GPS #96.4: God-incidental TWO 5-days cycles in UK and in US – the Lord’s up to something strategic!

On Sunday my mind’s eye was filled with an image of a GINORMOUS BICYCLE, the wheels of which span the Atlantic but as though on a treadmill. The front, leading wheel is standing here in the British Isles and the rear wheel ‘follows’ by is standing over the United States – and each bears a particular pattern relating to a period of FIVE days, wherein the final day has two events!! Continue reading

PPU #49 – 7 years-old Exposure Prophecy fulfilled as UK & US political leaders’ lies in full glare of publicity!

Previously promoted as honourable exemplars of free societies,, I deeply regret that UK and USA have become totalitarian entities and this truth is now in the full glare of MSM publicity for the whole world to witness. Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 24: 2020 US Election and Trump’s Statement to Jan6 committee

So in checking progress of this prophecy coming to pass we observe events are at the adjudication stage but it distinctly implies at top-level (eg SCOTUS) not at a kangaroo court or Soviet-style show trial…

In PS: Flash Insight on 2016 Prophecy About Exposures plus Trump and Jan6 I refer to  Donald Trump’s likely reaction upon receiving a sub-poena to attend the investigating committee of the rally he convened on January 6 2021. The above photo is taken from his subsequent 14-page Statement which begins: Continue reading

Top lawyers and Kash Patel for Pentagon trash Jan 6 Committee’s claims

[Alan Dershowitz] “But it’s not a real congressional committee as you know every congressional committee that we remember even the mccarthy committees had people on the other side who could cross-examine this is not a real committee this is a kangaroo committee it only has opponents of donald trump and all of his advisors..”. Continue reading

Need-to-Know-News: Finger on FBI’s criminal culpability – Bongino reports

In my 50 postings about events at the US Capitol on 6th January 2021 you may have noticed a deep disquiet over apparent FBI’s ‘false’flag’ activities. Here’s Dan Bongino’s utter disbelief at FBI’s refusal to answer Senator Ted Cruz’s various simple questions on FBI involvement on that day: Continue reading

Prophecy-related news: 3 – ‘Sign-post’ validates 2021 prophecy of fox in US hen-house

Yesterday morning I found a Fbk contact over the ‘pond’ alerted me to this news and I  put a hold on my plans because I spotted its prophetical significance and commented – BUT next, I happened to come across a just-posted item of direct relevance, as shown below:… Continue reading

Canadian PM Trudeau’s actions fulfill February prophecy to Amanda Grace

The Word of the Lord given on 7th and 8th February to Amanda Grace brings, as usual, intriguing promises on international politics. Be sure to read it in full via that link as I’m citing the parts on Canada only (underscoring and bold text mine) after Amanda begins peaking on Tues 15th Feb:…That description is apposite for the outrage Trudeau caused the next day, Wednesday, in Parliament with his exceptionally offensive insult to one of the opposition party. Three times he was asked to apologise but refused and walked away.. Continue reading

A Friday dream of Trump’s Return – Chris G Bennett (GPS #77.2)

[Chris G Bennett] In fact, the last two dreams or visions have repeated themselves at least 3 times which seemed to me to be an increase of revelation and the importance attached to that revelation by The LORD? So, this morning, I’ve heard in The Spirit the phrase, “Trump’s on his way back!” Continue reading

Are issues with ‘Veep’ Harris in the 2021…22 Word of the Lord? (GPS #76.1)

Let’s recall the closing paragraphs of the Part 1 extract I quote in Prophecy of Very Pivotal Event Over Changing Year 2021-22. (Note the mid-paragraph may relate to  the visionary word Veronika West received about Biden as a ‘circus clown’ or Joker and Vice President Harris as ‘Queen’ and both collapse before Donald Trump returns as ‘King’ –  as for example, in Circus Prophecy Now Moving From ‘Joker’ to ‘Queen’.) Continue reading

Jan 6th 2021 dots joined ‘God-incidentally’ via UK, USA and ‘Canadian Hammer’ (GPS #75)

Thursday evening I had a few minutes to check resposes to the day’s work but I spotted something had been issued by Barry Wunsch on ‘The Canadian Hammer’ (Facebook) at 13:03 (21:03 GMT), which gives confirmation from way past the far side of the ‘pond’ in Alberta, Canada. So I had to comment:

“ACE YES. A fair bit of this has been in my prayers and today’s blogs as I’m monitoring a change-of-year prophecy of a pivotal-event and change over today’s ‘anniversary’ – and time for DJT’s action as proofs of election fraud and (Biden) regime’s action over Capitol protest emerge; as well as praying the Lord shocks it by taking out all evil ones in one fell swoop. In fact, whilst I was drafting first blog on it a week ago today, the Lord arranged for a friend to send me info on Obama being exposed!” Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 2 cont’d – questions on 6th January 2021 protest

In case you missed my postscript to the news of investigations into ballot harvesting in Georgia, here’s the mathematics that reminds us how unanswered legitimate queries over the integrity of procedures in the US Presidential Election of November 2020 led to disruptive events outside the US Capitol a year ago today: Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 3 – US election integrity

Chilling out over the Christmas to New Year holidays with minimal online time enabled me to prune and re-organise my paper copies of informative articles as well as monitor events that may relate to the November 22nd prophetic word given to Amanda Grace: “..And says the Spirit of the Lord this day,watch the end of December leading into the first weeks of January on your calendar, something very pivotal is set to occur…” Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 2 update – Truth of Jan 6th ‘false-flag insurrection’ emerges…

In capturing the lengthy latest developments I added a new category Capitol 6Jan for my 40-odd postings and noted this veritable tell-tale item of 15th January, only a week after the event and which makes a very suitable introduction to this deeply disturbing matter: Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 2 – injustice over January 6th protest

The Deep-State tried to impeach President Trump twice and failed, now they’re trying another tactic:
“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day…Prisoners shall and will be freed, says the Lord, at MY word a public, very public shake-up and a putrid odor and dark secrets shall spill out as trash where their whole unlawful operation crumbles and falls apart…and so the shackles shall be removed and the prisoners held captive and persecuted shall be set free in this hour… Continue reading

Update on shaking of the US Deep-State

‘…The perpetrators of these crimes count on the fact that the public and media lose interest over time, and the complexity of uncovering the truth in bits and pieces will keep the full story hidden for years, if not forever. But the importance of getting to the bottom of this political dirty trick cannot be overstated…’ note this header’s allusion to Jesus’ parable on harvesting of wheat and ripened tares (Matt 13)! Continue reading