Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 5: – Zuckerberg

NB. an exceptional contrast: “No one in America has lost as much money over the past year as Zuckerberg,” (Forbes) The catalyst for Trump’s return was his creation of the Trump Media and Technology Group, the company behind the social media platform Truth Social. Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 4: Newsmix on Clinton, Bidens, Z-berg, bio-labs, ‘vaccines’ etc.

For information, here’s news of continuing exposures from Richard’s Watch Telegram subsequent to Why worse than Watergate: It’s well-documented transnational crime… You may not agree with their content! The first several paragraphs from the news on Zuckerberg and 2020 rigged election is separate set of items at the footer: Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 3: US Intel chiefs

In considering recent developments indicating the approaching fulfillment of the insights Veronika West was granted into the political storms in America and its ‘giants-will-fall’.. I offer this collection of news on the chaotic leadership of its intelligence agencies. Some of the items in previous parts of this topic are now moved into this posting. Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 2: Clinton & ‘Spygate’ etc

We noted how the threat of war in eastern Europe diverted attention from the epic news of the deeply intensive John Durham Investigation into ‘Spygate’ etc.  Is it coincidental? We suspect it could have been contrived for the ulterior motives hidden behind a secret  nefarious political agenda. Whatever, let’s check the state-of-play: Continue reading

Falling giants prophecy coming to pass – reprise

This post is a copy of a summary issued 1st July 2021 on this topic entitled Dems & Fkbook pre-election connivance to silence President Trump.:

Here are previous items on the progressive fulfilment of prophecies for America that The Giants Will Fall… and A Storm is Brewing, as brought by Veronika West in Sept 2018 and updated 10 November 2020. They’re about God bringing His justice, purging and purification and which also, in my humble opinion, includes whistle-blowers: Continue reading

MORE prophecy coming to pass? Is the Facebook whistleblower ‘another Snowden’? Will ‘Falling Giants’ prophecy apply? (God’s GPS #70.1)

Part of the previous post on China’s ‘subtle war’ quotes Kim Clement as bringing on 22nd February 2014, “And then God says, “HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!” This weekend’s news…I note the direct involvement of one of UK’s ex-politicians involved with Z-berg & Biden, as in updates on the prophecy of ‘falling giants’ and their scandalous complicity in the US presidential election: Continue reading

Falling giants prophecy coming to pass: Dems & Fkbook pre-election connivance to silence President Trump

Now, we have this report on not only the contemptible, political suppression of free speech – in once ‘free America’!! – but also on action tantamount to sedition:…’This was apparently an unsatisfactory solution for the Biden team. They scolded the social media platform again for the “mental gymnastics” they had to go through to keep the video on their platform. Nothing but a total ban of Trump, which they eventually got, would’ve been enough…’ Continue reading

Giants attacking America; God’s patriots shall bring them down – The Marshall Report

In the light of Veronika West’s prophetic visions/words about giants falling this makes interesting reading, along with its reference to Britain’s role! The facts are now in our face that it wasn’t just a crooked patent office, a crooked FBI, … Continue reading

Prophecies coming to pass in America 6 (F/P #25.4 cont’d) – UK Parliament’s interest in Clegg and ‘falling giants’?

[Spectator] ‘We can only hope that some journalists can find the integrity to follow this story up now further evidence is emerging. If true, this is worse than Watergate [Richard’s Watch 25 January 2018 refers], and following the financial trail ought not to be difficult for any investigator working with serious intent to set out the truth of these serious concerns…’ Continue reading

America falling giants prophecy – Facebook’s come-uppance?

Friday’s centre-pages op-ed of the Daily Telegraph and its World News section did not fail to grab my attention in view of my Newsflash: update on ‘whistleblowers’, and in “giants will fall” – especially as an appropriate follow-on to my recent posts… Continue reading

American Stonehenge Falls as prophetic sign of the times – Veronika West

When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of the Prophetic Word I received the other day, ”The Stone Will Fly and the Sword Will Fall!”  It is interesting to note that there are six (6) Stones in total, and they were hit on the 6th day, of the 7th Month. Continue reading

A simultaneous move of the Holy Spirit – Veronika West

In the early hours of this morning, I was suddenly awoken to these Words, ”Watch! For his legacy for Life and Liberty, Truth and Justice will be set in Stone, and his face will be etched in the pages of history, like the four faces of the founding fathers, engraved on the great mountain of Mount Rushmore…” Continue reading

Bridge over The Pond prophecies of Angels, Altars and Fresh Fire in UK & USA – Veronika West and Dutch Sheets (GPS #82)

…an imaginary supra-natural bridge linking Britain with Northern America used by Holy Spirit for delivering identical or similar teaching, messages or prophetic words on opposite sides of the Atlantic on the same, or next, day.  This makes 101st such posting…Today’s also acts as another example of the Lord’s GPS, or Global Prophecy Signalling system, with Veroninika West in Northern Ireland and Dutch Sheets in South Carolina: Continue reading