Validations Update : Veronika West’s ‘stadium’ dream of cheating in US 2020 election!

In Part 1, William Koenig writes, ‘I know the experts advising the White House on how electronic manipulation works. I spent an hour with one of the top national experts in August. They know the names of the companies, how it is done and who is behind it. It is complicated. If anybody would expose this, it would be President Trump.’  Continue reading

NAIL-ON-THE-HEAD validation of Veronika West’s ‘stadium’ dream of cheating in US 2020 election!

Since reading recent news Veronika’s vision has been on my mind, and this morning as I was watching the video on my phone and as I was taking careful note of how Biden eventually gets disqualified as president, this from ‘Down-under’ POPPED ONTO my screen…. Continue reading

Voting vindicates Veronika West and prophets on Donald Trump

Those unable to consider Donald Trump as President whilst Biden is in ‘office’, need to  note there’s Biblical warrant for Trump’s holy calling to his nation, notwithstanding another’s temporary authority (as when king Saul ruled Israel): Now, with this week’s Republican Primary elections in America we’re getting a most interesting replay of the 2020 presidential election along the lines of scientific laws where a certain action has a specific reaction – but this time a trap has been set and has sprung!  What’s more, candidates endorsed by ‘kingmaker’ Donald Trump have won their contests…. Continue reading

At final furlong Heavenly Trump jumped the ‘Q-ueue’ taking 1st place – Johnny Enlow

It certainly seems the Lord does use occasional horse races to encourage us and grant insights into some significant events…AND ON RE-READING i NOTED STRONG re-iteration of mistakenly declaring a winner, as in Veronika’s stadium race dream of 4 Nov 2020…NOTE DISTINCT SYMBOLISM: Continue reading

‘God-incidence’ points to cheating in US 2020 election

The video opens with a clip of Biden stating in October 2020,….in view of how the November 2020 election was conducted and discrepancies that eventually emerged – plus other extremely grave activities – Biden’s remark may hide a deeper ulterior and criminal motivation.  After all, in a non-totalitarian society electoral integrity and reform is a matter for all agreement between political parties! Continue reading

US 2020 Election prophecies of cheating fulfilled – Veronika West & Abel Praise


A few times in monitoring the progress of prophecies on the US presidential election  we’ve considered Veronika West’s dream a week before the election of a high stakes poker game between Trump and Biden.  It was featured in a 41 minute video in my US Election’s NOT over #5 (of 40) with brief notes of content. The following transcript was later published by His Kingdom Prophecy, which also provides details of an important second dream she had during the night of the election, 3rd-4th November 2020: Continue reading

A prophetic word to ‘The Seven Mountains’ – Veronika West

I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch, for I will have The Nations of the earth stand naked before Me! Yes naked! And fully exposed, The Nations of the earth shall stand before My Holy Presence. Watch, for the mighty Winds of The Whirlwind of My Seven Spirits shall blow forth upon The Seven Mountains….” Continue reading

‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 2 of 3

We noted that Donald Trump would naturally keep his cards very close to his chest. Veronika refers to supporting teams as ‘administration’ and I note this has an especially significant meaning and role as we start looking over his shoulder at those cards he’s holding.

Furthermore, there’s another notably important feature in common with that prophetical poker game and actual events: namely, chronological, ‘God-incidental’ timing. It’s far too coincidental when we notice the nature of the ‘trump’ cards and of Trump’s ‘admin’ are rather like jigsaw pieces fitting together in another of God’s invisible jigsaws. Continue reading

Doves, eagles, ravens, heavenly blood-hounds… Veronika West

(After seeing Veronika’s announcement I copy-pasted her postings but not reformatted other than emboldened text.) “DOVES,…EAGLES,….RAVENS…HEAVENLY BLOOD-HOUNDS…T•R•U•M•P…JEHU THE MAD MAN…AND THE HARVEST”…! So yesterday (23 March)  after posting the word on the “EARLY BIRDS WILL CATCH THE WORM”;…/ ••••I … Continue reading

Exposure of rot continues: Deceit on Biden ‘white house’ location

REALLY do need to update my catalogue of Fulfilled Prophecies as there’s now lots more than 250 examples of prophecies that have come to pass, or are the process of becoming fulfilled – OR like this one as around 40th instance of my musing nearly 5 years ago “Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU?” Now, let’s re-consider the content of a couple of recent postings and something even more intriguing: Continue reading

Prophetic visions/words shared by Veronika West – 4: T.I.M.E and Donald Trump

In keeping tabs on political events over ‘the Pond’ there’s ONE prophecy about Donald Trump that I’ve kept in mind and watching how it’s coming to pass – and I’d not blogged it!! The symbolism means that, despite all indications to the contrary, Donald Trump will win the hearts of all the people AND the tables will be turned in Trump’s own time. That is, as and when he sees fit to act! Continue reading

Symbolic ‘owl’ tells the Time for America – Veronika West

Did you notice the subtle emphasis to Time in Veronika’s posting yesterday about the British and European nations being at a tipping point? Well the USA isn’t missing out! Her latest prophetic word, with recap of previous ones, for America published the day before – 31st March – brings remarkable insights upon Time… Continue reading

2018 vision of demonic laboratories – Charlie Shamp (FP #162.5)

[May 2018] I recently had a troubling vision that I believe will require intercessors to take very seriously and pray into during this time. In this vision I was carried to a place that seemed to be a makeshift laboratory… Continue reading