please note Richard’s remarks on timing…and yet another reference to the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game seen in Veronika West’s vision and my references to the high pile of the ‘stakes’ actually being people! Continue reading

‘Unprecedented Suddenlies’ – cleansing contaminated churches and axing rotten roots – Veronika West

A few minutes after listening over lunch about a global move to deal with evil I find only minutes afterwards that Veronika West posts this important ‘God-incidental’ word…This accords with my mini-series a fortnight ago on the Endgame Now In Play about the parable of wheat and tares

…The Spirit spoke to me a few weeks ago during one of our Hub Meetings that He is now beginning to deal with “MIXTURE”…and that He is going to begin to deal with “CONTAMINATED WELLS” IN THE NATIONS,..He is RESTORING PURITY,… Continue reading

WOW GPS #85 continues: ‘Bridge o’r Pond’ 3rd day confirmation of harvest and of ‘stump of Trump’

NB: Highly recommended video and transcript for which I’d urge my readers to study…After closing down on Thursday for the weekend, days later I read that Friday morning’s Give Him 15 prophetic intercession in the USA led by Dutch Sheets introduced two strongly gifted prophets: his brother Tim and Chuck Pierce  – AND BOTH spoke about harvesting angels Continue reading

The Endgame is Now in Play: revisiting a Word of 14 years ago + signs in the heavens on Israel’s high holy day, Yom Kippur

We need to study carefully His End-times instruction in Matthew 13 (NKJV) to prepare for the next posts. This records the Lord Jesus’ direction as Commander-in-Chief of the heavenly host for dealing with all unrepentant practitioners of evil and lawlessness well BEFORE any rapture of believers… Continue reading

Prophecies fulfilled cont’d: Halleluia 1 of 2 – HUGE WIN 12 years on for medics praying for the sick!

In my very first email of 9 February 2009 The Endgame is now in Play circulated to a few friends and church leaders and about which I’ve blogged on several occasions, I refer to looking up Matthew 13’s parable of the wheat and tares only to hear “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”   The remainder, however, hasn’t been covered until now. Remember this was 12 years ago and it reads: Continue reading

Time to get right with God: a call to all churches – Chris G Bennett

As I read this today, it was like a light went on in my spirit. “The Bible is unfolding in front of the whole world. It’s time to GET RIGHT with God.” It wasn’t a white light, but rather, it was a red warning light which I knew meant the warning is as much for the church as it is for the world. Biblical events and prophecies are unfolding and being confirmed before our eyes every day! Continue reading

The Endgame is now in play – 13th Anniversary of first email on End-times

COPY of first pre-blog email (see ‘About‘) sent to friends and certain church leaders. The main points covered therein are.: > wheat and tares parable, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – sifting the Church! > Jesus stressed 7 times “Watch…be alert…on … Continue reading

Word of the Lord for 2022 of a tectonic shift – Catch The Fire, Christopher Bird

“I had a vision some months ago, in which two tectonic plates shifted, bringing about a chasm, a split in the earth, which was going to separate those willing to move forward in the “new thing” and those wanting to go back to how things used to be…” Continue reading

Time to decide for/against God’s Great Divide – Neil Mackereth

“The Lord reminded me that the Great Commission bestows His mantle of authority on His disciples and the Holy Spirit empowers us to go and preach the Gospel to all nations. He told me that the “Great Reset” is not from Him, and that a Great Divide is imminent. We are approaching “the Valley of Decision”, where God makes His decision. We need to have made our decision before we get there!…” Continue reading

Monday Newsmix 1 – Donald Trump again points people to Jesus. Hence ongoing hatred, but the sifting has begun!

Be sure to listen to the above link’s 1 minute video and you’ll see President Trump’s humble statement and implicit confession for Jesus Christ as Lord in his once again point heavenward to the Almighty ‘Boss’, as he did on the 2020 campaign trail Continue reading

A great falling away, a time of Divine Separation has begun – Veronika West

Veronika’s revisiting a previous prophecy as it comes to pass, speaks into what the Lord opened to me ten years earlier of the parable of the wheat and tares (see The End-game is in Now in Play) and its implicit separation and sifting of wickedness – which was emphasised in the insights the Lord gave me about opposition last weekend. Here’s our sister’s item on His Kingdom Prophecy posted on that Saturday: Continue reading

A prophetic word to ‘The Seven Mountains’ – Veronika West

I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch, for I will have The Nations of the earth stand naked before Me! Yes naked! And fully exposed, The Nations of the earth shall stand before My Holy Presence. Watch, for the mighty Winds of The Whirlwind of My Seven Spirits shall blow forth upon The Seven Mountains….” Continue reading

“I will not share My Glory…” re President Trump and USA – Veronika West

Published last night on Ignite Ireland Ministry and copied below by permission of His Kingdom Prophecy is this word which deals in depth with what I’ve termed Trump’s ‘Sinai Sojourn’: It is an AWESOME WORD FROM THE LORD ON HIS ALLOWING EVIL TO MANIFEST FULLY (like in the parable of the wheat and tares, Matt 13) AND ON DJ TRUMP’S ‘EXILE’ WHILST PEOPLE’S HEARTS GET CIRCUMSCRIBED. Continue reading

Update on shaking of the US Deep-State

‘…The perpetrators of these crimes count on the fact that the public and media lose interest over time, and the complexity of uncovering the truth in bits and pieces will keep the full story hidden for years, if not forever. But the importance of getting to the bottom of this political dirty trick cannot be overstated…’ note this header’s allusion to Jesus’ parable on harvesting of wheat and ripened tares (Matt 13)! Continue reading

Another ‘God-incidence’ on global thunder! (GPS #73)

Sometime on Tuesday a Facebook friend posted the following on his timeline whilst he was completely unaware of its relevance to what Nina had heard over the previous 2-3 weeks. Therefore, we just cannot avoid the very obvious conclusion that God is telling us something very important – even momentous! Continue reading

End-times Update: a brief chat on where we’re at…Revelation-13

My explanatory note  On this blogs coverage of prophecy and politics posted 12th October brought an interesting discussion after I’d linked it to my personal Facebook because I believe we’re living in the times foretold in Revelation chapter 13. So to clarify, I then expanded that part of my post as follows: Continue reading

Prophetic vision of an eagle is genesis of Richard’s Watch

This account is not for the purpose of any self-promotion but purely for readers to be better acquainted with my calling within the prophetical realm….Richard’s Watch has been watching a book take shape and then expand more or less into several volumes with a much appreciated readership. It also shows that the young lady from St Andrews, William in Guildford and Isabel Allum had heard correctly. Thank you Lord. Continue reading