VIDEO: metal bits disappear

Metal plates, screws and rods disappear

At a leaders’ seminar in Winchester, England in September 2011 Randy Clark spoke about a new phenomenon encountered during prayer ministry – the disappearance or softening of surgically implanted metal rods, pins and screws!  That there were no ill effects upon people is evident because they regained full physical activity!  That is, not only did the supportive metal implants soften or disappear, but their bodies must also have been miraculously healed to enable such activity.

Randy showed video (click link to watch) of a man in Brazil with rods in his spine who could now bend over, plus an interview with a man for whom dozens of metal surgical objects had supported but hampered free movement – but no longer so. His X-ray plates showed they’d been there! (Video isn’t yet available on-line.)

Click to see video reporting on two bars have gone from an arm, also see Randy’s on-the-road report of several instances of healing with regard to metal parts. Also, Global Awakening’s home page currently shows a lady reporting a plate has disappeared from her wrist.

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