All-consuming Fire of God and the Wheat & Tares (GPS #28.3)

And so the Global Prophecy Signals continue with this triple cluster…as happened 2 x 12 days ago (see New Year’s Day reflective trilogy) , our morning reading from Sanctuary – Moments In His Presence based on Moses at the ‘burning’ bush and hearing from the Lord God, this topic was reinforced by subsequent material – and thus once more confirming the validity of each message… Continue reading

2009 End-times revelation on ‘wheat & tares’ reinforced for 2019 (GPS#26.1)

[Neville Johson] There will now be a period of removing the tares from the church. This must happen before the harvest begins…We are now moving from the church age to the kingdom age. The ramifications of this are far reaching. On the 26th December 2018 I had an encounter with the Lord and one of his saints… Continue reading

10 years ago: ‘time-bomb’ in my Bible blew up in my face!

I’d opened it many times before without that ever happening. Had someone sneaked into the house overnight, cut and scooped out the inside of my thick tome and put a pressure-sensitive stick of spiritual dynamite inside?? Or, had some clever being, the Holy Spirit even, already known when I’d be checking on a topic that’s churning around within my mind – a specific simile on the Kingdom of God – arranged for to be zapped at that instant? Continue reading

Chris Bennett on Ezekiel 34 & 37 – bad shepherds and renewal of the Church

‘The Lord just revealed something to me. I don’t think for one moment I’m the only one hearing this, but this is the confirmation of what’s been brewing in me for several days. The Lord is saying that NOW is that Ezekiel 34 moment – the exposing of the bad shepherds. Those who have led their flock through the wide, easy gate; who have omitted so much from the gospel and from the salvation experience…’ Continue reading

Bible Updates

“As we often note, one of the strongest proofs that the Bible is true as written is the remarkable predictive prophecy therein. I have never met a critic who could adequately counter the view that Bible prophecy proves the Bible.” … Continue reading

1989 > 2009 > 2019 > The Age To Come

A reader asked about training for the Millennium (Jesus Christ’s return to rule the earth) as in brief discussion arising from reference to The Divine Council in comments to Leisa Ebere’s prophetic word on the UK Government, and how the Church can influence it by virtue of its Kingdom, not earthly, authority.

It’s an excellent question in view of that emphasis in what Leisa Ebere and others, such as Bobby Conner, Neville Johnson,  Lana Vawser, and Veronika West, to name just a few, are bringing (eg, Lana on prayer lives being filled with holy fire). Continue reading

Jesus opens my Bible to answer my ‘newbie’ questions!

Utterly awesome as the dream-vision was wherein Jesus not only took me to task for having shut the door on the Gospel but also rescued me from a trapdoor to hell, it did not make me want to rush off to church. The radical ramifications upon my philosophy of life needed very careful consideration. One thing I needed to check in-depth was claims of the Bible having been compiled and modified by Church councils three hundred years after Christ. It would involve learning about its compilation and history from sound, authoritative sources. Continue reading