Holy Fire coming in two phases

The Lord will bring fire once again to His church and to the world. We know this much already because it’s been prophesied for decades if not centuries. The ‘signs of the times’ that Jesus and later Paul spoke about are almost universally accepted as being upon us. Earthquakes, floods, fires, storms – we’re just missing that few moments of stillness when the ‘still small voice’ of the Lord will be heard. Actually , that still small voice IS being heard! I hear Him say,… Continue reading

Prophetic words and vision of pruning in church prior to harvest

I saw in front of me a beautiful old English oak tree; its trunk was wide and its roots spread all over the nations. As I looked, I could see the branches of one side of this tree reached up to the sky. But on the other side, I saw a large old branch; it was old and thick but I could see it was bending towards the ground. Then I saw that many brambles were reaching up from the ground and pulling it down. This continued for some time until I heard an almighty crack! Continue reading

Synod sides with satan – risk of Anglican schism/shaking

The great falling away from faith in Christ Jesus has been gaining momentum for years. However, decisions and official declarations by the Church of England’s recent General Synod, the tricameral deliberative and legislative gathering of bishops, clergy and laity, means we could now regard the Great Apostasy as being ‘officially’ under way. Continue reading

The Rapture Parable — The Gospel In The End Times

My brief remark on the ‘Rapture’ in the post on The Shaking implies I have some reservations on that New Testament topic. Rather than rely on Paul’s letters alone, I prefer to start at what Jesus Himself says about that ‘in-gathering’, especially when we look at the original Greek rather than translations! (EG. see Fresh insights into Jesus’ role in Creation, covering His implicit knowledge of the laws of quantum mechanics.) Continue reading

Prophecy of spiritual shift across the northern hemisphere

God says (according to Hank Kunneman), “It’s My theology, I’m messing with the nations, and so I’ll mess again with the union of Europe, and I will raise up the United Kingdom, and watch what I’m about to do through this president in America. I will bring the land of the Eagle to a table of diplomacy with the Bear, Russia, and with China the Dragon.” Continue reading

Neville Johnson: new edition of ‘Our Finest Hour’ – warning re. USA

…latest e-magazine of insights from renowned prophetical voices has an extra item about one of the anti-christ spirit’s current activities in USA (the Official War Against Trump), to which my Footnote refers: Continue reading