All-consuming Fire of God and the Wheat & Tares (GPS #28.3)

And so the Global Prophecy Signals continue with this triple cluster…as happened 2 x 12 days ago (see New Year’s Day reflective trilogy) , our morning reading from Sanctuary – Moments In His Presence based on Moses at the ‘burning’ bush and hearing from the Lord God, this topic was reinforced by subsequent material – and thus once more confirming the validity of each message… Continue reading

2009 End-times revelation on ‘wheat & tares’ reinforced for 2019 (GPS#26.1)

[Neville Johson] There will now be a period of removing the tares from the church. This must happen before the harvest begins…We are now moving from the church age to the kingdom age. The ramifications of this are far reaching. On the 26th December 2018 I had an encounter with the Lord and one of his saints… Continue reading

Urgent Covid word confirmed: next 40 days critical – Neil Mackereth

The urgency of the moment cannot be overstressed. The next 40 days are critical. We should seek to align ourselves, our prayers and our actions, with God’s purposes. The remnant have an awesome responsibility in this hour to proclaim the Word of God and humbly yearn for, and sincerely intercede on behalf of all, who do not know the Lord. Continue reading

‘God-incidence’ of 11 and 21st (3×7) anniversary of solar eclipse – “Look up for your redemption draws nigh!”

[Ben Kay] “It was interesting how it came about as I had no intention to write all these things until late last night when I sensed the Lord reminding me about the eclipse and prompting me to write an encouragement. It took a few hours but managed to get it sent out this morning thankfully…” Continue reading

It’s Time, Destiny’s Clock is ticking – Veronika West

This latest from the Lord through Veronika is another great encouragement about the ripening of the ‘wheat and tares’ (Matt 13) AND confirms the main thrust of my posts on satan’s strategy and its attempt to destroy the holy harvest. … Continue reading

For such a time as this, read ‘The Manual’ – Neil Mackereth

Neil writes to me, “The imminence of a great move of God, followed by the rapid fulfilment of End-Times prophecy, is burgeoning. “The spirit of lawlessness is prowling around while the silent majority cower in face of the onslaught from … Continue reading

End-Times Briefing 9: Hourglass of End-time harvest – Veronica West

The author of Signs: The Significance of Bible Prophecy reacts, “That is very powerful indeed…I also had clear direction that the time of allowing the wheat and the tares to grow together is about to end  – the harvest of separation is about to begin.” Continue reading

ACE Insights: Shavuot – Pentecost — Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum


Dr Arnold’s description of the new ministry of Spirit baptism as being essential to the Church’s existence, confirms…appreciate the inclusion of parable of wheat and tares as it also relates directly to the End-times harvest, Continue reading

F/P #162.10-1 cont’d – Is this global pandemic from God’s hand?

There’s another connotation to ‘man-made’ other than engineered: it can be something that’s arisen as a consequence of human sinful activities giving satan legal rights of access to interfere diabolically with our lives. Maybe Jesus was mindful of that state-of-play when saying:… Continue reading