A vision of eagles and God’s multi-coloured crown of light

[Lisa Tierney] The LORD showed me the Darkness and Blindness which presently cover the land. But He then showed me eagles, flying in formation, and soaring together above whirlwinds and storms. This speaks of the prophets and intercessors, working closely together, and He said, “I am their Protector!” Continue reading

A season of mighty eagles arising, a crossing over – Veronika West

I Hear the Spirit of God say, “In this season I am releasing a new and unprecedented level and dimension of Faith, Hope and Expectation over My people, they shall not be moved or motivated by fear, they shall not be intimidated, limited or confined by the powers darkness, chaos or confusion that are round about them. Continue reading

Prophetic painting of the Lion and Eagle, with Big Ben!!

This incredible prophetic picture by Yvonne Coombs was painted under holy inspiration and, according to Veronika West, she had NOT SEEN the words that she’d posted the previous morning (and which featured in my Tuesday blog)…. Yvonne recounted her story, which she’s kindly allowed me to share: Continue reading

Cartoonist Matt reminds me of two Americans’ dreams and visions of Big Ben

[Tony Puccio] I had a dream where i saw a group of people gathered around Big Ben. Everyone in the group had sledge hammers in their hands…However, each time those striking Big Ben would inflict damage to it, the damage inflicted would miraculously be restored as if nothing had happened. I remember hearing Parliament in the dream so I am assuming that it was them who were attacking the clock although their attempts in the dream were futile. This is the first time that I recall in dreams I’ve had about Big Ben where the government was involved in attacking it. … Continue reading

Bobby Conner: strategies for advancing to next new level

Why should I ever be surprised at what turns up from the Lord? Here’s yet another reference to Hebrews 6; the one with the ‘Age to Come’ verses. AND it lines up with the current, albeit unplanned, focus upon training for … Continue reading

Visions of golden rain and of gold

Patsy Southway writes, “I had a vision of a beach. I could see the waves coming in, foaming their way upon the sand. These waves were not tsunami type waves, just ‘normal’ waves. But as the waves receded GOLD droplets, nuggets, were left on the beach. Splashes from the waves too were like little droplets of gold…” Continue reading

Visitation time – a posting from UK Prophetic Words

I’ve had an interesting correspondence with Tony Puccio in America about the following word’s possible application, courtesy of UK Prophetic Words. I invite intercessors to consider and weigh with the Lord; and in connection with Tony’s vision of an incident at the … Continue reading

Pat Schatzline: prophetic message for 2016 on ‘The Lord’s joyous shout’

It’s not unusual for the Lord to direct my attention online and, as explained below, the following message from Patrick Schatzline is no exception – click title for original: THE LORD WILL SHOUT IN 2016! The year 2016 will be … Continue reading

Fulfilled prophecy #4 – Paris pays price, but NOT due to…

…French military action in Syria against ISIS, as claimed by barbarian murderers to ‘justify’ their attacks a week ago last night! NO!  Several prime verses of scripture and recent prophetical insights reveal the reason for citizens’ vulnerability in Paris as being their government’s hostile actions … Continue reading