Prophecies and prayers ARE ON TARGET – flak missed!

Now in view of the two connected items …we were homing in on this matter and very soon found I was over the target as an incoming missile got shot at me! I’m just about to break for lunch when a comment arrived on PT4UKR as a visitor took aim with an ‘ad-hominem’ accusation – that is, a pot-shot at my reputation!  Continue reading

On target: testing fulfillment of prophecy about the Pentagon (GPS #79)

Metaphorically we’re in-flight over the western Atlantic I can reveal the ‘mission’ and intel received. As reported 3 weeks ago today about encountering enemy flak upon homing in on a ‘target, it’s happened again!  Its timing is tad too ‘coincidental’….now we’re well on-target as sunrise sweeps westward… Continue reading

“Over the target, am encountering enemy flak!”

Yet the flack kept coming, so I really must be homing in and over the target! To continue with my planned posts I need to find a comment within my Farcebuk, which meant opening up my account settings via phone – then I saw the ‘badge of honour’: Continue reading

‘October Surprise’ – Strike The Target – kingpin falling, October 18th update

“The Lord said, ‘You will know, beginning October the 18th, in this nation, that things have come full circle. You will also know that I have pulled the plug on things you’ve been asking me to pull the plug on…’” October 18, of course, was Monday of this week. I believe God initiated something on that day that will radically shift our nation. He is answering our prayers. On that same day, our friend Gina Gholston had the following dream: Continue reading

‘Targeting Trump: Durham uncovers new Clinton-FBI connection in Russia probe’ — kommonsentsjane

Further to this blog’s coverage of this matter in Monday Newsmix of 20th September and 11th October and Patel’s reference to it in his interview, those who are new to this important issue will find Jane’s above-linked update a comprehensive yet easy-to-read summary of the situation. Continue reading

Israeli warplanes reportedly strike targets on Syria-Lebanon border; Israel on high alert over Syrian WMD

Joel reports developments after a week of escalating tensions on the Israeli-Syrian border, especially the weekend’s explosion in an Iranian-Hezbollah convoy in the Golan Heights. Debka reported this put Israeli, Jordanian and US special forces in the kingdom on high alert. Breaking news Wednesday afternoon:  … Continue reading

Time to tarry…to wait and watch…


Now summer days are arriving with lots more time spent outdoors and less at the desk, this published on Tuesday morning makes an ace kick-start for doing so, especially being on the theme of time spent waiting and watching – and getting close to the Lord: Continue reading

UK prophet confirms ‘word’ heard on End-times shakings!

When a friend asked my opinion of the transcript below, I was pleasantly surprised  to find that pastor Christopher Wickland confirms two personal prominent prophetic items, as shared in my Footnote below. First however, let’s recall the importance of precedence of authority in the Holy Spirit gifting of prophecy…. Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update #67 – US 2020 election’s NOT over!

For this 400th posting on 2020 Election (click to scroll category), which if those posts  were jigsaw pieces would be of 20 x 20 size, I’m referring to someone who attended a Washington conference in August 2020 of the issues of mail-in and electronic voting – renowned attorney Sidney Powell – as cited herein:…HENCE, WE HAVE FURTHER VALIDATION OF VERONIKA WEST’S STADIUM RACE DREAM VISION…. Continue reading

The UK: A Lawless Society – Dr Elizabeth Guest

Do you remember Chris Wickland’s prophecy where the Lord states that we live in a lawless society? (This was the one which he got before he had the heart attack which should have been fatal.) I have been musing over this statement and I can now confirm that we really do live in a lawless society. Continue reading

GPS #96.4: God-incidental TWO 5-days cycles in UK and in US – the Lord’s up to something strategic!

On Sunday my mind’s eye was filled with an image of a GINORMOUS BICYCLE, the wheels of which span the Atlantic but as though on a treadmill. The front, leading wheel is standing here in the British Isles and the rear wheel ‘follows’ by is standing over the United States – and each bears a particular pattern relating to a period of FIVE days, wherein the final day has two events!! Continue reading

How ‘jigsaw piece’ on Romans 1 & 2 plugs into prophecy-related news (GPS #96.3)

Andrew Whalen: “Then I began to read what was given me on the paper but first I said, “God will begin to reveal Himself in a manner that modern Christianity is not too familiar or comfortable with, for He will begin to show Himself as Judge and the God of Wrath! Judgements against the works of darkness and those unyielding from their evil are coming!” Continue reading