More~on: satanic strategy of distraction in Afghanistan – Veronika West

[Veronika West] As I heard those words,…I found myself praying very specifically and strategically concerning the demonic distractions of the enemy that seeks to blind the eyes of the Nations in this hour to a stolen Election and to the Spirits of corruption and perversion that seek to gain a greater foothold in the Nations. Continue reading

Wow-Wotta-Wednesday: Know our enemy’s strategy – Neil Mackereth

The Word of God is a necessary and authoritative guide for our well-being. It is clear, accurate, necessary and sufficient to all our needs. The Bible is best read with integrity, in context and, above all, with Holy Spirit guidance. It is explains God’s plan for the redemption of mankind and it tells us what will happen next. I make my views plain so that what I am about to write will not be misconstrued. The Bible does not say what liberals want to hear. In fact, if God chose to publish His Ten Commandments on social media, His account would be closed. Continue reading

Insights into satanic strategy in USA – 2: spiritual tactics (GPS #54.2)

PS (12 Dec): Abel’s dreams 3, 4, 5 posted 26 Nov are especially pertinent in view of SCOTUS declining Texas’ (et al) case against four states conduct of the election… Within minutes of publishing Update 15 I received a message … Continue reading

Another insight into global satanic strategy: are masks a trial-run? – part 1

PRAYER: Heavenly Father I ask you to protect each one of my brethren in Jesus Christ who may read this by His holy sinless blood; also that access rights the demonic may have are thus rendered null and void. (I’d prepared this for publication a few days ago but awoke with excruciating hip pain on Tuesday that necessitates resting. In praying for me a prophetical pastor confirmed my suspicion of it being demonic attack.) Continue reading

Prophecy triplet’s riddle brings specific intercession strategy for GB & NI

Yvonne Coombs – ‘Last night just before falling to sleep I pictured being in a meeting with Boris Johnson and I heard, “A DONKEY DON’T SPIT ON THE PAVEMENT, BUT A COCKROACH LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH!” ‘I took this to brethren this morning and, after the initial emojis, an important unravelling began. I am adding what Veronica West and Rick Davis brought to the table for this AWESOME RIDDLE of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

Satan’s strategy made plain for ALL to see in Sri Lanka

The deliberate attacks in Sri Lanka to murder men, women and children is the latest tragedy, but the plain fact it took place when they celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from death and His victory over satan through redeeming humanity from its authority and grip, amply demonstrates it was fully satanic in nature, perpetrated by demonised sub-humans. Continue reading

Prophetic strategy cont’d – a heavenly perspective

Kevin Zadai claims to have died at the age of 31 during a dental procedure but was returned to life 45 minutes later. Yet to him it seemed 6 days had elapsed whilst he was in the company of Jesus Christ and receiving His profound instruction. Having watched a number of half-hour ‘celebrity chats’ plus some lengthier conference sessions, I’m most impressed with his character and way of integrating scripture into a number of his experiences, as well as not being extreme in his views, which line up with my own understanding. Continue reading

Rallying Calls to Prayer – 2: Prophetic Strategy

[Neil Mackereth] “I am convinced that in our “New Testament” times the strategy has changed. Each “prophet” receives an element of a much bigger picture and it requires unity for the jigsaw to be completed. Friends of God live in the stream of prophetic enlightenment and recognise the signs of the times. With information and understanding comes responsibility! …it was made clear to me that Christians are not to just sit in the audience watching the play. We are also players (audience participation!) and need to study the script in order to fulfill our roles in the unfolding drama…” Continue reading

LATEST on Iran’s dual-strategy against halting nuclear accord

Further to my re-blog of Joel Rosenberg’s report on Secretary Pompeo’s speech on US’ new strategy on dealing with the Iranian regime, this morning’s pre-mainstream media news reveals their adoption of a dual-strategy. It involves not only installing anti-aircraft surface-to-air missile batteries around their nuclear enrichment facilities to protect from likely Israeli-American attacks, but also gave its European underlings an ultimatum!…Any intelligent person, knowing how assiduously the homicidal thug Saddam Hussein sought to build nuclear weapons and missiles, only to be prevented by the second Gulf War, would be extremely wary of all other fanatics’ surreptitious schemes and strategies to do the same; especially when consistently proclaiming their aim of destroying Israel. Continue reading

Bible Update: Zech 12:2-3 – PA leader’s 25-year strategy broken over Jerusalem

Having long bitten the hand that feeds it, the Palestinian Authority’s President Abbas has now received a couple of long overdue punches in the teeth!  He’ll find they break upon the ‘burdensome stone’ that is the ‘apple’ the Holy One of Israel’s ‘eye’!
…The known details of the plan are noteworthy: ‘Much of the criticism of the US-Arab peace plan is prompted by a misapprehension. The plan is based strongly on a two-state solution that offers the Palestinians their own state and negates bi-national Israeli-Palestinian statehood. But the contours are different from any former peace proposal. Gone for good are the pre-1967 war lines which were Abbas’ sine qua non. Continue reading

An insight into global satanic strategy – part 2

Timing in publishing this follow-on, 700th post is exceptionally fascinating not only for its confirmation in directly related news from Washington but also in other details. I will explain in next post; meanwhile, may you too be blessed with insights as you … Continue reading

An insight into a global satanic strategy – part 1

A nuance new to me of our enemy’s tactics has come to light which seriously affects politicians’ and public’s perceptions. As in the caveat to Paws 4 thought, it’s a topic I’d much rather not blog about, but current events require this information … Continue reading

SAME DAY God-incidence (GPS #90.2): New Church Wineskin – Thomas Henry

The Lord has given me what I consider as the most important word He has given me for the church and I am in process of writing and praying over it. It is in relation to new church wineskin and blueprint for 2023 and beyond in order to avoid the mistakes of past Revival’s and church failures. Continue reading