Whistleblowers report DOJ downplayed Hunter Biden evidence in election year 2020 — Jonathan Turley

Professor of law writes..’.Given the documented bias of the FBI and DOJ during the Russian collusion investigation, such allegations must be considered seriously given the baffling refusal of Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel….’ Continue reading

Whistleblower Account: VP Pence, Chief Justice Roberts and Epstein — Clever Journeys

Jack Dennis reports : Interviews, conducted from January 9 through March 1, 2021, with Georgia Attorney Linn Wood’s office literally gave me nauseous shivers when I first read them two years ago. Since then, mainstream media has tried to silence this information with some degree of success…. Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven #7: As prophesied, whistleblower medics speak out

The above-linked posting featured a reader’s research, and who is a retired General Practitioner, into this gravely disturbing yet heavily censored topic. Dr Elisabeth’s final paragraph’s remark is now proving to be accurate…NOW, note the content of this newsletter from Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine and DMA technologies, published this weekend regarding US military whistleblowers: Continue reading

The real story behind the Facebook whistleblower – Lance Wallnau

Thank you Hilary S for the heads-up on this, which I suspect is far from the whole story. Lance covers points reported in the previous post’s link to The Gateway Pundit, but those who prefer video to text may wish to play via Facebook by clicking image: Continue reading

MORE prophecy coming to pass? Is the Facebook whistleblower ‘another Snowden’? Will ‘Falling Giants’ prophecy apply? (God’s GPS #70.1)

Part of the previous post on China’s ‘subtle war’ quotes Kim Clement as bringing on 22nd February 2014, “And then God says, “HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!” This weekend’s news…I note the direct involvement of one of UK’s ex-politicians involved with Z-berg & Biden, as in updates on the prophecy of ‘falling giants’ and their scandalous complicity in the US presidential election: Continue reading

Prophecies fulfilled on man-made virus and whistleblowers: medics speaking against deep state conspiracy – 2. from America

BUT…along came a couple of messages on a related topic that I was aware of, and the first of which I blogged in the previous post.  Then I ‘twigged’ both connect into what I’ve been blogging about on CV-19 as biological weapon, especially against which vaccines had already been patented (see trilogy on Incontrovertible Proof). Continue reading

A whistleblower dream and a vision of The Body Builder – Wanda Alger (GPS #56.2)

And once again, part of her message resonates with my musings; this time, in view of governmental shakings here and in America, on Isaiah’s prophecy that “the government will be upon His shoulders” – when Lord? Make it very soon! Continue reading

Prophecies coming to pass in America 5 (F/P #25.4 cont’d) – Whistleblowers, where’ve they come from?

In response to the post 4 on CIA whistleblower, in which the reporter uses scripture quoted in a Veronika West prophecy, the prophet-seer writes last night: ‘AMAZING!!  Interestingly the Lord spoke to me specifically about “WHISTLE BLOWERS” …!! Read the last paragraph of the prophetic word!!’ [ Continue reading

Prophecies coming to pass in America 4 (F/P #25.4 cont’d) – explosive: CIA whistleblower implicates Obama, Biden, Clinton in Benghazi seals’ deaths

Further my prophetically musing almost four years ago over the Lord going to expose rotten politics in USA and recent news of the ‘Russiagate farce’…It’s particularly interesting to hear scriptures being quoted between the operative and film crew over returning him to America and submit his proof to President Trump. Continue reading

MORE validations of the Lord’s word on CV-19: “It’s man-made”

On January 10, 2023, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 365 to 65 in favor of a resolution to establish the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, chaired by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). The following information is worthy of further investigation by that committee. Continue reading

9th high-level validation of the Lord’s saying covid-19 “is man-made” (F/P#121.10.10)

Found and forward onto Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations Telegram this morning and added to blog’s library… Newer readers may wish to peruse extensive record of entries on the above – it’s a page on this blog’s Prophecies Fulfilled hub – With 3 minutes to go I’ve scheduled (ie ‘cued’) publication for 17:00 hrs on 18th. Continue reading

KA-BOOM! FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago blows up in its face from whistle-blowers telling the truth! “Another Snowden”?

NO WONDER I was unable to return to sleep after a dream relating to last night’s news from over the Pond awoke me around 3am.  MOST unusually, I got prompted to check again only to  find, as I’d surmised, the real reason for this unprecedented political raid lies behind the seditious activities of Obama-Clinton against candidate Donald Trump and ‘Russiagate’ hoax – truly FAR worse than Watergate! Continue reading