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  1. I hope this arrives as a new post(s) as I’m not sure how to post a new post or really which category it applies to, so please correct me if wrong and help me understand to do things properly

    This first word, was given me in 1996, but when things seem to escalate over the years within Israel borders, he always brings this word to mind for the particular time of trouble

    Below is a prophecy, given in 1996, we sort of know these things.
    But in difficult times it encourages us through, especially seeing
    as how the troubles are now escalating.

    I was given a picture of a slightly raised hillock on a low horizon. This
    picture took place in day time. I saw on this
    bare horizon a single tree, not heavy with
    foliage as it was not a very tall or big tree. It was a growing sapling.
    The wind was blowing forcibly from the west to
    the east. All the ground around it and upon the
    horizon was bare and desolate. This wind caused
    the tree to bend towards the east and be bowed
    down. But because the tree was slight in build and still green with sap,
    it did not break but bent with the wind. Then as
    I looked I heard these words.

    “Jerusalem is like a tree bending in the wind. I
    have made her and her inhabitants resilient. I
    have made them pliable. I have made them who are
    made in my image and likeness, who I have called
    out of the nations to be a banner for me. to
    which and in which I will once again beautify my

    The love I show them I also show you.

    I will make Jerusalem forever bendable, I will
    make her a city that may never be fallen. I will
    make her battlements as of sapphire, garnets and
    gold. I will make her a safe haven, a place for
    the drawing of the nations. A new home and a
    renewed hope. A past history not forgotten, nor
    a future deferred, but a cup, not of trembling*,
    but of hope, a cup of new wine, when I will once
    again take her unto my own and gather her unto

    No longer will armies besiege her and be
    stronger, no more will they bully and barter
    with my people as slaves or as goods in a market
    place, as if they were to be reckoned on a bill
    of sale. She is not for purchase for she is
    mine. I will once again build my home in her and
    raise the banner as a new standard of hope for
    my people.

    I will come home to my people and come home to
    my house. I will sit with them at their hearths,
    by their fire and here in this place I will make
    my home. My mat and my heart will be there, I
    will sleep and eat and make merry and live with
    her, my blessed child, making her dance as my
    blessed bride. For I will come for her, for I
    will save her, I will woo her and I will love

    She is my hind, my gazelle, my Dorcas and I will
    fly with her and bound with her, our own hooves
    will clatter upward upon the stones as I lift
    and raise and climb with my own beloved up above
    the clouds, up to the heights, the summit, the
    pinnacle of my hope, love and desire.
    And we will look and hope together, as the
    desire of the nations will come to her,
    Jerusalem my light. In and within her is my
    heart fixed, living and joined as one in
    nature**, with and within her is my life’s
    blood, giving her strength, renewed vigour to her
    limbs. I, once again will belong and I will live
    inside my people, inside their lives, inside
    their hearts.

    I will show my posture of defence as I align my
    heart with all the strength of my love. In me
    there is hope, in me there is and here is my
    peace. I will once again make her branches
    sprout. I will once again heal and feed many
    nations. I will once again gather all nations to
    her tent whose pennant, banner and flag is me,
    as I sit once again proudly atop the tents of my

    My lion’s mane and great strength will be with
    her, mighty, mighty are my claws, great, great
    is my rule, as I lay atop, watching over and
    guarding the tents of my people. Dwell not in
    the tents of Kedar. I will patrol Israel lands
    and guard her borders. I will determine who
    enters. I will forsake them not, nor will I let
    any marauder in, for mine is my might and with
    Me is my excellence of command.

    I look down and I love my child, my city and my
    holy place. At night I kneel beside her, my arms
    outstretched to and over her, the folds of my
    garments of my arms hang over her, cloaking the
    stars as I cloak her in the night. I look and
    long to give her peace and rest but she will for
    now not yield to me. She will not come and put
    her hope in me. Oh my heart pains, hardly
    bearing the cost, but I will do for her what I
    will do for her, for I will always long for her.
    For my home is where my heart is and I long and
    yearn for her as a she cow bemoans the loss and
    separation of her calf.

    But I will bear her pain and I will bear her
    loss for I have determined to pay her cost, I
    have settled within my heart the price and the
    issue. Only what I determine to be done will be

    *this relates to a future state of Israel where
    she will once again rule with God and God rule
    with her.
    **here I have a picture of the physical heart of
    God living, pumping as it were inside and as the heart of
    a gazelle, who is leaping and bounding in green pastures.
    the heart, the life of God within his gazelle. The two together within as one.

    second one …. where east meets west …

    Where East meets West
    About 8 years ago I had a series of short pictures. But I feel I am required to post concerning them, even though the interpretation is not yet fully realised. The other parts are there amongst yourselves, and so are your roles within it – And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
    First of all I saw a desert landscape and emerging from it moving from east to west was an army amongst the dunes and rocky outcrops. There were tanks accompanying the force of soldiers and all around them explosions were happening. The explosions were from planes that were reacting to their military movements.
    The soldiers, troops, had clothing on similar to the colour of the sandy terrain, but not camouflaged and their helmets we not domed but more raised and then domed. So they looked taller or higher or more elongated than a standard helmet worn by soldiers.
    The fact that they were moving from E to W was important.
    But I then saw the airstrips that the planes had come from and they were to the west. I saw men rearming, refuelling, equipping and repairing the planes. This was such a vital task, for it was so important to keep the planes in the air. These men were responsible for providing arms, time and materials and support to the planes and the pilots.
    It was essential the planes were maintained in order to keep them in the air.
    I heard the spirit of the Lord say – pray that the planes will be kept in the air.
    It mattered on a physical level in terms of actually combating the other force moving from west to east. But it also mattered spiritually,  for on another level the planes were kept in the air by prayer  and in a sense there are spiritual planes to be made airborne and maintained.
    The mastery of the skies was essential to the victorious outcome of the force that was in the west being attacked from the east. This so mirrors the situation where in the Battle of Britain the major turning point in the war itself, was the defeat of the German Air Effort in its plan to make ready the land OF BRITAIN FOR INVASION BY THE FORCES OF THE Reich.
    I use the word Reich here – for it has been said that Hitler actually thought, planned and acted to bring the Reich into a 1000 year rule.
    It is well known that the few overcame the might of the many and it has been recorded that there was particular prayer by Rees Howells and intercessors whilst this was happening. So much so was God involved in the turning back of enemy forces, that it was seen and said that angelic beings were actually seen flying the planes of Allied Forces within the cockpit of the Spitfires and Hurricanes.
    The battle mentioned earlier has similar ramifications 
     Pray that the planes will be kept in the air.
    Secondly I saw a sea scene. The important fact about this is that it was happening in the waters immediately to the WEST of the land that was being attacked from the east in the first picture.
    When I put the two scenarios together, it was revealed that the land that was being attacked by land forces was Israel, for it had enemies to its East and the Mediterranean immediately to is west.
    In these waters to the west I saw 5 things
    Near the coast of what has been established as Israel, though not in shallow water. I saw a destroyer type vessel, which was FRIENDLY TO ISRAEL IN THAT IT WAS DEFENDING HER. In these waters near Israel was a shark, which represented an enemy presence.
    This shark was in the waters and seemed to be a threat to Israel. But its purpose was to lure the destroyers into attacking it, either to waste time  or to act as a decoy . And I saw the destroyer(s) begin to pick up a head of steam and move swiftly to the shark, the whole of the shark wasnft visible, but enough of it to LURE  the destroyer to move to where it the shark was positioned.
    This leads to the third thing I saw
    For near the shark that was visible to the destroyer, but under the water, completely hidden and submerged was another shark. Which was horribly misshapen and in relative terms ten times bigger than the shark that was attempting to lure the destroyer towards it. And its head was huge and the body seemed to be as huge as its head.
    It was a misshapen monster and represented something dark and dangerous to the life of the forces allied to Israel . But its purpose in hiding, in being submerged was to destroy the destroyer that was being lured towards the target of the smaller shark.
    The purpose of the 2 pronged attack, the one from land and the one from the sea. Was to weaken Israel from both flanks at the same time. So pray that the destroyers ( for it was accompanied by what looked to be 2 smaller vessels) will not be UNDULY lured into the net of the sharks. For if the destroyers got to the small shark without seeing the hidden menace under the water then the destroyers would themselves be destroyed, leaving Israel’s waters undefended and its western land mass vulnerable and accessible from the sea.
    But I saw something else regarding the destroyers as they moved in V formation towards the smaller shark . I saw that the lead destroyer fired its guns, but not at the shark on the surface. But at a purposeful height above and to the right of the surface shark. Either it had identified a different target as a threat or it was not falling for the lure of the small shark, perhaps it was a warning shot, but my sense is that the small shark was not being successful in fully luring the destroyer, though IT HAD COAXED THE DESTROYER TO FORM SOME TYPE OF ENGAGEMENT.
    4. There we 2 more things of VITAL note. In that below the mutant monster shark hidden under the water waiting to pounce on the destroyer force, way below but not out of range of this larger shark  was a single small submarine. Sitting there quietly and for now unseen and unnoticed .
    This small sub I sensed had been placed in these waters, long before this event took place or was shaped. It represents Gods foreknowledge and resourcefulness of things that are to be and he takes action even before the plot is known by the enemy themselves. Before a plot is formed it is known and before it is put into operation it is defeated. Well worth knowing, well worth remembering, well worth being obedient to whilst being called or prepared in the practice of His ways and principles. For these things reveal His Character.
    Some of you may feel you are forgotten, shelved or dismissed. He wants you to be in the place and the time for the purpose of His choosing. Some of us do not yet fully realise the nature of our calling. Some of us have become weary, including those who’s task is in the preparing of others.
    For I saw this small sub as it lay almost undetected  fire one maybe 2 torpedoes from its bays. And it blasted the large mutant shark into two, completely severing the head from the body. The shark  was so shocked as its separate pieces just hung suspended in mid waters, frozen in the moment of the SUPRISE impact of the small subs torpedoes, until its moment of suspension stopped and it began its slow fall to the bottom of the Sea beneath it. This leads us to point 5.
    5. Just before the small sub was to fire, there appeared a large octopus, enraged and thrashing its tentacles (8). In an attempt to stop the small sub releasing its torpedoes towards the mutant shark, it projected a cloud of dark inky substance, propelled towards the small sub in an effort to cloud its vision so as to cause the sub not to fire the torpedoes. Or distract it enough to miss or to prevent the large sharks destruction or harm. The octopus, It failed . But the vision shows its seeming late arrival and method of operation in this scene of warfare off the coastline of Israel.
    Little subs do not be put off, do not let your aim be deflected or its potency be diminished, but know that attempts will be made, but God will not allow it to fail. If the willingness is there the gift is acceptable.
    Destroyers don be UNDULY lured, understand the nature of the battle, know the enemy tactics, only do what u know you should, what He tells u to do.
    Planes and technicians and pilots, keep yourselves and others in the air, Intercessors and repairers as you ACCESS GODS RESOURCES so that mastery of the sky and the vital air power is achieved and maintained, warn your nation, sound the siren. Make ready His pilots, planes and bombs. May His people be ready in the day of His power. to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up
    – Thy people [shall be] willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth. KJ
    NIV Your troops will be willing on your day of battle. Arrayed in holy majesty, from the womb of the dawn you will receive the dew of your youth.* *Or / your young men will come to you like the dew
    Dont give up, dont allow yourselves to be disheartened, diminished by the enemy or destroyed, do the good you always have been created to do and continue in it  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not..
    For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as [we are, yet] without sin.
    Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
    He knows you are weary, He knows what is touching, what has been touched, both how and why, Come he bids you come to receive all the grace that you both require and that HE wants you receive . He will meet ALL those, your needs, according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus. For your needs are His needs and His needs are yours.
    But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! – For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.
     Our brother and sisters are those in HIS service in a whole field and range of tasks and responsibilities. His mother and brothers and sisters are those of the nation He himself calls Israel. Stretch out your hand toward Him, for he is stretching his hand out towards them and towards you. And you do, you are stretching your hand toward them.
    This scenario is to be real, the characters and events are real for they depict human involvement and response to its spiritual side. But also concerns and depicts nations presence and participation in activity for and against Israel in every sense that is real and physical.
    The aircraft represent physical planes, necessary for the best protection for Israel, but also, those ministries that keep spiritual planes flying in the spiritual air.


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