‘On-Cue’: USA reverts to days of lawless Wild West, BUT GOD… 1 ‘tares’

This is the post I’d begun Tuesday, as told in 12th Anniversary: Endgame is now in play…., then first thing Wednesday morning I checked the wheat and tares parable. So the piece is now split into two contrasting parts per the scripture and Jesus’ action plan, with the ‘tares’ first: Continue reading

12th Anniversary: ‘The Endgame is now in play’ – parable of the wheat and tares (GPS #59.2)

Sunday was the 12th anniversary of my first writing on Bible prophecy playing out in our days. And having been stunned by the privilege of being given the Lord’s opinion on the matter, I was left with absolutely no doubt whatsoever on it!!  But more on that shortly… Continue reading

All-consuming Fire of God and the Wheat & Tares (GPS #28.3)

And so the Global Prophecy Signals continue with this triple cluster…as happened 2 x 12 days ago (see New Year’s Day reflective trilogy) , our morning reading from Sanctuary – Moments In His Presence based on Moses at the ‘burning’ bush and hearing from the Lord God, this topic was reinforced by subsequent material – and thus once more confirming the validity of each message… Continue reading

2009 End-times revelation on ‘wheat & tares’ reinforced for 2019 (GPS#26.1)

[Neville Johson] There will now be a period of removing the tares from the church. This must happen before the harvest begins…We are now moving from the church age to the kingdom age. The ramifications of this are far reaching. On the 26th December 2018 I had an encounter with the Lord and one of his saints… Continue reading

God’s vision of America beyond the Ash-heap – Veronika West

In the early hours of this morning I suddenly awoke from a very deep sleep to these Words, ”Woe to those who say, “America just curse God and die, for surely He has forsaken you”!”
As I heard those Words, I suddenly felt a powerful angelic presence enter my room and I discerned the presence of an Angel standing before me in the corner of my room. Continue reading

‘Sign’ to USA and the world in two unusual events on one day – Hank Kunneman

Very soon now, we will begin to see the fulfillment of God’s promise to tear down this illegal US government, and with this tearing down, to bring his salvation to the earth! When this happens, and it is actually already in process, this will bring the separation of God’s true prophets from those who have not spoken in his Name. Continue reading

Vision of rainbow, stairway of living stones. T.R.U.M.P tree, 7-Spirit whirlwind and New Kingdom Reformation – Veronika West

As promised in her brief notice on Monday, Veronika has now published full details on her Ignite Ireland Ministries. (As it’s a long-read I’ve not edited its Facebook formatting, so I trust its continuous script will read reasonably on WordPress.): Continue reading

AWESOME vision to manifest in same way God’s Spirit brought the animals to Noah – Tim Dixon

 After posting several items on the parable of the wheat and tares I took particular note of what Tim Dixon heard about its application now! At 13 minutes Tim begins telling about such a powerful dream the first part of which woke him up and then went right back into it. Continue reading

Important prophetic warning: “Do NOT touch My Anointed – it has begun!” – Kent Christmas

“For many said have said”, says the Lord, “That ‘God failed us’, and that I did not come through for you. But know this,” says the Lord. “I am never late. I am always on time. And I thy God say to thee: Watch me now, because I’m going to shake the earth and I’m going to shake the heavens.” And God says, “I’m going to shake the earth because of the blood of the innocents that has been shed in the soil, not only of this nation but around the world.” Continue reading

Essential viewing: the imminent global Shaking – watch rebellious domes of Jerusalem, Rome & Washington D.C.

Thank you to Chris Moyler for alerting me to this most important message about Washington and God restoring His president, vindication of His true prophets and global shaking as well as massive, final harvesting of wheat and tares, all in … Continue reading

Weekend TMR Update 1: What’s going on with the US military?

To keep readers abreast of developments and as follow-on to previous two posts on President Donald Trump, I’m sharing a few relevant items published over the weekend on The Marshall Report. ‘So…it is as the Lord said, the wheat shall grow with the tares until the harvest…’ Continue reading

Amusing follow-up to vision of Trump-Biden poker game

Do you recall Veronika West’s dream-vision in early November last of a high-stakes poker game between Donald Trump and Joe Biden? In view of all the rather serious recent postings it’s time for a little light relief. So, let’s look again at that game of poker – then at how another sees it. Continue reading

The Marshall Report latest items: significant insights into news and prophecy

Further to my two-part consideration of Matthew 13’s parable of the wheat and tares being fulfilled relating to post-election events in the USA (and globally), a number of recent articles by Dianne Marshall are well-worth including in your weekend reading. … Continue reading

‘On-Cue’: USA reverts to days of lawless Wild West, BUT GOD… – 2 ‘wheat’

That news of the SCOTUS decision to ignore election fraud and the great disbelief and disappointment of attorney Sidney Powell, as in Part 1, got tempered by another aspect of this national debacle. It is that aspect about which I was seeking the Lord in view of my discerning both items’ similarity to the parable of the wheat and tares, especially in considering how the Lord may intervene as well as a possible political action plan that aims to make a separation too. Continue reading

Holy Spirit in action: 3 more ‘double-portions’ validate and fulfill Veronika’s prophetic word (GPS #59.3)

Don’t you love how Holy Spirit works in and through us to encourage one another in Jesus?  It’s so immensely encouraging AND for the second day running the first thing on my blog’s unread comments is of a reader bringing news that directly plugs into whatever I’ve been or am working on. ..Since my first posting of Veronika’s prophecy screenshot with 3 examples of double-portions yet another 3 have occurred, thereby validating and fulfilling that word. Continue reading

Wow-Wotta-Wednesday: Know our enemy’s strategy – Neil Mackereth

The Word of God is a necessary and authoritative guide for our well-being. It is clear, accurate, necessary and sufficient to all our needs. The Bible is best read with integrity, in context and, above all, with Holy Spirit guidance. It is explains God’s plan for the redemption of mankind and it tells us what will happen next. I make my views plain so that what I am about to write will not be misconstrued. The Bible does not say what liberals want to hear. In fact, if God chose to publish His Ten Commandments on social media, His account would be closed. Continue reading

Urgent Covid word confirmed: next 40 days critical – Neil Mackereth

The urgency of the moment cannot be overstressed. The next 40 days are critical. We should seek to align ourselves, our prayers and our actions, with God’s purposes. The remnant have an awesome responsibility in this hour to proclaim the Word of God and humbly yearn for, and sincerely intercede on behalf of all, who do not know the Lord. Continue reading