Further, HUGE vindication of Veronika West prophecies of US election cheating and ‘cuckoo’ China’s involvement

Further to Exposures of ‘cuckoo’ Chinas electronic meddling validates prophecies, last weekend’s Moment of Truth Summit was 2nd anniversary of a high-level conference on US election voting issues, as reported by William Koenig from the White House press-room. Several Telegram writers produced reports and I’ve collected over two dozen snippets on my channel of prophecy validations under yesterday’s date. Click link to read them: Continue reading

MORE vindication for prophecies of stolen US 2020 election

I expect most of my readers will be familiar with the exceptional investigations of True The Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Philips and their weekend conference The Pit. Catherine is on record as stating their full findings are 10 TIMES worse than what they discovered for the documentary ‘2000 Mules’. Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 19: 2020 US election investigations continue

Over July-August I posted several vindications of prophetic dreams of the 2020 US presidential election not being a fair race and Biden and the media improperly claiming to be the winner – but to be subsequently disqualified by officials, as below: Continue reading

Exposures of ‘Cuckoo’ China’s electronic meddling validates prophecies

Further to this coverage of Kim Clement prophecy about the “nation itching for a new kind – or subtle – of war against America” after Obama’s term…we have further developments beyond those covered at the close of Monday’s……and relating to this of 27th April 2021 from the Lord to Veronika West : Continue reading

Prophecy-related news: 3 – ‘Sign-post’ validates 2021 prophecy of fox in US hen-house

Yesterday morning I found a Fbk contact over the ‘pond’ alerted me to this news and I  put a hold on my plans because I spotted its prophetical significance and commented – BUT next, I happened to come across a just-posted item of direct relevance, as shown below:… Continue reading

“I will not share My Glory…” re President Trump and USA – Veronika West

Published last night on Ignite Ireland Ministry and copied below by permission of His Kingdom Prophecy is this word which deals in depth with what I’ve termed Trump’s ‘Sinai Sojourn’: It is an AWESOME WORD FROM THE LORD ON HIS ALLOWING EVIL TO MANIFEST FULLY (like in the parable of the wheat and tares, Matt 13) AND ON DJ TRUMP’S ‘EXILE’ WHILST PEOPLE’S HEARTS GET CIRCUMSCRIBED. Continue reading

Words of 2006-8 from the Lord God on global warming and its source – Kim Clement

A great appreciation to BC Hansen for posting along with Veronika’s latest on the FBk group Kim Clement – A Tribute to a Great Prophet the following: Kim”…”Do not speak to me of global warming. I am the Lord God. Please do not attempt to teach me. There is a fire in the spirit realm that will keep it warm…” (2006) ….( 2007)…(2008) Continue reading

Update on ‘behind the scenes’ prophecies on Deep-State: 1 – Amanda Grace, “wire-fraud…deep under hood”

Further to the recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ trilogy, we return to the Word from the Lord which Amanda Grace heard on 31st August and in which He speaks upon:…I believe meaning of point 12 has now emerged in the latest part to Devolution Series….THEN in covering Crowdstrike in depth we can perceive how it fulfills what Amanda heard about what’s under the ‘hood’, viz: “A wire-fraud so deep by a company claiming to do good but involved deep under the HOOD”.  Continue reading

Word from the Lord to nations at this holy time, an October surprise – Amanda Grace

A fortnight ago I was nudged to check if Amanda Grace may have published anything from the Lord. Indeed there was and I printed a copy to weigh and study – just look at.  my reactions over the past fortnight, bearing in mind current events:  Continue reading

Essential viewing: the imminent global Shaking – watch rebellious domes of Jerusalem, Rome & Washington D.C.

Thank you to Chris Moyler for alerting me to this most important message about Washington and God restoring His president, vindication of His true prophets and global shaking as well as massive, final harvesting of wheat and tares, all in … Continue reading

Psalm 2 holy laughter and great shaking of USA and the nations – Veronika West

While trying to catch up with some of the latest highlights this morning from the Presidential Debate, something amazing happened….,as I was watching suddenly, I heard what I can only describe as A RUMBLE OF HOLY LAUGHTER THAT FILLED THE ATMOSPHERE,… Continue reading

Press echoes Prophecy (again!) – last night’s Brexit news

It’s fascinating to see how contemporary prophecy is being fulfilled, as shown in these deliberate changes of governmental direction and subsequent revelations. They prove the Lord is keenly involved in all the minute details and desires our complete withdrawal from the European Union, that their tentacles and shackles be thoroughly broken Continue reading

URGENT: ‘Fox in hen house’ (ie. Parliament) prophecy re-iterated

After having flicked through editorial pages of today’s paper (illus above) over lunch I find Veronika West has just published this urgent reminder on Ignite Ireland Ministry, as well as this from His Kingdom Prophecy on the related word she originally brought mid-2018:,, Continue reading