The real story behind the Facebook whistleblower – Lance Wallnau

Thank you Hilary S for the heads-up on this, which I suspect is far from the whole story. Lance covers points reported in the previous post’s link to The Gateway Pundit, but those who prefer video to text may wish to play via Facebook by clicking image: Continue reading

Dr Lance Wallnau: Testing the spirits on prophetic words

Moving in a relatively new gifting, Lance explains how he learned to test and enquire whether or not what he was getting was truly of the Lord…In checking Isaiah 45 on king Cyrus as possibly applying to Donald Trump…he tells Steve, “You know what. The way that we know something’s of the Lord is by way of a multitude of significant coincidences in confirmation…” Continue reading

Kim Clement 2014 prophecy fulfilled as America marches towards tyranny – nation now awaits resurrection

I surmise a new whistle-blower may spill the beans on criminal and seditious activities of politicians, media and business people – and one is now releasing details on the electronically fraudulent aspects of last year’s election! We’ve read about such a person in USA’s CDC in Leo Hohmann’s Behind the Vaccine Veil… but NOW there’s a whistle-blower on electronic fraud in last November’s presidential election… Continue reading

General Election result validates prophecies – Part 1: demolition job (Fulfilled Prophecy #45.4)

Now a second national event, last week’s General Election, like the unexpected Leave result of the 2016 EU Referendum has also stunned pollsters and pundits and unsettled and confused far too many church leaders!..  Once more the results validate prophecies, thereby vindicating the prophets – they weren’t surprised by either startling event!! Overnight on Election Day the prophecies and indicators of approaching fulfillment moved from the realm of theory into the practical reality of political history! Continue reading

True news about Trump that ALL Christians need to know re. persecution

“I can assure you that I have been sitting with (President Trump) in the Oval Office, in the Cabinet Room, with leaders from around the world where he will look at them and say, ‘Now, you’re not doing enough to take care of the Christians in your country,’ or, ‘Thank you for helping the Christians in your country’.” Continue reading

Today’s significant gathering to pray for turnaround in America

TIME FOR ALL AMERICAN PASTORS/PRIESTS to take a lead and repent not only on behalf of the nation, but also personally, for the desire to own, collect and use any firearm – and to renounce the right to bear arms and make a public display of destroying all firearms in their possession. Continue reading

Bible Update: Psalm 2 – God is laughing at UN’s anti-Israel vote

[Tomi Arayomi] “The Lord showed me a picture of His view concerning the United Nations.  I saw an underground movement of peoples devoted to the reform of the United Nations rising to prominent positions of influence and change.  I also saw the Lord laughing not in jubilee but it was the mocking laughter of Psalm 2..” Continue reading

Is Donald Trump God’s man for this time? Pray for his salvation.

Am sure you have your own ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to the above question, but the purpose of this post is so you can read brief correspondence on the issue and learn more about the man.  Moreover, as I was about to start writing I was nudged to check progress on a debate at Prophecy Today UK that I’ve been mulling over. I espied a thread by one of its contributors and thank the Lord and John Skipton for drawing my attention to something I’d long forgotten. Continue reading

2017: Donald Trump and Isaiah 45

ISAIAH CHAPTER 45 AND DONALD TRUMP A paper submitted by Mark Maddock Isaiah 45 – The God Who Forms Light and Darkness and His message to Cyrus, a pagan world leader. Context  Isaiah 44; all about Israel; v.23: ‘God’s glory is … Continue reading